Ultimate Crochet Garment Calculators + Adjusting Course

Done for you calculators & resources to help you confidently adjust garment patterns to get the perfect fit!

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Stop getting wonky fitting garments. Learn the exact steps to successfully adjusting crochet garments!

  • Are you tired of making garments that don't fit right?
  • Have you considered making adjustments to patterns, but you have no clue where to begin?
  • Are you sick of spending countless hours on a garment, only to have it turn out too big or small?
  • Do you wish you could just have someone do all that hard adjusting math for you? 

I get it—you've crocheted garments before. You're not a total beginner. But when you set out to adjust your first pattern, you didn't realize that it would be such a complex process.

Sometimes your hips and bust measurements don't match up to the same size in a pattern. What should you do then?

Sometimes you obtain gauge but the garment STILL comes out too big or too small. 

And sometimes, the pattern isn't even WRITTEN in your size. UGH!

I've experienced these frustrations that come with making garments. I understand. But I'm here to tell you that it IS possible to adjust patterns successfully. You just need the right tools at your disposal. In fact, that is exactly why I created these done-for-you calculators...

Take a Peek inside and watch this demo of the calculators below!

I understand. You want to be able to know what math goes into adjusting crochet garments. And more than that, you wish there was a way the math could just be DONE FOR YOU.

You think, the best way to learn is just by doing it yourself. But it just never seems to work. There's so much trial and error, and you end up discouraged and disappointed.

What is there was a better way? What if you could have a solution that you can come back to time and time again, without having to worry about getting the calculations wrong?

I'm here to tell you - it's not impossible! I've done the hard work for you, compiling a huge list of calculators you can use forever. And more than that, I also want you to understand the math, so I've also put together an Ebook that teaches you the "why" behind all the calculators.


Maybe some of this gives you that been there done that" feeling...

Overwhelmed by the amount of math that goes into adjustments

You've tried to make your own adjustments before, but it eventually just feels like trial and error. You know math goes into it, but that's just not your thing. You're dying to know how it all works, but you don't really want to admit you need re-learn basic math concepts to figure it out...

Frustrated by patterns that aren't written in your size

It seems like countless times you've gotten excited over a new pattern release...only to find that the designer hasn't included your size. You know it can be difficult for designers to include everyone, but you still have the gnawing feeling that crochet garments just aren't right for you.

Unsure if you'll ever make a garment that fits like you want it to

Between patterns that aren't written for your size, and the amount of overwhelm that goes into adjustments, you're just about ready to throw in the towel. What if you can never get a garment to fit the way you actually want it to? Will you really be able to get there one day?

Here's the truth of the matter...

Here's the truth of the matter...

Knowing the math that goes into adjusting patterns is the KEY SOLUTION that can lift you from the overwhelm and frustration of garments that don't fit, to the confidence and triumph of perfectly fitting handmade clothing.

Here are two of the biggest mistakes I see crocheters making when it comes to adjusting...

#1: Believing they just need to leave the math to the designer

Sure, designers are responsible for putting patterns in other sizes. They do a whole lot of math to make multiple sizes available (and that is something to be thankful for!)

But, think about it. Designers simply cannot accommodate everyone. They have to base their patterns off of standard measurements. But real people's bodies often don't fit into those "standards!" You are your own, unique person, and that's wonderful.

BUT...that is also why you can have much more success with crochet garments if you DON'T leave math to the designer, but instead take the math into your own hands and make adjustments for your body.

That's exactly what my course teaches you, and what the calculators will help you do—so you can do the math to get the right fit, every time.

#2: Just experimenting without having any sort of plan

When you're just starting out with adjusting, sometimes the only solution seems to be experimentation. And, there are times when this is a good thing...but not when your entire system is based upon it.

You will be so much more successful if you know the math and can plan it out before even starting a project. The key is not basing your whole adjustment system on experimentation, but knowing when or when not to experiment.

Take a moment to imagine a world where You Could...

Never be anxious anymore when you look through a pattern to see what sizes are included.

You can upsize and downsize patterns without issue, so who cares if the designer didn't include the perfect size? You know all the work arounds needed to get a great fit. 

Be confident BEFORE you start a project that all your time & effort will pay off.

The uncertainty about fit is gone, because you know how to make garments that fit well every time!

Know how to plan out and make adjustments like a pro. 

You never worry about your adjustments not working out, because you don't need to! You know exactly what to look for before you even start a pattern, and also how to trouble shoot sizing while you're in the middle of a pattern.

Introducing the Ultimate Crochet Garment Calculators + Adjusting Course!

In the Ultimate Calculators + Adjusting Course, you will be able to do all of those things and so much more!  You can ditch all those feelings of frustration and fear of failure, because I'll show you exactly how to adjust garments and get the perfect fit.

What You'll Find Inside

1. Over 15 Calculators Geared Toward Adjusting and Upsizing Patterns

Never feel lost in difficult math again! You'll get over 15 calculators, including the following:

- figure out what size to make

- ensure gauge is correct over large project

- adjust sleeve length

- adjust garment length

- adjust any kind of width

- add hip shaping

- add waist shaping

- figure out a stitch multiple

- ensure your starting row is the right multiple

- upsize/downsize patterns (2 separate calculators)

- designing spreadsheet

And so much more!

2. Adjusting Course—Including Instructional Videos, Worksheets, and Ebooks

This is NOT a deal where I give you the calculators and expect you to know how to use them on your own. I've done all I possibly can to show you HOW to use them...and also the "why" behind them!

Never feel lost for how to adjust a pattern again. You'll get videos showing you examples of using each and every calculator. Not to mention worksheets and Ebooks teaching you how to adjust and get a better fit.

Take a Closer Look Inside...

You'll get instant access to 5 action-packed modules!


Module 1: Sizing, Ease, & Gauge

First of all, you'll start by learning how to use the easiest calculators. You'll be able to easily plug in numbers from a garment pattern to figure out what size is best. You'll also learn the secret to keeping gauge consistent over a large project!


Module 2: Adjusting Patterns

In Module 2 you'll learn how to make endless adjustments to any crochet garment! You'll learn the key secret to making any adjustment, plus how to start off a project with the correct stitch multiple. Included in this module are  the calculators for adjusting length and width, adding shaping, and more.


Module 3: Upsizing & Downsizing Patterns

Never again feel disappointed when you see a pattern that doesn't include your size. I'll show you two methods you can use to make a size not written in a pattern—and each method comes with it's very own set of calculators!


Module 4: Plan Your Adjustments

In Module 4, you'll take ALL the information you've learned and use it to plan out adjustments from start to finish! Ditch any overwhelm that comes with planning adjustments. I'll show how you can use and sketch your own schematics, as well write things out with worksheets.


Module 5: Designing Calculators

Want to design a garment but don't know how to do the math for multiple sizes? In the last module, I'll give you access to the exact spreadsheet I use to grade my patterns into different sizes. While this is not a full resource on grading, it is exactly what you need to get started!

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But That's Not All...

On top of the calculators and instructional videos, I want you to actually understand the math that works behind the scenes of the calculators! That's why I've created these exclusive bonuses for you:

Bonus 1
Private Facebook Group + Lifetime Updates

Never feel lost as you're going through the course. You'll have access to a members only Facebook group where you will be able to get all your questions answered! You can ask questions as often as you want, and you'll also get lifetime access to the course/ any updates I may release! 

Bonus 2
Finding Perfect Fit Ebook ($27 Value)

In this comprehensive Ebook, I'll tell you the "secret sauce" that is behind the scenes of the calculators. You'll learn how gauge and other math impacts every adjustment you'll ever make. Basically, you'll still have the math done for you, but you can also learn how it works if you want to!

Bonus 3
Plan to Adjust Workbook ($14 value)

With this workbook, you'll be able to plan out the adjustments you want to make to your garment pattern. You'll learn the two main methods for planning any type of adjustment - perfect for visual and non-visual learners! Includes easy to use worksheets!

About Your Teacher,
Rachel Counts

Rachel has been crocheting garments since she was in her very early teens. She learned early on that there was a lot more to the process than she realized! Her goal with this course is to help you avoid the mistakes that she made. 

Her work has been featured in Happily Hooked Magazine, along with I Like Crochet magazine!

Juniper Cardigan - Lace Crochet Cardigan Pattern for Summer

But Don't Just Take it From Me...

Read what other people are saying about Rachel's courses and challenges!

You're Safe Under the Action-Taker's Guarantee

I always want you to be happy with your purchase. And I want you to get THE MOST out of this course as humanely possible. 

So...if after going through the instructional videos, reading the bonus ebooks, and getting your questions answered in the Facebook group, you are not happy with your purchase...

You are free to email me within 30 days with your completed work, and I will absolutely refund you ever dollar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I purchase this course if I've never made a garment before?

Short answer - NO. If you have never made a garment before, this course is not for you. It is designed for people who need help trouble shooting crochet garments or getting better fit (but are not complete beginners). I recommend you check out my beginner course, The Garment Primer, instead. 

How will I get access to the course and calculators?

As soon as you purchase, you will receive a welcome email with an access link to the course. Just click this link, and an account will be automatically created for you! You'll be able to come back to the course and view all the instructional materials over and over again. Plus, the calculators are their own separate sheet that you get to make your own copy of.

What format is the course in?

The course is a mix of different formats, including Ebooks, workbooks, and of course instructional videos for using the calculators.

The calculators are immediately available in a Google Sheet that you get to make your very own copy of. From google sheets you can also download to Excel or your preferred program (if you so desire). If you're new to sheets like this, don't worry! Google sheets is very easy to use, and I'll show you how in the videos.

Should I purchase this course if I'm an advanced crocheter?

That depends. If you are a complete pro at crocheting garments and you can adjust them and upsize and downsize them with no problem—then don't purchase the course. BUT, if you want to learn the math behind adjustments, or if you have trouble getting garments to fit, you will love this course! 

So I'd say, it depends less on your level, and more on your interest in learning to adjust and upsize/downsize patterns. Not to mention if you want a done-for-you solution for all the math. :)

Will I get lifetime access to the course and calculators?

Absolutely! Once you purchase, it is yours forever. You can use it now or later!

Is the course right for me?

That depends! If you struggle to adjust garments, OR if you want to know the exact math that goes into it, you'll love the course and calculators!

This course is wrong for you if you 1) aren't willing to do the work to implement what you learn, or 2) you know everything about making adjustments.

How long do I have to go through the course?

As long as you need! The course is entirely self paced, so you can go through it whenever you have time. On top of that, you also have lifetime access to the course (for as long as it exists!) So no need to feel rushed. You can absolutely purchase now while it is on sale, and work through the material later.

Should I buy this course if I'm only interested in designing?

That depends! If you're a beginning designer, I think you would totally benefit from this course—the reason being you will have to understand the math behind crochet in order to design! Even though the lessons are targeted toward adjusting, pretty much all the calculators can be used for designing as well. I teach you all about this in the designing module!

If, however, you are an experienced designer and you know all about how to use math in crochet, this course is not for you.

Doors are currently closed to this program.

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