10+ Masculine Crochet Stitches for Men’s Scarves & Blankets

Get 10 masculine crochet stitches that are perfect for men’s crochet patterns! Plus, I’ll show you how to use these manly stitches in your crochet to make projects like scarves!

It can be hard to crochet for men…don’t you agree? Not only are there fewer men’s crochet patterns out there, but it can also be hard to find crochet stitches that are masculine.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think my boyfriend would quite appreciate a scarf that is made from lacy shells or girly puffs 😝

Recently, I actually designed my first men’s crochet scarf, and during that process, I sure had a HARD time deciding on a stitch!

Since I love crochet lace, I just wasn’t accustomed to the stitches that would look good on men.

I’ll show you which one I finally settled on in a bit (and show you the pattern too!) But first, let’s talk about how you can use ANY stitch to make a custom scarf for the man in your life.

masculine crochet stitches

Use These Masculine Crochet Stitches to Make Men’s Scarves

I’m about to show you 10 masculine crochet stitches that are perfect for men’s scarves…but not all of them include a pattern written for a scarf.

Some of them do, and I’ll show you those in the list; but did you know you can make a custom scarf even when a pattern isn’t included?!

That’s right you can, and it’s not hard! Here are the steps you can take:

  1. Choose the masculine stitch you want to use
  2. Look for the stitch multiple. This is the key to making your project bigger or smaller.
  3. Once you have that multiple, simply make a foundation row (using either fsc or chains).
  4. You’ll just want to make that row as wide as you want the scarf to be. For example, if the stitch multiple is 3, you could chain 30. If you want a wider scarf, you could chain 39. (It all depends on the yarn you’re using. However, a good width for a man’s scarf is between 5-6 inches).
  5. Once you have that first row done, simply continue in the stitch pattern until the scarf reaches your desired length!

Crochet Stitches for Men’s Blankets

You can do the EXACT same thing as I showed you above if you want to make a men’s blanket with these stitches! The main difference is that your starting row will be much much larger.

Another tip as far as blankets go: you could even make a men’s sampler blanket using several of these sections—just alternate between large sections of your chosen stitches!

10 Masculine Crochet Stitches to Make into Men's Scarves & Blankets

10 Masculine Crochet Stitches – the List!

All right, with those things in mind, I think it is time to show you all the masculine stitches perfect for men’s projects!

#1: The Alpine Stitch

I have to say, I put this stitch first because it is pretty much my favorite masculine stitch. I already designed a scarf with it and gave it to my boyfriend for Christmas (see below!)

Get the free pattern & tutorial here

alpine stitch crochet

Alpine Stitch Scarf Pattern

Want to follow a pattern while making a scarf from the alpine stitch? This scarf is perfect, and it will even teach you how to change colors in the alpine stitch to make stripes!

Get the pattern here

alpine stitch scarf

#2: The Pinecone Stitch

Normally, I think bobbles and puffs look girly, but not in this stitch! The way the puffs are arranged make them look like pinecones, and “foresty” feels always look perfect for men in my opinion!

Get the free pattern & tutorial here

crochet pinecone stitch

#3: The Waffle Stitch

Next up, the waffle stitch! This stitch has some wonderful texture in the shape of squares.

Get the free pattern & tutorial here

waffle stitch crochet pattern

#4: The Triangle Post Stitch

Want to go for texture AND color work? Try this amazing triangle stitch! I can just imagine this stitch in a men’s scarf, looking like long rows of arrows or trailheads.

Note: I showed my boyfriend this post and he wasn’t so sure if this particular stitch was masculine 😂I think in different colors perhaps it would be? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Get the free pattern & tutorial here

How to Crochet the Triangle Post Stitch

#5: The Even Moss Stitch

Sometimes simple is better. The even moss stitch is a nice closed stitch pattern, which makes me think it would make a WARM scarf or blanket for men.

Get the free pattern & tutorial here

even moss stitch crochet

#6: The Camel Stitch

There’s just something about a knit-look effect that looks great on men! The Camel Stitch uses an awesome technique called half double crochet in the 3rd loop to get that perfect knitted look.

Get the free pattern & tutorial here

6: The Single Crochet Drop Stitch

More color work going on here in the single crochet drop stitch! This stitch can be made with either one color or two, and the elongated sc make the surface look like little bricks.

Get the free pattern & tutorial here

single crochet drop stitch

#7: The Linen/Moss Stitch

This stitch is a classic. It’s a nice easy stitch using just single crochets and chains. Great for mindless projects! Oh, and did I mention? The blog post includes instructions for the stitch as well as a scarf pattern!

Get the free pattern & tutorial here

linen stitch/moss stitch crochet

#8: Half Double Slip Stitch

When I saw this stitch, I fell in love. Ribbing is one of those crochet stitches that look great on men.

Get the free pattern & tutorial here

crochet half double slip stitch

#9: Paired Double Crochet

This is one of the first semi-lacy stitches I’ve seen that actually looks masculine! It looks extremely easy to make – just uses simple double crochets!

Get the free pattern & tutorial here

paired double crochet stitch

#10: Single Rib Stitch

Another amazing rib stitch. I might just need to make this stitch into another men’s scarf pattern!

Get the free pattern & tutorial here

single rib stitch crochet

I hope you have enjoyed this list of masculine crochet stitches full of sturdy, rugged patterns!

Which one will you use for your next men’s crochet project? Let me know in the comments!

More Lists of Crochet Stitches

If you are really into crochet stitches, here are some more fun lists to check out! There is some crossover between the lists, but also some unique fun ones too.


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Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Neat, but, I’m partial to the waffle stitch. i’m working on one now, in Purple ‘Just my Stripes” yarn.

    i have one suggestion for Black History Month. last year, i did ‘Stoles’ for my pastor and choir members. each one had 7 bars on it. I have to look at my notes, again, but i think they were DC BPL on one row and just DC on the 2nd. the pattern was in a book i found some years back. i just used African colors on it–black/red/green/yellow/blue/white/black. i did their length according to their height. I’m only 5’1″, and I’m the pianist, so it’s a bit shorter, around 5′, while my Pastor is around 6′, so I made hers around 5’5″ plus 3″ tassels on each end.

    thank you for your tutorials!

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