Star Stitch Crochet Tutorial 2 Variations (Without Holes on the End!)

The Star Stitch is a beautiful crochet stitch pattern that is sure to add a little elegance to any project. It can be a little tricky to get the hang of, but once you’ve got it down, it’s really fun to work and makes such a pretty fabric.

crochet star stitch

The Star Stitch is made up of single crochet, the occasional half double crochet, and LOTS of pulling up loops. It is worked in sets of two rows.

If works up fairly quickly once you understand how the stitch is formed. However, this particular stitch only forms a one-sided fabric.

I like this stitch because it’s a fairly easy way to elevate the look of a simple pattern.

Ready to learn it?

Star Stitch Crochet Tutorial With Variations

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What is the Star stitch?

The star stitch is a crochet stitch worked in multiples of two that creates an elegant, feminine texture of fabric. It is made with two rows, and is a little more complicated than some of the other stitches we’ve learned together.

It is formed by pulling up a loop five times across multiple stitches, and then bringing the hook through all of them at once. That, plus a half double crochet finishes off the first row.

Then a second row is added to complete the stars. This second row is made entirely out of single crochets placed into the “eye” of the stars in the previous row.

star stitch sample swatch

Is the Star Stitch beginner friendly?

The star stitch is not a complicated stitch. But it is a bit confusing.

At multiple parts in the stitch, loops have to be pulled several times through different places on the same chains and stitches.

I don’t recommend this stitch for complete beginners until they have a decent understanding of pattern reading and stitch anatomy.

(For more beginner stitches, try out the Moss Stitch, the Suzette Stitch, or the Trinity Stitch!)

Star Stitch Video

That being said, if you’re a beginner I don’t want you to be AFRAID of this stitch.

If that’s you, I highly recommend watching this star stitch video before jumping into the crocheting. Since it shows everything in a step by step manner, it will probably be the BEST way to learn this stitch!

Crochet Star Stitch Variations

Now before we get into this star stitch tutorial, there is something VERY IMPORTANT I must clarify for you!

Did you know there are actually variations of the star stitch?

That’s right. When I started searching up this stitch to learn it, I found that there are different ways to make it.

Overall, I found two main star stitch patterns. Below you can see a picture of two small samples of them.

In this tutorial, are going to start by learning the one on the bottom, mainly because this sample has a better closed surface. This sample uses single crochet on the second row.

crochet star stitch variations (hdc and sc)

However, once we learn that, I will also show you how to change it up to make the sample on the top. This one uses hdc on the second row instead of sc.

They are both beautiful – and once you try them both, you’ll probably get a feel for which one you like better!

Star Stitch Crochet Tutorial 2 WAYS

Let’s get right into the full tutorial!

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  • The Star stitch is worked in multiples of two, with two extra chains. You should always start with an even number of foundation stitches, or an odd number of chains with one row of sc finished before starting row 1.
  • Turning ch 1 or ch 2 does NOT count as a stitch

Abbreviations/Stitches Used

I always like to start my work with a foundation single crochet row instead of chains whenever possible.

The greatest benefit of using a foundation row is that the beginning of your work will be just as stretchy as the rest, rather than having a tight chain.

If you do work from a foundation single crochet row (which I highly recommend!), you will make an even number of fsc.


This stitch can be worked in just about any size and type of yarn you’d like, with the size hook recommended on the label.

I absolutely love how this stitch looks with a chunky yarn!

For this tutorial, I used Lion Brand Basic Stitch Anti Pilling yarn in Baby Blue. I crocheted it with a 5.00mm hook.

star stitch crochet tutorial

Star Stitch Written Instructions

Fsc 22, or any even number. Turn.

Row 1:  Ch 2. Draw up a loop in the back bump of the second ch from hook, draw up another loop in back strand of the same ch. Draw up a loop in each of the next 3 fsc. Yarn over, pull through all 6 loops.

*Ch 1. Draw up a loop in the center of the previous star, draw up a loop in the last leg of the previous star, draw up a loop in the fsc used as a base for the previous star. Draw up a loop in the next two fsc. Yarn over, pull through all 6 loops. Rep from * until there is one fsc left. Ch 1, hdc2tog in stitch from last leg of star, and last fsc. Turn.

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in hdc. Make 2 sc in the eye of each star. 1 sc in last stitch. Turn.

Alternate row 2: Ch 1, hdc in hdc. Make 2 hdc in the eye of each star. 1 hdc in last stitch. Turn.

Row 3: Ch 2. Draw up a loop in the back bump of the second ch from hook, draw up another loop in back strand of the same ch. Draw up a loop in each of the next 3 sc. Yarn over, pull through all 6 loops. Ch 1.

*Draw up a loop from the center of the previous star, draw up a loop in the last leg of the previous star, draw up a loop in the sc used as a base for the previous star. Draw up a loop in the next two sc. Yarn over, pull through all 6 loops. Ch 1. Rep from * until there is one sc left. Hdc2tog over stitch from last leg of star, and last sc. Turn.

Row 4: Ch 1, sc in hdc. Make 2 sc in the eye of each star. 1 sc in last stitch. Turn. (You can also use the alternate row here with hdc instead of sc – if desired).

Repeat row 3-4 until desired length.

How to Crochet the Star Stitch – Method 1

Now, let’s go through the star stitch step by step, with photos to help you out.

Step 1: Foundation Row

To start, make 22 fsc, and chain 2. Turn.

Step 2: Make First Star Stitch

The first star is made by drawing up two loops from the second chain from your hook, and then one from each of the first three fsc.

Here is where you draw up your first loop. (The front strand of the second chain from hook)

making a crochet star stitch

And here is where you draw up the second one. (Back strand of the same chain.)

second loop of crochet star stitch

Now you should have three loops on your hook. Draw up a loop from each of the first 3 fsc (6 loops on your hook) then yarn over and pull through all 6 loops at once.

pulling through 6 loops to make a crochet star stitch

Ch 1 to form the eye of the star.

ch 1 to form a crochet star stitch

Step 3: Make stars across the row

Make another chain to start the second star. From now on, the stars will be formed by pulling up loops from 2 different places in the previous star, one from the last stitch used as a base for the previous star, and the next two stitches.

Draw up a loop from the eye of the previous star.

make first loop here

Draw up another loop from the last leg of the previous star.

make second loop here

Draw up a loop from the last base stitch used in the previous star.

make third loop here

Then draw up a loop from the next two stitches (These are the only two that are not connected to the previous star.)

forming legs of the crochet star stitch

Yarn over and pull through all 6 loops. Ch 1 to form the eye.

Repeat this until there is one stitch left.

Step 4: Eliminating Holes on the Edges

NOW: before we go on with the star stitch, there is something that must be addressed. In many of the other tutorials I found for the star stitch, there was just one thing I didn’t like.

The main “star stitch row” would have a clunky hole on the end. I did not like this way this looked at all, so I set out to find an alternate way to make it work.

Many tutorials tell you to just hdc in the last stitch.

Instead, make a hdc2tog over the stitch from the last leg of the star, plus the last stitch.

Work the hdc2tog as follows:

  1. YO, insert hook into same stitch as last leg of star. YO, pull up a loop.
hdc2tog tutorial

2. Insert hook into last stitch. YO, pull up a loop (4 loops on hook).

hdc2tog tutorial

YO, draw through all 4 loops on hook. Hdc2tog finished!

hdc2tog tutorial

Step 5: Learn Row 2

Now that we’ve covered that, we can get into Row 2!

To start the second row, sc into the hdc2tog. Then make 2 sc in the eye of each star. You may have to flip your work over to figure out where that is the first couple times.

Here is where it is if you flip it over and look from the front.

eye of star stitch from the front

This is what it looks like in the back (where you are working now).

eye of crochet star from back

Continue this until the end of the row, and sc 1 into the final stitch.

end of crochet star stitch row

Once you have two full rows complete, it should look like this in the front:

2 rows of crochet star stitch

In addition, here a picture of the DIFFERENCE between using hdc versus hdc2tog as the last stitch on row 1. Pretty cool, right?!

crochet star stitch variations without holes

Remember, to start odd numbered rows, you’ll always chain 2, and to start even numbered rows, always chain 1.

Continue repeating this pattern until your desired length.

Star Stitch Variation #2 Instructions

Now that you’ve learned how to crochet the basic star stitch, we can dive into the second method, which just has one small variation (that alters the look of the stitch a lot!)

To make this alternate star stitch, the only difference is on Row 2 and every even row. You’ll make the row exactly the same but using hdc instead of sc.

Let me show you what I mean:

The top row of the stitch below is a regular star stitch row. That row will not change AT ALL when you use this method.

crochet star stitch hdc variation

To start the alternate row 2: Ch 1 as usual, but this time, hdc into the first stitch.

hdc to start star stitch variation

Now, simply make 2 hdc into the eye of each star (rather than sc).

half double crochets in the eyes of star stitch

Repeat across, and then do one hdc in the very last stitch. As I mentioned, this is the exact same as the sc row except with hdc.

Below is what this star stitch looks like on the right side.

hdc crochet star stitch variation

There you go, that is the two methods you can use to crochet the star stitch…and without holes on the ends!

Use the Star Stitch in Your Crochet Projects

Now that you’ve learned the star stitch, it’s time to put your knowledge to use! Here are some project ideas for the star stitch:

  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Pillows
  • Dishcloths

This stitch is one sided, meaning the pretty star pattern is only visible on the front. For this reason, I recommend using this stitch for projects where only the front side is visible.

star stitch crochet swatch

More Stitch Tutorials

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I hope you have enjoyed learning how to crochet this fun stitch pattern.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me: I would love to help!

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