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  • Get all of the patterns right now - no waiting for them to come out each week. Get access to every single one instantly!
  • Download and easily print out the patterns so you can view without ads
  • Support Operation Christmas Child even more - 100% of the proceeds of this bundle will be donated!

If you want the PDF versions of the CAL patterns, AND the ability to give more support to Operation Christmas Child, then this option is for you!

What You Will Receive

8 Girl's Patterns

Fill a girl's shoebox easily with these 8 patterns, including a bag, headband, cowl, scrubbies, and much more!

7 Boy's Patterns

Fill a boy's shoebox with these 7 patterns, including a hat, sports-themed items, amigurumi, and more.

Easy to Reference Materials List & Quick Links

Keep all your info in one place with this added PDF! You'll have your materials list to print, while also having all the links you need for the CAL in one place that is easy to reference.

Why the Bundle?

So now you've seen the patterns included; you've seen exactly what you'll get when you buy this bundle!

But can I just reach out to you again and tell you about the mission of this bundle?

The mission of this bundle, in it's purest form, is the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. I am not getting any profit from this bundle. Instead, I have chosen to donate 100% of the proceeds to Operation Christmas Child. 

Why? The answer is simple: there are more important things in this world than money. The #1 reason why I am doing this because it will support a cause that is so much higher than myself.

After the CAL is over, I will take 100% of the money from this bundle and donate it to Operation Christmas Child's Greatest Journey program. The purpose of this program is discipleship.

This program continues what the shoebox gifts START. Children who receive shoeboxes are able to return and receive a 12-week lesson course that teaches them how to memorize scripture and follow Christ in their daily lives. After completion, children are able to attend a graduation, receive a certificate, and receive a full Bible complete with the Old & New Testament.

And guess what? Your purchase of this bundle will sponsor 2 children to complete this program.

My goal is to raise $1000 through this bundle, which would sponsor over 150 children. Will you help me reach that goal?

Help me raise $1000 and Get instant access to the Patterns now!

This is your chance to get all of the patterns in one, ad-free, printable bundle, and support a great cause at the same time! 


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