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13 Eye-Catching Lace Stitches? 

You'll get a bundle of 13 beautiful lace stitches...most of which are made from the easy, beginner stitches you already know!

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Easy Stitches

- Lattice Stitch

- Crown Stitch

- Snowflake Stitch

- Cathedral Stitch

- Sunburst Stitch

- Box Stitch

-Lilac Stitch

Intermediate Stitches

- Coral Stitch

- Foliage Stitch

- Heart Stitch

- Twisted Stitch

- Eiffel Tower Stitch

- Rose Petal Stitch

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Crochet designer & blogger

Rachel is a passionate designer who has been crocheting since she was 9 years old.

She loves creating stylish crochet patterns for you to enjoy!