Crochet for Boys – 7 Free Patterns You Need to Make

Have you ever found it hard to crochet for boys? If so, I bet you’ll love these 7 free crochet patterns…they are perfect if you’re wondering what to crochet for your little boy!

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The Difficulty of Crocheting for Boys

I don’t know about you, but for me, crocheting for boys has always been SO HARD. It’s just never been something that comes easy!

That’s why, when I first started putting together a crochet-along for Operation Christmas Child, I almost didn’t design a single pattern for a boy’s shoebox!

Eventually I realized that if I did girl’s patterns, I should probably do boy’s patterns too…

I designed a few boy’s patterns myself, and also got some amazing designers to design some new patterns for the event!

Everything has come together even better than I expected.

Anyway…let’s make sure you have some details about the crochet-along, and then we’ll get straight to the patterns for boys!

Crochet for Boys - 7 Free Crochet Patterns You Need to Make

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Join the CAL

If you haven’t already, make sure you read all the information about the Operation Christmas Child crochet along right here.

This truly is a MUST! You can join the CAL for free, but there are still a few steps you need to take (like joining the community!)


Second. I am excited to tell you that you have the option to support Operation Christmas Child while also getting early access to the CAL patterns!

I’ve put together an ad-free, PDF pattern bundle that you can get right now. You’ll be able to get started on all the patterns below as soon as you want to!

You’ll also get access to every girl’s pattern AND boy’s pattern.

Last detail I’ll mention here…100% of the proceeds of this bundle goes straight to Operation Christmas Child.

That’s right, I won’t be keeping a cent. I am truly passionate about the cause of this organization, so I want to support them as much as I can! My “pie in the sky” goal is to raise $1000…will you help me get there?

Get Your Copy of The bundle HERE.


If you’ve already signed up, that is a great start! Now what you want to do is start collecting materials.

You’ll need a shoebox, of course. But you’ll also need yarn for all the patterns!

Most of the patterns use easily accessible yarns. A few use worsted weight yarn like Red Heart Super Saver, and others use bulky weight like Bernat Blanket Yarn.

To see exactly what I used, scroll down through all the patterns! You’ll be able to know the release date of any particular pattern, plus the materials you’ll need.

The Boy’s Crochet Patterns

So you’ve chosen your path…you’re going to put together a shoebox for a little boy! I’m so excited for you to participate in what Operation Christmas Child calls “the greatest journey”! In just a few short months your shoebox filled with crocheted items will be in the hands of a little boy around the world.

Pattern #1: Amigurmi Clown fish

Release Date: September 15

Materials Needed: 30-40 yards of Bernat Blanket Yarn

Another alternative is to use 2 strands of worsted weight yarn held together. This is what I did, though admittedly I like the soft look of the Bernat Blanket Yarn better!

Designed by: Crafting at the Poole

Crochet Clownfish

Pattern #2: Magic Stripes Footbag

Release Date: September 22

Materials Needed: 15 yards each of 3 contrasting colors of worsted weight yarn

Designed By: Stitches and Scraps

Footbag - Crochet for Boys

NOW is the time to make the next boy’s crochet pattern! Click below to go straight to the footbag blog post.

Pattern #3: Mini Basketball Bag

Release Date: September 29

Materials needed: Red Heart Super Saver in colors carrot and black

Designed By: Bear Rye

Basketball Bag - Crochet for Boys

Pattern #4: Basketball Scrubbie

Materials needed: small amounts of worsted weight cotton yarn – I used Lily Sugar and Cream

Designed by Me! (Desert Blossom Crafts)

Basketball Scrubbie

Pattern #5: Spencer Beanie

Release Date: October 13

Materials Needed: 90-120 yards worsted weight yarn

Designed By: Through the Loop Yarn Craft

Crochet Boy's Beanie

Pattern #6: Pencil Case

Release Date: October 20

Materials Needed: #5 Bulky Weight Yarn – I used Loops & Thread Charisma

Designed By: Desert Blossom Crafts

Quick note on this pattern: I know it doesn’t look like a boy’s pencil case…when I designed the pattern, I intended to make another sample in boy’s colors. BUT then I hurt my arm and wrist and couldn’t crochet! So please forgive me😜

Crochet Pencil Case

Pattern #7: Jump Rope – Now Available!

Release Date: October 27

Materials Needed: 15 yards Bernat Blanket Yarn

Designed By: Desert Blossom Crafts

Ok, so this jump rope isn’t technically crocheted – it’s braided! However, it does use crochet yarn, and it is a really fun toy for boys!

Braided DIY Jump Rope for Boys

I can’t wait for all these crochet patterns for boys to be released into the world! They will come, one by one, don’t worry!

Until then, I would appreciate if you shared this post on Pinterest – or tell your friends about the crochet-along! The more people who can help crochet for this worthy cause, the better.

Happy Crocheting!

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