28 FREE Kitchen Crochet Patterns For the Modern Home

Want to crochet items for your kitchen? Here’s a list of 28 free kitchen crochet patterns. Use these kitchen crochet ideas to decorate a modern kitchen & home!

Crochet Ideas for the Kitchen…

In this list of patterns, I’ve done my best to show you free kitchen crochet patterns.

But let’s be real here – you probably won’t be able to make every single one of them!

And that’s ok. My hope is that you can use this list as a jumping off point to get the best crochet ideas for your kitchen.

Pick a few to make, and use the rest as inspiration for the future! 🙂

28 Free Kitchen Crochet Patterns - Use these easy kitchen crochet ideas!

Keeping the Kitchen Ideas Modern

One feature of this list is that I’ve tried to make sure the kitchen crochet patterns are perfect for a modern home!

These patterns aren’t just your granny’s dishrag (not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that) 😜

BUT, at the same time, I want the crochet in my kitchen to look beautiful and modern.

Of course, tastes and styles always vary. But I hope you will love these patterns as much as I do!

Types of Crochet Kitchen Items

One last thing before we get to the list: I wanted to make sure you know the different categories of crochet items for the kitchen that I have included.

Let me give you a quick list:

  • Dishcloths & Scrubbies
  • Coasters
  • Potholders, Hotpads, and Oven Mitts
  • Placemats
  • Cup Cozies
  • Other miscellaneous kitchen items (some super unique ones you’ll want to check out! Think a mop cover, towel, chair sock, and more)

These categories are interspersed throughout the list – so have fun scrolling and figuring out which ones are your favorite!

28 FREE Kitchen Crochet Patterns

All right, let's jump right into the roundup! I can't wait to share these awesome kitchen crochet patterns with you.

Do you have a Favorite Kitchen crochet pattern?

I would love to hear what your favorite pattern on the list was! Be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this post so I can see.

OR, come join my Facebook group and post a picture if you’ve started on one of these patterns!

I would love to know if this post inspired you in any way 🙂

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