DIY Braided Jump Rope for OCC Shoeboxes

There are just a few more projects that we have for our OCC shoeboxes…it is almost time to send them off!

I’ve been enjoying seeing your projects so very much. Today we’re actually going to be doing something a little different than crocheting though!

When I was trying to think of more ideas for boys shoeboxes, I thought a jump rope was a great idea.

However, I needed something super quick and easy. Let’s just say I wasn’t really wanting to make one out of a crocheted tube with a tiny hook.

I decided to start experimenting with braids and bulky weight yarn. And in the end, I came up with something I think works well!

DIY Braided Jump Rope Tutorial

How is the Jump Rope Made?

To make this jump rope, we will actually be doing a simple 5 strand braid.

The 5 strands give it extra thickness, and pairs well with the chosen yarn: Bernat Blanket.

In fact, I highly recommend you use Bernat Blanket for this project and not a substitution. The fuzzy nature of the yarn really helps the finished result look and function as a jump rope!

DIY Braided Jump Rope Tutorial

How to Make a Braided Jump Rope

Let’s jump right into the tutorial!


  • Bernat Blanket Yarn (or a heavy weight yarn that will not split easily)
  • Measuring Tape
  • A heavy object to hold braid in place while you’re making it
  • Your hands!


  1. Jump rope is made from a 5-strand braid. Instructions are basically a tutorial on how to do this.
  2. After getting your braid started, I highly recommend winding your 5 strands into 5 mini balls to prevent tangling of the strands (since they’re so long).


Approximately 69” long (but easily adjustable)


Step 1:

Cut 5 strands of bernat blanket yarn around 95” long each. Note that you can adjust this length if you’d like to!

Step 2: 

Gather the 5 ends together and tie a knot about 7” away from the ends. This will create the first handle.

DIY Braided Jump Rope Tutorial

Step 3:

Place a heavy object on the handle you just made. This will allow you to braid without everything moving around too much.

Step 4:

Separate your 5 strands, placing 3 on the right side and 2 on the left.

How to Braid a Jump Rope

Step 5:

Begin 5-strand braid: pick up the outer strand from the right side and cross it over into the middle.

Step 6:

Now pick up the outer strand from the left side and cross it over to the middle.

Your finished cross should look something like this:

How to Braid a Jump Rope

Helpful Tip: Since you are working with super long strands of yarn for this project, I highly recommend rolling each strand into its own mini ball of yarn after the first few crosses. Then you can just cross the yarn balls over each other while braiding. You’ll avoid so much tangling!

Step 7:

Simply keep repeating these steps! Cross over the outer right strand, and then the outer left strand. After each repeat, be sure to tighten the braid with an equal tension each time. This will ensure that the jump rope doesn’t end up loose or uneven.

Step 8:

Continue to braid until you have only about 7” of yarn left. Then tie another knot to make the second handle.

Note: you can also just work until jump rope is about your desired length. You can stop sooner than I did for a shorter jump rope, and then simply trim the ends of the second handle.

I hope you enjoy this simple jump rope perfect for OCC shoeboxes! Let me know if you have any questions!


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Happy Crocheting!

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