$7 Ebooks, $2 Patterns, and so much more... all for Black friday!

It's the week of Black Friday, and I wanted to do something extra special this year! Normally I throw something together that is super quick and only lasts for one day. But this year, you have 5 whole days to shop. This page will show you ALL the different sales I have made available. So take a look, browse around, and see if there's something you need to treat yourself with!


First up, I have put all my Ebooks on sale! 🎉 You can get them all for somewhere between $7 and $10.

Desert Blossom Stitch Dictionary $17 $10

A library of 40+ unique crochet stitches, including textured stitches, lace stitches and more!

Garment Pattern Pack $14 $7

4 easy crochet garment patterns that are perfect for beginners! Includes 2 patterns with fully customizeable sizing.

Closed Stitch Dictionary $12.99 $9

10 crochet stitches perfect for scarves & blankets, with written instructions, photos, videos, and bonuses.

Christmas Ornament Ebook $14.99 $9

12 unique crochet ornaments perfect for gifting or for your own decor for Christmas this year!

Crochet Project Planner $14 $7

Track your crochet goals and projects with planner sheets, monthly goal assessments, and more.

Do you  love ALL the Ebooks above and want an even better deal? See below!


ebook bundle
  • Access to all 5 of the popular Desert Blossom Crafts Ebooks (plus bonuses).
  • Over 250 pages of unique crochet stitches, crochet garments, Christmas ornaments, and goal planning worksheets.
  • The best price you will EVER access these Ebooks for, and you get to download and save them forever!

You will save $45 off the regular prices, and $12 off the sale prices! Best value overall!


In addition to the sales above, I couldn't help but put ALL my patterns on sale as well. It just wouldn't be Black Friday without a pattern sale!

Midsummer Cardigan $4.99 $2

Juniper Cardigan $5.99 $2

Juniper Cardigan - Lace Crochet Cardigan Pattern for Summer

Rustic Lace Scarf $3.99 $2

Alpine Mens Scarf $3.99 $2

The patterns above are some of my popular pattterns, but I have a TON more listed in my shop! See them all below.

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