17 Tools Every Crocheter Needs (not yarn. actual tools!)

Do you want to make sure your crochet toolkit is complete? I’ll show you 17 essential crochet tools that will make your life SO much easier. You can use these accessories over and over again!

Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter, or you’re just starting out, there is always more to learn…always more ways to develop your craft.

Would you agree?

I remember when I was a beginning crocheter, I went with the bare minimum. I didn’t buy anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary.

As time has gone on, I’ve realized something. While there are only a few tools that are absolutely necessary, there are a whole LOT of tools that make your life waaay easier!

So as you go through this post, keep this in mind! While you may not think these things are necessary tools to spend money on, they really will improve your experience with crochet overall.

As we delve into this topic, we’ll not only talk about specific accessories, but also into the best places to buy them.

And since I know money can be a huge thing stopping us from buying new tools, I will make sure to sprinkle in tips for DIY and cost effective alternatives to buying the tools new.

Tool Shopping: Amazon Versus Online Shops Versus Joann

Before we go into the specific list, let’s talk shopping online versus in-store.

I want you to be well informed when it comes to the places you’re buying these tools. No one is sponsoring this post, so I will not be showing you tools from one store only.

Rather, I want to give you a wide variety of shopping options so you can choose whatever is best for your needs.

I’ll tell you right off the bat that Amazon is NOT the most cost-effective way to buy crochet tools. Craft supplies on Amazon are often over-priced for whatever reason (I’m not entirely sure why).

Ultimately, you will have to choose whether convenience is most important to you, or saving money.

Because obviously, if we’re talking convenience, Amazon wins! You can shop from the comfort of your home and have items delivered within 2 days.

If this is the route you want to take, feel free to check out my list of recommended crochet tools directly on amazon here.

Of course, to see ALL your options, keep reading!

Online stores like We Crochet or Lion Brand are also great for buying tools. They may be more cost effective than amazon, but their shipping times are often much, much longer. So the convenience level goes down just a bit with that.

Personally, I love to shop in person for these tools because then I get to touch and see the product before purchasing.

If you DO want to go the in person route, I definitely recommend shopping at Joann or Michaels rather than Walmart. Walmart has a very low selection of products, and while they may seem cheap, you can’t use coupons!

I love Joann and Michaels because they’re always having sales and coupons. In case you can’t tell, I like to be as cost-effective as possible!

But once again, it comes down to your own personal preference.

SO – with these things in mind, let’s delve into the list of tools (and by the way, these items do not include yarn, as that’s just a given!)

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Tool #1: Crochet Hooks

The first tool I want to cover is crochet hooks. Even though this is a pretty obvious crochet tool, I think there’s a lot of questions about hooks that usually go answered. So we’ll cover those now!

How many hooks do you need to crochet?

Well, the answer to this question depends on your needs. If you are just getting started with crochet, you technically only need one hook.

However, if you try to keep using one hook for awhile, you’ll probably find that very limiting!

If you want to be fully prepared with crochet hooks, you’ll want to get a full set that starts small (around a C hook) and ends large (a K/6.5mm hook).

Many hook kits come in this size range. But once again, you may find that you do need sizes larger or smaller.

For super bulky weight projects, you may need a M/9mm hook, or even an N/10mm hook.

On the other hand, if you want to make fine lace doilies or other thread projects, you’ll likely need a set of tiny steel crochet hooks.

What Crochet Hooks are Most Comfortable?

Another thing I see a lot is people wondering which hooks are most comfortable to use. Again, this comes down to your personal preference, but I recommend ergonomic hooks. These types have a soft, larger handle that is super comfortable on the hand while crocheting.

Here’s a few places you can buy ergonomic hooks:

Ergonomic hooks on Amazon

Ergonomic hook set on We Crochet (a high quality online crochet store)

Ergonomic hooks at Joann

Tool #2: Hook Case

So once you get hooks, you’ll definitely want a case to keep them in! Some hook kits come with cases. But if you get hooks without cases, you’ll definitely want to invest in this.

A case, when used with care, will keep all your hooks safe and help keep them from getting lost.

Cases on Amazon

Cases on We Crochet

This one from Joann is personally the one I use!

Tool #3: Yarn Needles

So you have crochet hooks and a case. But another tool that is a MUST is a yarn needle!

What is the difference between a yarn needle & a regular needle?

The answer to that is simple. A yarn needle has a large eye that is perfect for yarn to fit through! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to try to stick worsted weight yarn through a tiny hole.

Yarn needles can be used for sewing crochet pieces together, but more importantly, for weaving in your ends!

And let me tell you – a GOOD yarn needle makes weaving in ends so much easier.

I highly recommend using metal yarn needles. While they come in plastic, the metal ones are much more sturdy, and in my opinion, easier to pull through the crochet stitches.

This listing on Amazon looked perfect:

You can also browse all your options on Amazon

There’s also these from We Crochet.

Tool #4: Stitch Markers

While we are on the topic of notions, stitch markers are an absolute MUST, especially for bigger crochet projects!

They are basically a little tool that lets you mark where a certain stitch is at so you don’t lose your place.

Before I show you where you can buy these, I want you to know that there is a very cost effective way to make your own stitch markers.

It’s simple – just take a piece of scrap yarn and insert it into the stitch you want to save.

I did this for years and it works just fine. However, store-bought stitch markers make it ultra easy to insert into the stitch, and they don’t come out easily.

If you want to purchase, there are quite a few options. I was browsing around on amazon, and I would be careful of the sets that have over 100 stitch markers included for a cheap price.

While I haven’t personally tried these, I am hesitant to recommend them because usually, you get what you pay for.

I DO know Clover is a good brand, so if you want to buy on amazon, maybe try something from them! This set in particular looked really neat:

In addition, We Crochet has some really nice looking stitch markers. I don’t hesitate in directing you to all of their stitch markers since I know they sell quality products.

Tool #5: A Good Stitch Dictionary

Now, this is a tool that I only recently invested in. But let me tell you, I wish I would’ve done it a LONG time ago!

A stitch dictionary is super useful to have on hand, especially if you want to get into designing. You can use the stitches & the stitch multiples that are included to make literally any project!

Even if you’re not interested in designing, you’ll still love having this tool. You’ll have a whole host of inspiration right at your fingertips!

Here are the stitch dictionaries I recommend:

  • Desert Blossom Stitch Dictionary (yes, this is one I’ve written myself!) It is more like an ebook. There are lots of PDFs that you can print out and make as many stitches as you’d like.
  • Closed Stitch Dictionary – this is another dictionary I’ve written. It includes stitches without holes (for things like blankets & scarves!)

Hard copy books:

And yes, I own ALL of these stitch dictionaries. They each include different stitches and have their own useful information.

Tool #6: Scissors

This tool may sound obvious again, but having a good pair of scissors really makes all the difference!

I spent way too long ripping the end of my yarn to finish a project, or using my teeth (at least I would wow my family & friends when I did it, LOL!)

But now that I have a few good pairs of scissors, I try to keep them with me so I don’t have to do that anymore.

You will probably want to have a few that are reserved for yarn only, so they don’t get dull!

Yarn/Fabric scissors on Amazon

We Crochet also has some foldable scissors and some sharp scissors that look very useful.

Tool #7: Measuring Tape or Ruler

It’s always, always good to have some sort of measuring material on hand when you’re crocheting.

No matter what you’re making, there will mostly likely be SOMETHING you need to measure.

Rulers are a great thing to have on hand when you’re making something small and flat.

However, I think something you’ll find useful in even more projects is a flexible measuring tape. This is helpful not only for measuring large pieces of crocheting, but also for measuring your body before making garments. Here is some info on reading tape measures if you are new to the topic.

These look like they’re pretty affordable on amazon (not waaay overpriced like some other crafting products). These 3 looked interesting:

Of course if you want to opt for buying them in-store, here is the selection at Joann.

Tool #8: Gauge Swatch Ruler

Speaking of crocheting garments, there is another tool that may be a LOT of help to you!

A gauge swatch ruler is designed to help you measure gauge in a 4” square. It eliminates the guesswork you might feel when measuring gauge. Here are a few purchasing options:

This wooden universal 4″ tool on We Crochet looks awesome

Or if you like amazon, this gauge swatch tool by clover looks good:

Tool #9: Crochet Garment Cheat Sheets

If you are into making crochet garments (or you want to be!) another useful tool to have is garment cheat sheets.

What is this, you ask?

Well, it’s actually a tool I’ve created specifically for this post because I thought it would be super helpful (and psst! it’s free)

That’s right – in these cheat sheets, I give you tips on 6 different things: sizing, ease, gauge, swatching, blocking, and drape.

Basically, you have all the info in quick reference, printable format that you can reference anytime you need to review these concepts.

Sign up to get your cheat sheets below!


Tool #10: Project Planner/Tracker

If there’s one thing I see crocheters talking about a lot, it’s their WIPS (works in progress)!

Am I right in saying we usually have a lot of projects going at once? 😆

Whether you stick to one project at a time, or have multiple wips going at once, a project planner will still help you!

I find that I am most productive with crochet when I have a plan.

To start planning your projects, I recommend downloading a free calendar, or designating a specific journal where you can write down your goals.

Tool #11: Project Bag

Crochet Tool - Project Bag

This is another tool/material I wish I would’ve gotten a long time ago!

Recently, We Crochet sent me a project bag that I now use all the time and absolutely love.

There are lots of varieties out there, and you could use a tote bag that you already have if you wanted to be cost effective.

But, I definitely love those bags that have cute crochet sayings on it. Here’s the one I have! Or you can view We Crochet’s full selection.

The important thing is, you have a bag designated specifically for your projects. That way anytime you go somewhere, you know exactly what you need to grab if you know you’ll have time to crochet!

Tool #12: Blocking Mats

Ah yes…the dreaded word: “blocking.”

Many people avoid blocking altogether, but I must tell you how amazing it really is!

Blocking will help all your crochet projects have a better, more professional finished look. If you want to learn more about it, read this post.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, blocking mats will make the process of blocking much easier and pain free.

Yes, you can use towels in place of a blocking mat if you’re trying to be cost-effective. However, I think you’ll find that mats really speed up the process!

Purchase on We Crochet

Purchase on Amazon:

Tool #13: Project Labels/Tags

Crochet Tool - Project Tags

Another material that can add a professional look to your project is a tag!

If you’ve ever sold crochet items at a craft fair or market before, you probably know what I mean.

These cute tags add a professional finish to your projects, which can elevate your products!

Here’s a set on We Crochet that I love! And Amazon also has a lot of options.

Unique Crochet Tools You May not have heard of

I wanted to lump the rest of the tools under this topic, because they’re a bit more unique and only necessary in certain situations!

For example, some of these tools will only be necessary if you work with hand dyed yarn, or want to start Tunisian crochet.

They’re a bit more unique, but I still wanted to include them so you know they’re out there!

Tool #14: Yarn Bowl

“Yarn Bowl” – what comes to mind when you first hear that phrase?

I had NO idea this existed when I started crocheting.

I still haven’t personally used one, but they look super helpful which was why I wanted to mention it.

What a yarn bowl does is keep your yarn from getting tangled! It seems like it would make your crochet experience much more hassle free.

Purchase options:

We Crochet has a wide variety of yarn bowls, or see below for amazon.

Tool #15: Ball Winder

If you use hand-dyed yarn, this is something you may want to invest in.

In case you’re unfamiliar, hand dyed yarn comes in what’s called a hank. You have to wind that hank into a ball before it becomes usable.

What a ball winder does is make that process a million times easier!

Now, be forewarned: there are a whole host of different types of ball winders – from cheap ones to very expensive ones!

As I was looking at the ones available on Amazon and We Crochet, I found there are a lot of similar options. In fact, the basic yarn winder is the same price on both We Crochet and Amazon.

See below for the Amazon option, or see the whole We Crochet selection here.

Tool #16: Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hooks

I know we already talked about crochet hooks…but tunisian crochet is a whole different ball game.

You’ll need a whole new set of hooks if you’re going to get into it! There are a lot of options out there, but this is the set that I have. Because it is the only one I’ve used, it is the only one I would like to personally recommend. I will, however, link to other hooks on amazon if you want to check out other options!

My favorite Tunisian  hook set can be found here.

Or, you can view all the Amazon options here.

Tool #17: Pom Pom Maker

The last unique crochet tool you might find helpful is a pom pom maker!

If you love to crochet hats, pom poms give them such a nice, stylish look. And having one of these pom pom makers on hand will speed up the process of making your own.

Purchase options:

By the way, if you want to crochet a hat with a pom pom, check out my Twilight Beanie Pattern!

What about Crochet Toolkits?

Now, after reading about all these different tools, you might be wondering if there’s a way you can just buy them ALL at once in a large tool kit.

Unfortunately, I’ve never seen a toolkit that include all of these items together.

However, there are definitely smaller kits that you can get that include all the notions you need (scissors, yarn needles, stitch markers, hooks, etc).

I have personally not tried any of these so I don’t want to endorse a specific product. However, I ran a quick search on amazon and these seem to be the ones that are available if that’s the route you want to go.

How to Use Your New Crochet Tools

Whew, I hope you have enjoyed this list of tools and materials! I highly encourage you to scan the list again and actually write down the tools you think you should invest in.

No, I don’t encourage you to buy every single one. It will be different for every person, depending on where you’re at in your crochet journey!

Once you’ve bought the tools that YOU need, enjoy them! Make sure you follow all the directions on how to use them properly.

Overall…just let them make your life easier!

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me.


If you did enjoy this post, I would love if you shared it in the following places so many MORE people can see it!

Happy Crocheting!

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