STItches in action: 

Stop wasting time...Start implementing new techniques.

Inside the Ebook, you will receive:
  • 10 sti​​​​tches + 10 crochet patterns, each designed to help you learn something new, and then implement it 
  • A detailed implementation section that will help you actually use the stitches & patterns you're buying 
  • Step-by-step tutorials for any tricky parts in the stitches you may need help with
  • 5 bonus patterns & stitches that will help you take even more steps after working through the ebook

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 Stitches in Action

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Create a Plan of Action

Stop floundering from one thing to the next. Let me help you make a detailed plan of action for your crochet journey. 

Take your crochet to the next level

Commit to progressing. Learn new techniques, learn new stitches, learn new patterns, all while growing in confidence.

You're covered

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Just what patterns am I getting?

Stitches, of course!

We'll start extremely easy, and then move you onto making more advanced techniques like cables!

patterns to go along with every stitch


Start simple with scarves and cowls. All are made from simple rectangles - designed to get you started even if you're a beginner


Next, make different types of shawls. Learn to incorporate stitches in more creative ways into projects

accessories and decor

Try out some stitch sampler projects, designed to show you how to combine lots of different stitches together in one project


Lastly, take the jump into crochet wearables! Make easy garments out of a few simple rectangles.

But don't just take it from me...

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Don't miss your chance to start implementing the right techniques and further your crochet goals.

About the author

Rachel Counts

Rachel is a crochet designer and blogger passionate about creating stylish new patterns for others to enjoy. She has been crocheting since she was 9 years old, and her work has been published in the I Like Crochet Magazine as well as Happily Hooked Magazine. However, her true passion is in helping others reach their full crochet potential.

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