Crochet Dish Scrubber Pattern (for Messy Pots & Pans!)

The perfect last minute gift…a cute crochet dish scrubber! This little guy is my new best friend in the kitchen, so I’m excited to bring the pattern to you today!

Scroll down for free written pattern, or purchase a print-optimized PDF version of the pattern here.

crochet dish scrubber pattern

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Kitchen Scrubbie Crochet Pattern

There are a lot of different types of crochet scrubbies out there, but I think my favorite has to be a dish/pot scrubber. They are so easy to make, and function so well!

However, not all crocheted scrubbers are created equal. I remember when I started crocheting, I made several scrubbies with the same materials I made this one with…

But they never really functioned like I hoped they would.

Now that I have more experience under my belt, I decided to jump back into the scrubby world and design something that actually works!

scrubby crochet pattern

I’ve already been using this little scrubber to clean regular dishes as well as dirty pots and pans. And it works like a charm! I would even say it makes washing dishes fun 😜

Oh and did I mention? These little guys come in 2 different sizes. The small size measures 2.5″ square and is shown in the photos. But I’ve also included a 4″ size as well!

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crochet dish scrubber

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Dish Scrubber Yarn

I used Red Heart Scrubby Yarn to make this square scrubber. Personally, I love this yarn. It is a little tricky to work with because it can be hard to see your stitches. But the good news is, if you make a mistake you can barely tell! LOL.

Now, I did mention before that I used this yarn in the past without the best results. Here is why this new design made with Red Heart Scrubby works so well:

It is double thick!

That’s right. I used simple single crochet stitches so that there wouldn’t be any big holes, and I also gave it two layers. This makes the scrubbie work extra-well.

Oh and don’t forget – this yarn is machine washable and dryable, so after getting it real dirty you can just throw it in with all the other laundry! 🙂

pot scrubber crochet pattern

Tips for Using Red Heart Scrubby

If it’s your first time using Red Heart Scrubby yarn, here are some tips that should help:

  • If you’re having trouble seeing your stitches, crochet by feel. Use your fingers to feel where the next stitch is.
  • Count each stitch as you make it. Yes, every single one! It is much easier than trying to go back and count to make sure you didn’t miss any stitches.
  • Take it slowly as you get started. As you practice using this yarn, it will get easier and easier, I promise! Anything that you’re practicing takes time, whether it is crocheting, piano playing, or another hobby.

Crochet Dish Scrubber – Free Pattern

Video Tutorial:

Explanation: The perfect last minute gift – a cute little dish scrubber! You’ll just need some Red Heart Scrubby yarn to work these up, and you can get quite a few out of one skein! These little guys are double thick, making for a functional and durable scrubber.


  • Red Heart Scrubby Yarn (100% polyester, 92 yds / 85 m, 3.5 oz / 100 g) less than 1 ball Bubblegum or color of choice
  • Or a similar worsted weight scrubby yarn
  • H/5mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle


  1. Ch 1 at beginning of rows does NOT count as a sc.
  2. Scrubber is made from a rectangle folded in half to form a square, then crocheted together.


Small: 2.5” square

Medium: 3″ square

Large: 4” square

Size shown in photos is small.

Size small will be shown first in the instructions, with size medium in parentheses. 

Abbreviations/Stitches Used (U.S.) 

Chain – ch

Single crochet – sc

Stitch(es) – st(s)

Slip stitch – sl st

Crochet Scrubber Instructions:

Ch 11 (13, 17).

Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook and each ch across, turn. 10 (12, 16) sc

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in first sc. Sc in next 9 (15) sc, turn. 10 (12, 16 sc)

Repeat row 2 until you have a rectangle that measures 5 (6, 8)”.

Border: Fold your rectangle in half to make a square. We will now sc around all the edges. 

Start by making a sc through the first st of the current row, and the first st of the chain row on the other end of the rectangle. 

Pictured below is the hook inserted into both of these places:

Sc evenly around all 4 sides of the square, working 3 sc in the corners when you get to them.

In the photo below, I have worked around 3 of the sides and am about to go across the last side.

When you get back to the beginning, join with a sl st to first sc. Fasten off and weave in ends. Make sure to weave in your ends securely so they don’t start coming unravelled when you’re putting your scrubber to good use!

Scrubbie FAQ

If you have more questions about how to crochet the best scrubbies for your kitchen, I’ve got you covered!

What is the best way to crochet a kitchen scrubber?

There are many ways to crochet scrubbers, so there is not one “best way”. However, to get the most functional scrubbie I would recommend using stitches 1) without big holes and 2) making it double thick.

Can I use regular cotton yarn instead of scrubby yarn?

If you don’t have any red heart scrubby yarn on hand, you could try this scrubby with regular cotton, yes! It would still work well to wash dishes, but it will not scrub off hardened food as well as a scrubby yarn. So just keep that in mind.

Can I wash and dry these scrubbies as usual?

Yes! I tested out washing and drying this scrubbie and it kept it’s shape perfectly. There are no special care instructions—just get ’em real dirty and then wash them like usual!


So there you have it – a cute little dish scrubber that is both simple and functional! I am so excited to continue to wash dishes with this scrubbie and I hope you are too. Don’t forget to make a few extras for Christmas gifts because I’m sure the other ladies in your family would love these!


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Happy Crocheting!

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