Do Crochet Garments Frustrate You?

You're afraid to start, or usually end up frustrated about gauge & sizing

Introducing the Garment Cheat Sheets - an ebook designed to help you kickstart your journey toward crocheting garments!

  • Revealed: the 6 essential concepts you need to know before crocheting your first garment
  • The secret reasons to why you should love gauge rather than despise it
  • Easy workflows that will help you track a garment project from start to finish
  • Master list of garment resources that can truly take you to the next level and build your confidence

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Rachel Counts

Rachel has been crocheting since she was nine years old, when her grandma taught her. Passionate about designing and teaching others, she started blogging when she was just 16 years old and hasn't stopped since. Her work has been featured in Happily Hooked Magazine as well as I Like Crochet Magazine. 

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