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Closed Crochet Stitch Dictionary 

Download Stitch Patterns Ad-Free, Plus Get bonus trainings to help you make the most of them!

10 Stitches Perfect for Blankets and Scarves

Stitches Included:

  • Alpine Stitch
  • Camel Stitch
  • Crunch Stitch
  • Moss Stitch
  • Spider Stitch
  • Star Stitch
  • Suzette Stitch
  • Trinity Stitch
  • Lemon Peel Stitch
  • Jasmine Stitch

You'll get a 53-page PDF full of written stitch instructions (formatted for easy printing). Plus photo AND video tutorials that you can view ad-free!

Stitches perfect for blankets, scarves, pillows, dishcloths...all in one bundle that you can print and save forever!

  • One print-friendly PDF with all the written instructions for the stitches (53 pages)
  • Photo tutorials are included, but left separate from the written pattern so you can choose to print or not print 
  • Video tutorials for each stitch released weekly - instead of viewing on YouTube, you get them all in one ad-FREE library that you can view anytime, anyplace

Plus, Some pretty sweet bonuses to help you make the MOST of these stitches...

Bonus #1: Foundation Single Crochet 

Foundation single crochet can seem like a daunting technique, but there are SO many benefits to using it! I'll show you why I start all my stitches with "fsc", and how you can do the same!

Bonus #2: All About Multiples

Ever seen something like "this stitch is a multiple of 4+5" and been confused? I'll explain exactly why multiples are helpful and how you can actually use them to your advantage! 

Bonus #3: 4 Lace Stitch Patterns

Don't stop at closed stitches. You'll also get a PDF with 4 additional stitch patterns to get you started with lace! Includes the Pansy Stitch, Shell Trellis Stitch, Simple Shell Stitch, and Twisted Stitch.

BONUS #4: Using Stitches to Design

Lastly (and probably my favorite part of this dictionary) a lesson all about how you can use stitches to make your own custom scarves, blankets, and other projects! Here is what this bonus includes:

1. The two methods you can use to design your own custom projects from a STITCH PATTERN

2. The secret to actually doing the math to make sure custom project turns out the right SIZE 

3. A simple worksheet to fill out to make that math easy every time you need to do it

Really, the opportunities are endless when you have this dictionary in your toolkit...because you'll be able to make endless customized projects from the stitches!

About the Author,
Rachel Counts

Rachel has been crocheting since she was in her very early teens. She has self-published multiple stitch dictionaries, and loves spreading knowledge about crochet as much as possible. Her work has been featured in numerous crochet magazines like Happily Hooked Magazine, and I Like Crochet magazine!

Juniper Cardigan - Lace Crochet Cardigan Pattern for Summer

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