Best Worsted Weight Yarns for $5 or Less

Yarn prices are crazy right now, are they not? I remember the times where you could find LOTS of yarns for under $5 (and I’m not even that old). Now, its hard to find anything under $5 unless you’re shopping sales!

However, there are still some hidden gems out there…

Some yarns that have somehow managed to stay affordable. Yes, some of them are value yarns (we’ll have to take what we can get).

But some of them are nicer than value yarns! I’m going to show you all the worsted weight yarns I’ve been able to find lately for $5 or less. So let’s get right into these “cheap” worsted weight yarns.

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1. Brava

First up is a yarn I’ve talked about quite a bit on this blog…Brava by We Crochet. While this is an acrylic yarn, it isn’t classified as a “value” yarn. It is fairly soft, and it comes in both worsted and sport weight.

Brava is regularly $4.99, but We Crochet does sales often, so there’s a good chance you can get it for an even better price!

You can see a video of me talking about the yarn and showing it up close below.

2. Big Twist Value

Next in the lineup is Big Twist Value yarn. Now yes, this is a value yarn, which means you get a lot of yarn for the price (in my opinion, this makes value yarns lower quality). Value yarns can often be a bit scratchy, but I was actually pleasantly surprised by this one!

I bought this yarn in the “prints” version, which is variegated. It was softer than I was expecting, and didn’t split or anything while crocheting.

As you can see in the video below, it worked up very pretty in the Crunch Stitch!

Big Twist Value comes in solids, prints, and ombre. They are all regularly $4.49 per skein at Joann stores.

3. Yarn Bee Soft Secret

Hobby Lobby has some fair prices on yarn. One my favorites is Yarn Bee Soft Secret! This is a great alternative to Caron Simply Soft, which is more expensive at $5.49. Plus, I just like Soft Secret more. I explain why in the video below!

P.S. Soft Secret is regularly $4.99 per skein.

4. Comfy Worsted

Another cool worsted yarn from We Crochet is called Comfy Worsted. This is a pima cotton/acrylic blend. Guys, I love this one. It is ultra soft. Once I made a skirt with the fingering weight version of the yarn (isn’t it cool that it comes in 2 weights?!)

The regular price of this yarn is $4.99, but again, make sure to watch for We Crochet sales.

5. Shine Worsted

At first glance, Shine Worsted seems a bit similar to Comfy Worsted. After all, they are both made largely from pima cotton.

However, Shine yarn has no acrylic in it; instead, it is 40% modal. Again, I just love this yarn. The modal truly gives it more shine! It is still super soft just like Comfy Worsted, but its almost a different kind of soft – less fuzzy, more twisty, if that makes sense.😂

Shine Worsted is regularly $4.99.

6. Vanna’s Choice

One of my favorite worsted weight yarns has always been Vanna’s Choice! This has been a popular yarn for many years (I just recently discovered though that they stopped selling it at Joann!) 😢

Vanna’s choice is available for $4.99 per skein – either on the Lion Brand website, or on We Crochet. I recommend getting it at We Crochet because of their great sales. They also offer free shipping on orders over $45.

7. Red Heart Super Saver Brushed

Last (but certainly not least) we have Red Heart Super Saver Brushed! This yarn is new to me, and its definitely becoming a favorite.

Of course, I could’ve included regular red heart super saver in this list, but I figured that was so common there was no reason to.

So instead, I went with Brushed! This yarn is fuzzy and super soft. I think it would be great for winter wear. (I have some fun patterns coming soon with it too).

Brushed goes for $4.49 at Joann stores, which is not bad since it is a fairly large ball at 5 oz / 255 yards.


So there you have it – 6 amazing worsted weight yarns for under $5 per skein! Those prices are hard to come by these days, I know. If you can think of other cheap worsted weight yarns, make sure to email me so I can add them to this list.


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Happy Crocheting!

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