Crochet Goal Planner

The Tools you need to plan, prioritize and accomplish your crochet goals!

Over 30 pages of planning pages designed to help you crush your goals!

  • Goal brainstorming worksheets that will help you determine WHAT you want to accomplish
  • Full project planning calendar that is reusable year after year
  • Extra worksheets for evaluating your progress over time
goal planner

Does Any of this sound familiar?

Overwhelmed by too many crochet projects...

You want to gain control of your WIP obsession, but you're not sure how...

You have a list of ideas and goals in your head, but it feels like you'll never have the time or organization skills to actually get them done...


If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then I bet you're going to LOVE this crochet planner! This is not your average crochet planner, with just a bunch of calendars, lists, etc. Instead, I've tried to create a roadmap for you to set actionable goals.

Sound impossible? It's really not. I can help you get there!

Still Skeptical? Here's How we'll do it:

Listen, I get it. Overcoming your WIP obsession may sound like a daunting task that will NEVER happen. But here's the deal: I believe it can be done with a little determination on your part, plus tools to walk you through the process. So let me expand on the exact tools we will use in this planner to get there:

1. Focused Step-by-Step Goal Worksheets

We'll start by brainstorming and getting all your goals down on paper, then use more worksheets to break them down into managaeable pieces.

goal worksheets

2. Monthly Goals Calendar

After you have a better plan for accomplishing your goals, you can use the monthly goals calendar designed for tracking crochet projects (without dates so it is resuable every year!)

project calendar

4. Monthly Note-Taking Sheets

And finally, you will have the opportunity to review your progress each month with the monthly note-taking sheets. You can evaluate how you're doing with your goals and get better every single month!

note taking sheets

Using this Ebook to Accomplish Your goals will be a 4-Step Process:

1. Brainstorm a huge list of everything you want to accomplish

2. Prioritize Your Goals

3. Break Those Goals Down into Manageable Pieces

4.  And finally, schedule them out and track your progress over time

About the Author,
Rachel Counts

Rachel has been crocheting since she was in her very early teens. She has self-published multiple stitch dictionaries, and loves spreading knowledge about crochet as much as possible. Her work has been featured in numerous crochet magazines like Happily Hooked Magazine, and I Like Crochet magazine!

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