30 Easy Double Crochet Patterns & Stitches

If you’re a beginning crocheter and you’ve learned the double crochet stitch, you might be looking for ways to put it to use. After all, simple double crochet stitches can get boring after awhile! To spice up your crochet game, you can easily combine double crochets with chains and single crochets to create awesome looking fabrics. That’s what this post is for!

I’ve compiled a list of 27 patterns that use the double crochet stitch. To start off, we’ll look at patterns that use mainly double crochet – things like blankets, scarves, sweates and more.

Then, in the second half of the post we’ll look at STITCHES that use double crochets combined with other stitches. The goal here is to show you ways to start branching out with your double crochets.

Some of the following patterns are extremely easy (like working double crochets in rows), while some have more techniques like working in the round. All of the patterns have dc as a main component.

And they are definitely all modern and beautiful! So without further ado, let’s jump into the list of double crochet patterns.

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Double Crochet Patterns

We’ll start off with some double crochet themed blankets, then move onto double crochet scarves, sweaters, and also some quick projects!

1. Striped Double Crochet Blanket

First off, meet the Striped Double Crochet Blanket by Stitching Together! This is a great beginner crochet blanket pattern. It literally just uses double crochet stitches. The stripes add a nice touch and give you something to keep you interested while making the blanket.

2. Scrap Yarn Blanket

If you want to try out making double crochet squares, the Not-So-Scrappy Scrap Yarn Blanket is a great design to try! This is a great pattern to use up leftover skeins of yarn that don’t have a particular use. I love how this particular blanket has the white running through all of it, plus lovely colors alternated.

3. Chevron Blanket

Another great way to practice double crochet stitches is by making chevrons. Chevrons are definitely different from just straight rows of dc. The instructions are very straightforward, and the great thing is it is just a ONE row repeat! Check out the Double Crochet Chevron Blanket here.

4. Beginner Baby Blanket

If you are looking for an ultra beginner pattern, check out this Beginner Baby Blanket! Using thick, cozy yarn makes for a beautiful blanket, but it also makes the pattern very easy. The stitches build on each other and grow fast, making this blanket a nice quick project.

5. Corner to Corner Baby Blanket

The last blanket we’ll check out today is the Corner to Corner Baby Blanket. This is a beautiful modern baby blanket, and it mixes up the use of double crochet by working from corner to corner. I wouldn’t recommend this pattern for a complete beginner, but if you want a little more of a challenge, try it!

6. Striped Double Crochet Beanie

We’re back to basics with this one: the Striped Double Crochet Beanie! I remember when I made my first crochet beanie. It was with a pattern simila to this, worked in the round from the top down. It does take a little getting used to if you like working in rows, but it is most definitely worth learning!

7. The Surprise Sweater

Ready to jump into sweater making with something not too hard? The Surprise Sweater is a great pattern to try out! It is made from panels of mainly double crochet stitches that are sewn together at the end. You’ll also get to practice some front post double crochet in this sweater to make the ribbing.

8. Sunset Shawl

Did you know that if you combine double crochet stitches with chains, you get lace? Yep, that’s right! The Sunset Shawl just uses those two stitches, and look at the final result! It is so much easier to make then it looks.

9. Easy Double Crochet Scarf

Another basic double crochet pattern is this Easy Double Crochet Scarf. This would be a great project for a teen who is just starting to crochet. It actually looks pretty similar to the scarf I made when I started crocheting at 9! Using multicolored yarn gives it a beautiful look without having to do anything tricky at all.

10. All Double Crochet Cocoon Cardigan

Want a sweater pattern that is literally made from ALL double crochet? Check out the All Double Crochet Cocoon Cardigan by Jenny and Teddy! This sweater is a large rectangle that is sewn together to form the cocoon cardigan look. I think the result is pretty cool for how easy the pattern is!

11. Jadestone Wrap

One of my favorite things to do with double crochets is make shell stitches. The Jadestone Wrap takes shells and spaces them out in a very pretty way in the center of this shawl! The Shawl in a Ball yarn does all the heavy lifting with the beauty of this design.

12. Double Layer Cowl

I love making cozy scarves and cowls to wear in the winter. The Double Layer Cowl is a wonderful design perfect for this! You’ll get to learn a more unique type of double crochet stitch: a double crochet cluster.

13. Easy Fingerless Gloves

Here is a more unique clothing type made from double crochet: the Easy Fingerless Gloves! I love how quick and easy this pattern is. It even comes in child and adult sizes so you could make mommy-and-me gloves!

14. Double Crochet Dishcloth

Need something super quick? The Double Crochet Dishcloth is a great option! This is a great beginner pattern because you can practice making double crochets back and forth in rows. I added a crab stitch border, but this is optional depending on your level.

double crochet dishcloth pattern

15. Double Crochet Soap Saver

If you thought the last pattern was quick, this one is even better – the Double Crochet Soap Saver. Soap savers are super useful to keep in the shower or give away as gifts. And this pattern is so dang easy! I highly recommend trying this if you need something quick and also easy.

16. Retro Granny Mug Cozy

The Granny Stitch is a very common way to use double crochets. The Retro Granny Mug Cozy is a great way to practice this stitch! I might just have to add this pattern to my gift list because its super cute.

Double Crochet Stitch Patterns

1. Drunken Granny Stitch

This stitch has a funny name, I know. But it is really quite a fun stitch to learn and make! The Drunken Granny Stitch uses double crochets and chain stitches. These form a sort of offset shell stitch that looks lopsided in a good way! This stitch may look complex but its actually very easy to learn; plus, my video tutorial will walk you through all the steps!

drunken granny stitch

2. Suzette Stitch

Up next we have the Suzette Stitch! This is also a very easy stitch to learn. It just uses double crochets and single crochets throughout the whole pattern. This is a nice one because it is not holey at all.

suzette stitch

3. Alpine Stitch

If you want to challenge yourself a bit, the Alpine Stitch is a great stitch to learn that uses double crochet. In fact, it uses front and back post double crochets! That’s what makes it a bit more challenging. But it is still very doable to learn with my tutorial video.

alpine stitch crochet

4. Stacked Shell Stitch

One of the most beautiful ways to use double crochet stitches is in shells. The stacked shell stitch is no exception! It is made with big 7-double crochet shells. This may look hard but its actually not bad at all! Plus, once you learn the stitch its only a two row repeat.

stacked shell stitch

5. Eiffel Tower Stitch

Here’s a unique double crochet stitch pattern: the Eiffel Tower Stitch! You actually have to focus on looking at the double crochet stitches in order to see the tower shape. The key to the shape of this is in the chains. Spacing the double crochets out differently with different numbers of chains allows the tower to form! Cool, right?

eiffel tower stitch

6. Bobble Eyelet Stitch

A great way to spice up the usual double crochet stitches is to add some texture! If you’re a beginner, bobbles may look tricky. If you’re ready to take them on, then the Bobble Eyelet Stitch is a great one to try. It alternates rows of double crochets with rows of bobbles and cute chain eyelets.

bobble eyelet stitch

7. Crown Stitch

Here’s a super easy one: the Crown Stitch! This stitch mainly uses double crochet stitches and chain stitches. They are alternated in fun ways to create the open lacy look you see below.

crochet crown stitch

8. Swirl Stitch

If you want a different way to use double crochet without anything too tricky, try the Swirl Stitch. Isn’t this one unique? What’s different about it is you’ll actually skip a stitch, double crochet, and then double crochet again but in the skipped stitch. It’s a little confusing at first, but you’ll catch on fast!

crochet swirl stitch

9. Interlocking Fan Stitch

Here’s another shell/fan stype stitch: the Interlocking Fan Stitch! This stitch uses small fans made from double crochets, that interlock with each other. There are some holes but they are minimal. I think this one is really pretty!

interlocking fan stitch

10. Box Stitch

Need something super simple? Try out the Box Stitch! I know, this one isn’t the prettiest stitch around, but it is a good way to practice double crochet. You can really tell if your dc are even in height with this stitch! I could see this making a great simple coaster.

crochet box stitch

11. Blueberry Stitch

Now we’re back to something a little more fun and textured – the Blueberry Stitch! Boy, do I love this stitch. It features little blocks of 3 double crochet, alternated with puff stitches. This is one of the most popular stitch patterns on my blog, with over 75,000 shares on Pinterest!

crochet blueberry stitch

12. Harvest Stitch

Speaking of puff stitches, the Harvest Stitch is another one that uses puffs. The double crochets are the spacing that nestle between the rows of beautiful puffs. While the dc takes a background seat here, they’re still very necessary!

how to crochet the harvest stitch

13. Trellis Stitch

Remember when we talked briefly about front post double crochet stitches? Well, the Trellis Stitch also uses those! If you’re wanting to practice both double crochet and front post double crochet, this is a great stitch to try. It’s not too hard because the post stitches all form a line like a trellis. This makes them easier to keep track of than the way they can be in other stitches.

crochet trellis stitch

14. Triangle Post Stitch

I thought I would save the hardest for last, haha. The Triangle Post Stitch allows you to practice dc, fpdc, AND color work all at once! It is not an easy stitch, but it is very pretty. If you’re looking to really challenge yourself, I say go for it!

triangle post stitch

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Double crochet stitch patterns are not as hard to find as you might think. There are really a vast number of stitches that feature double crochet either at the forefront or in the background. The key is using other stitches like chains and single crochet to enhance overall look! This is ultimately how crochet lace is formed. Once you start trying out stitches like these, don’t stop! The sky is the limit. Keep trying new stitches and build your confidence!


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Happy Crocheting!

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