Flat Christmas Tree Crochet Pattern (Free Applique!)

It’s never too early to start crocheting for Christmas, right?! Today I want to share a flat Christmas tree crochet pattern with you that can be used as ornaments, garlands, and lots more! These crochet trees are perfect for decor, and they work up super fast!

An Easy Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern

Christmas trees may look intricate to crochet, but they’re really not too hard! I designed this pattern with simplicity in mind.

In fact, one of my favorite ways to design is with a simple look that is still beautiful! I hope that is what I achieved with this easy crochet Christmas tree. Ready to take a look at it?

Crochet Flat Christmas Tree Pattern

How do you crochet a Christmas Tree?

If you’re wondering what the nitty gritty of actually crocheting a Christmas tree is, look no further. I’ll show you exactly how to do it in this pattern and tutorial! We’ll basically just be making a simple rectangle with some special stitches to give it a pretty, tree-like effect.

The main stitch we will use for the tree is the puff stitch. Puff stitches are not hard to make, but they can take a little getting used to— so be sure to check out this tutorial if you need help.

Flat Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament

Using your Flat Crochet Christmas Tree

There are so many ways you can put your mini crochet Christmas trees to use! They’re not meant to just sit around after you make them. You can decorate with them in lots of ways!

As an Ornament

Of course, I designed this crochet Christmas tree to be an ornament. Why not have a crochet tree hanging on a real one? LOL. Anyway, because this tree is flat, it works perfectly as an ornament! You just have to attach a loop at the top after finishing (more on that later).

If you’re participating in the 12 Days of Christmas in July Ornament Crochet-Along, then this is obviously the point of the CAL – making ornaments. However, you can keep the next few options in mind as well if you ever want to come back to this pattern!

As a Garland

The second use would be to make a cute crochet Christmas tree garland. This would be super easy to make – you’d just need a lot of the trees worked up and strung together! Then you could have these amazing little trees hanging over the hearth or in a special place in your home.

In fact, a follower of mine over on Instagram (@crochet_n_create) made 8 little trees and strung them together! Take a look!

crochet Christmas tree garland

As an Applique

Last but not least, this design could also be treated as a crochet tree applique pattern. You can easily sew this tree on as an applique to a pillow, sweater, or something similar to create personalized decor!

Crochet Christmas Tree Applique Pattern

More Ornament Crochet Patterns

I have many other crochet ornaments available as free patterns! Here are a few you might like:

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Crochet ornament patterns

Yarn for your Crochet Tree Applique

One thing I love about this pattern is how flexible the yarn is. I used Caron Simply Soft Yarn, but you can use just about any worsted weight yarn to make it!

I do recommend using something soft and sleek, because this will make the overall look of the tree much more beautiful than if you use something like Red Heart Super Saver.

But overall, you are free to choose a worsted weight yarn from your stash and go for it! As you can see in the photos, I made 2 trees: a green one, and a white one (going for a snow-covered look!)

Crochet Tree Ornament - Free Pattern & Tutorial

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Making your Christmas tree elegant

On a similar note, here are a few tips for making sure your Christmas tree turns out elegant:

  • Make sure your puff stitches are made evenly
  • Use a soft, sleek type of yarn
  • Make sure to block your tree when you’re done with it
Snow-Covered Crochet Tree Pattern

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CROCHET Flat Christmas Tree – Free Pattern

Are you ready to finally get started?!

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Crochet Flat Christmas Tree Pattern

Video Tutorial:


  • Caron Simply Soft Yarn (100% acrylic, 315 yds/288 m, 6 oz/170 g) less than 1 ball Pistachio and Off White 
  • Scraps of worsted weight brown yarn for the trunk
  • G/4mm crochet hook 
  • Yarn needle


  1. Ch 2 at beginning of rows counts as a hdc.
  2. Tree is worked from the bottom up, decreasing puff stitches as you go. Trunk is worked on afterward.


Height: 4.5” tall

Width: 3.25” at widest point

Abbreviations/Stitches Used (U.S.) 

Chain – ch

Single crochet – sc

Half double crochet – hdc

Repeat – rep

Skip – sk

Stitch(es) – st(s)

Beginning – beg

Special Stitches

Puff Stitch (puff st): YO, insert hook into indicated st. YO, pull up a loop. (YO, insert hook into same st, YO, pull up a loop) 2 times. YO, pull through 6 loops on hook. YO, pull through last 2 loops on hook.

For a full tutorial on the puff stitch, click here.

Crochet Flat Tree Written Instructions:


Ch 16.

Row 1: Ch 1, sc in second ch from hook and each ch across, turn. (15 sc)

Row 2: Ch 1, hdc in first st. Puff st in next st. (Ch 1, sk next sc, puff st in next sc) 6 times. Hdc in last sc, turn. (7 puff st, 2 hdc)

Row 3: Ch 2, sk first hdc and first puff st, puff st in next ch-sp. (Ch 1, sk next puff st, puff st in next ch-sp) across. Sk last puff st, hdc in last hdc, turn. (6 puff st, 2 hdc)

Rows 4-7: Ch 2, sk first hdc and first puff st, puff st in next ch-sp. (Ch 1, Sk next puff st, puff st in next ch-sp) across. Hdc in last puff stitch (NOT the ch-2), turn. At the end of row 7 you should have 2 puff sts, 2 hdc.

Row 8: Ch 2, sk first hdc and first puff stitch, puff stitch in ch-sp. Hdc in last puff st, turn. (1 puff st, 2 hdc)

Row 9: Ch 1, sc in puff st. 

Fasten off and use end to make a hanger if desired.

Make sure to steam block your tree as well if you want it to lay flat and hang well.

Tree Trunk:

Row 1: Join brown yarn with a sc along bottom of tree, working OVER the first sc row. Make 4 sc total along the bottom in the middle. (4 sc)

Rows 2-3: Ch 1, sc in first sc. [Sc between legs of current sc and next sc] twice see photo. Sc in last sc, turn. (4 sc)

Flat Christmas Tree Photo Tutorial

Make your foundation chain and first row of single crochet according to the written instructions.

Next, let’s begin row 2 by looking at some photos. Below you can see I have done 1 half double crochet and 3 puff stitches with chain spaces in between.

Keep in mind that the first half double crochet and puff stitch will NOT be separated by a chain space. The edge ones will always be closer together!

crochet tree tutorial - row 2

Row 3 and following uses a similar technique. However, the rows will start with just a chain 2 that counts as a half double crochet (rather than an ACTUAL half double crochet). After making your chain 2, you will insert your hook into the first chain 1 space to make your first puff stitch (where the needle is pointing).

crochet tree tutorial - inserting hook for puff stitch

Continue to make puff stitches in each chain space across the row, with more chain spaces in between each puff that you make!

3 puff stitches made

When you get to the end of the row, you will simply make one half double crochet in the half double crochet from Row 2.

end of a crochet puff stitch tree row

Continue repeating this pattern for the next few rows! You will be decreasing one puff stitch per row. The only other difference from Row 3 goes back to that last half double crochet. I found that the edges looked the most even when I placed the last half double crochet in the last puff stitch (rather than the chain space). See below.

crochet Christmas tree tutorial

Of course, you just keep repeating these rows until you can’t repeat anymore – until there is just one puff stitch with half double crochets on either side!

Once you get to that point, there is just one more small step. Turn your work, chain 1, and single crochet in the puff stitch. Then fasten off right there.

crochet tree tutorial - last stitch

Tree Trunk Tutorial:

Now let’s learn how to crochet the tree trunk. This is really not hard at all! Follow these steps (each step corresponds with the collage below)

  1. First, join with a standing single crochet at the base of the tree. No need to make a slip stitch, just make a single crochet directly onto the tree, then work 3 more single crochet. (top left)
  2. Turn, chain 1, and single crochet in the first stitch. Next, we will work in the MIDDLE of the next 2 single crochet, between the “legs.” While this technique might not be entirely necessary, I do like the way the trunk looks better than when it is with regular sc. (top right)
  3. See the 3 photos on the bottom for more help with this.
crochet tree trunk tutorial

Once you’re done with your trunk, fasten off and weave in all your ends. If you would like to learn how to attach a loop hanger to your new ornament, please see this video or simply watch below.

I really hope you enjoyed this pattern! I had so much fun designing it 🙂


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Happy Crocheting!

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