27 Advanced Crochet Stitches You Need to Try

Once you’ve been crocheting for awhile, the goal is that you get better and better until becoming advanced, right? Yet sometimes, it seems that there is a plethora of easy tutorials on the internet, and not so many advanced ones. That’s why I decided to show you this amazing list of advanced crochet stitches!

Are you ready to challenge yourself? There are a plethora of beautiful advanced stitches in this post. I’m having trouble choosing a favorite!

But hopefully, after seeing all the stitches, you’ll have one or two in mind that you can learn right away.

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What’s the hardest crochet stitch?

Typically, the Jasmine Stitch is considered by crocheters to be the hardest stitch to learn. It is certainly a beautiful stitch, but it uses a very unconventional technique that doesn’t always come naturally to people.

I have included the Jasmine Stitch in this list, so look out for it as you read. In my tutorial, I include all my best tips for making it successfully. My YouTube video has gotten thousands of views and a lot of comments from frustrated crocheters saying they were finally able to understand the stitch after watching my video.

advanced crochet stitches collage

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Advanced Crochet Stitches – the List

So without further ado, let’s get into all the amazing stitches! These are all made with regular crochet, but be sure to scroll down farther to see advanced tunisian crochet stitches too.

Feather Stitch

First, meet the Feather Stitch. As the name implies, the texture of this one resembles a cluster of delicate feathers, and looks especially pretty with a tropical, variegated yarn. This stitch would work well with so many different projects from sweaters, to blankets, etc.!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Red Heart Colorscape

feather stitch crochet swatch on wood background

Camel Stitch

Are you looking for a stitch that kind of resembles a knit fabric? If so, I think you’ll enjoy the Camel Stitch. This stitch derives its name from the tiny ridges that sort of resemble the humps on a camel’s back. Although this pattern can be tricky to get at first, once you have it down, it’s actually a super easy stitch to work with (only a two row repeat!).

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Jasmine Stitch

Next up is a super pretty pattern: the Jasmine Stitch. This design features delicate little flower-like puff stitches. Since it creates a thick fabric, this stitch would be great for winter projects such as scarves, cowls, or ear warmers/headbands. So, if you’re looking for a thicker fabric with a pretty design, this pattern is perfect!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Braid Stitch

Next, let me introduce you to the Braid Stitch! This pattern has such a neat texture, the more you look at it, the more things you notice. This one looks sort of similar to the cable stitch, but is a bit easier to recreate. You should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: Han Jan Crochet

Yarn Used: West Yorkshire Spinners ReTreat

Star Stitch

Are you looking for an elegant crochet stitch? This Star Stitch may be just the thing! This stitch is beautiful and is great for elevating a simple pattern. This one is a trickier pattern to get the hang of, but the end result is so worth it!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Basic Stitch Anti Pilling Yarn

crochet star stitch

Angel Stitch

Next is a fun Christmas-y pattern: the Angel Stitch! This stitch is so fun to make because you get to watch the tiny angels emerge. Although this stitch would be especially fun for holiday patterns (tree skirts, table runners, etc.), you could easily play with different colors to make something that works year-round!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Celtic Weave

Here’s another thick stitch: the Celtic Weave. This stitch is so neat because, like the Celtic knot, the stitches seem to weave in out of each other with no end or beginning. This is a bit of a difficult design to master, but once you’ve got it, people will be amazed by whatever pattern you incorporate it into!

Designer: Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Arcade Stitch (with bobbles)

Next, check out the Arcade Stitch! This stitch is beautiful, and the bobbles add such a fun, unique texture. Although this is a more decorative stitch, it would make a great addition to a garment, a shawl, a baby blanket, etc.!

Designer: Fosbas Designs

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Superwash Merino

Tinsel Stitch

Are you excited for the holidays? I know I always am. This Tinsel Stitch gets me so excited for Christmas especially! This pattern features a simple, sc or dc fabric with a fun pop of color woven through, just like the tinsel on a tree! This stitch would be perfect for sweaters, table runners, coasters, potholders, the list goes on!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver

Zeroes and Crosses Stitch

Next up is the Zeroes and Crosses Stitch. This design has such a beautiful texture, and it’s so versatile it can easily be added into most crochet projects. This one is also easy to catch on to, so it’s a simpler pattern as well!

Designer: Loops and Love Crochet

Wheat Stitch

I don’t know about you, but I just love puff stitches. They’re so fun and unique and there are so many things you can do with them! If you like puff stitches too, then this Wheat Stitch is just for you! This design has such a gorgeous texture that incorporates the puff stitch beautifully without going overboard. This would be a great stitch to use in sweaters, cowls, ear warmers, etc.!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Mary Maxin Woodlands

Triangle Post Stitch

Next, meet the Triangle Post Stitch. This design features cute little triangle motifs that add the perfect pop of color, without being too much. Not only do the contrasting colors stand out, but the post stitch allows the triangles to literally pop out themselves! If you’re looking for a unique stitch to add to a cardigan, blanket, etc., you should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Sugarbrush Bold Yarn

How to Crochet the Triangle Post Stitch

6 Strand Forward Cable Stitch

If you’re looking for a more challenging pattern, than I’ve got the one for you: the 6 Strand Forward Cable Stitch. Although this is a trickier design, the end result is so worth it. The texture of this one is gorgeous and stands out so well! It would be great for beanies, sweaters, you name it (pretty much anything winter-related!).

Designer: A Crocheted Simplicity

Pumpkin Patch Stitch

Are you wanting to create a fun and festive fall stitch? This Pumpkin Patch Stitch is perfect! This design incorporates bobbles and color work to make this super fun and unique design. I love how the pumpkins literally pop right out! This stitch especially would be so fun to be creative with and feature in lots of different patterns for the fall season.

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver

How to crochet the pumpkin patch stitch

Extreme Drop Stitch

I think I need to design a pattern in this stitch because I love it so much…meet the Extreme Drop Stitch! This stitch uses two colors and almost creates a leaf or fire type look with the fun drop stitches.

Designer: Nana’s Crafty Home

Yarn Used: Paintbox Cotton Aran

Bridge Stitch

Next up, meet the Bridge Stitch. This stitch is absolutely beautiful and has an elegant, unique texture. I just love how it resembles a trellis bridge! This design would be great to use in sweaters, blankets, etc.!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: DK Weight Yarn

How to Crochet the Bridge Stitch

Scallop Stitch

Another pattern I’d like to introduce you to is the Scallop Stitch. I love how the texture of this one resembles tiny scallop shells. This one would be fun in a shawl, afghan, bag, you name it. If you enjoy beachy designs, then this one is for you!

Designer: Crochet n Create

Butterfly Crochet Stitch

There’s something cool about stitches with unique textures on them—especially like this Butterfly Stitch! This stitch would make an amazing project for a little girl, like a blanket or even a fun scarf.

Designer: Meladora’s Creations

Yarn Used: Worsted Weight

Sunflower Stitch

Speaking of stitches that have a unique item popping out from the surface, here is another one: The Sunflower Stitch! This might just be my new favorite stitch. The sunflowers are worked right into the stitch—no sewing involved at all. It’s so pretty!

Designer: Nana’s Crafty Home

Yarn Used: Paintbox Cotton Aran

Catherine’s Wheel Stitch

Another cool advanced crochet stitch is the Catherine’s Wheel Stitch. I’ve seen this stitch before, but never in velvet yarn like this designer did! Isn’t it really pretty with the two colors? This stitch would make a great blanket or scarf. It could be done in one color or many!

Designer: Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Lace Flower Stitch

Last up for this category, meet the Lace Flower Stitch. This pattern has the most gorgeous, lacey texture. And, this design is simpler than you may think (only a few different stitches)! If you like flowers, or are just looking for a more elegant design, then you should definitely check this one out!

Designer: Made by Gootie

Yarn Used: 100% Cotton Sport Weight Yarn

Tunisian Crochet

Next, I’d like to show you some of my favorite Tunisian crochet stitches!

Top Stitch

First, check out the Top Stitch. This stitch is not only super fun to look at, but it’s easy to recreate and makes the squishiest fabric! If you’re in need of a thicker fabric for your project, then you should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: Knitter Knotter

Continuous Spiral

Have you ever crocheted a Continuous Spiral? Although it can be intimidating, the end result is so satisfying to look at. Luckily, though, there is a simple way to recreate this! I love how it sort of resembles a seashell! You could use this pattern to make a rug, blanket, and so many more things!

Designer: Knitter Knotter

C2C Entrelac

Next, meet the C2C Entrelac Stitch! This has a similar look to the Top Stitch, except it also has a cool, checkered effect. These squares are crocheted individually and then joined together with a simple, join-as-you-go stitch! You should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: Knitter Knotter

Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch

One of my all-time favorite tunisian stitches is the Honeycomb Stitch. It is definitely worth the extra effort to learn this stitch—just look at how pretty it is! You’ll need to know some tunisian basic stitches before beginning, like the simple stitch and purl stitch.

Designer: Blue Star Crochet

Yarn Used: Hobbii Rainbow Sock Wool

Mori Lace Stitch

Another one of my favorite Tunisian Crochet patterns is the Mori Lace Stitch. Isn’t this one so pretty? I love how this design resembles tiny ocean waves. The stitches in this one are staggered a bit to give it a fun, unique look. This one especially would look great in shawls, sweaters, etc.!

Designer: Knitter Knotter

Cable Stitch

Lastly, check out the Cable Stitch! Id you’re looking for a stitch with a unique, knitted-look, than this one is for you! The twists add such a fun texture to any project! This one would be good for blankets, afghans, sweaters, hats, etc.!

Designer: Knitter Knotter

More Lists of Crochet Stitches

If you are really into crochet stitches, here are some more fun lists to check out! There is some crossover between the lists, but also some unique fun ones too.


When you get more advanced at crocheting, it is definitely time to try some more difficult stitches. You can really go far and make so many beautiful things when you delve in. In this list, there were regular advanced stitches AND tunisian stitches, which gives you tons of possibilities! Which stitches are your favorite? Which one are you going to learn next?


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Happy Crocheting!

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