Travel Pattern Series: Crochet Roses in D.C.

Well, here we are at our next destination—Washington D.C.! Did you know that roses are the state flower of D.C.? This is the reason I made some crochet roses to take pictures with while I’m here.  

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It was really neat to go around D.C. and experience all the sights I’ve only seen pictures of. Here are the roses in front of the Washington Monument!

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crochet roses

crochet roses

Unfortunately, the Washington Monument is currently closed, so we were not able to go up to the top of it. However, we did get a tour of the White House! was definitely fun to visit. We requested a tour 6 months in advance through our California representative. It was neat to see some of the rooms that are used regularly by the President and others.

Another fun stop was the one pictured below—the Jefferson Memorial! We walked around the entire National Mall, and the Jefferson Memorial was our last stop. It had been raining off and on throughout the day…but when we reached this memorial, it started pouring! We were thankful to be inside when the downpour started. We explored the memorial and waited out the rain before finally heading back.

crochet roses

So…are you ready to get to the pattern?

First off, let me just say that this actually is not my original design. It’s a pattern by Donna from the Naztazia Blog. I am doing a review of her pattern, which is awesome, by the way! Don’t these roses look lifelike?

The Yarn

Let me just talk about the yarn here for a second. In Donna’s bouquet, she uses worsted weight yarn. And you could certainly use that if you want. However, I ended up using fingering weight yarn, and I love the finished result!

The exact yarn I used is called Stroll Fingering. I absolutely love this yarn. It is a soft, inexpensive wool yarn available from Knit Picks.

Get Stroll Fingering for yourself HERE!

The Pattern

Are you ready to make one of these gorgeous roses for yourself?

There is a written pattern available as a free downloadable PDF, as well as a helpful video tutorial on YouTube. It is all very easy to follow. Plus, the pattern is beginner friendly, using only simple stitches.


And if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Donna.

crochet roses

I hope you enjoyed this pattern! I had so much fun making the roses and reviewing them. To view more of my free patterns, click here.To view Donna’s website, click here.

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Happy crocheting!

— Rachel  🙂