How to Crochet the Harvest Stitch

Finally, it is time to get to some new stitch patterns! All of the stitches this month feature a particular crochet stitch: the Puff Stitch. Today we’re going to learn how to crochet the Harvest Stitch…it’s super easy, I promise!

As I said before, the Harvest Stitch, along with the other November stitches, utilizes one of my favorite stitches, the Puff Stitch. Puff stitches can be used in a variety of ways, and there are a lot of variations of this stitch out there. I want to give you 4 simple but interesting variations!

So, the Harvest stitch uses 2 puff stitches separated by a chain space to create a pretty v-stitch. Then, these puff v’s are stacked on top of each other and separated by 2 dc to make a neat “harvesty” look!

If you’re new to the puff stitch, do not worry. I have created a revised video that shows you specifically how to make the Harvest Stitch step by step! Keep scrolling down to the instructions to find the video!

how to crochet the Harvest stitch

One other great thing about this stitch pattern: it only has 1 repeating row! Once you learn that row, you can just keep repeating it over and over again, and the result is this beautiful stitch! I don’t know about you, but I love stitches that are easy enough to do while watching Netflix, but are still different from the simple crochet stitches.

If you make this stitch, please share pictures!! I absolutely LOVE it when I’m able to see what you guys are making! You can post in the Facebook group, or tag me on Instagram.

how to crochet the Harvest stitch

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All right, let’s get started on this stitch pattern!

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  1. Stitch pattern is multiple of 7+2
  2. Ch 3 at beginning of rows counts as dc


You can potentially use ANY yarn and hook for this stitch. However, here’s what I used:

  • Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Sugarbush Bold, but you can use anything)
  • H/5mm Hook

Special Stitch: Puff Stitch (Puff st)

YO, insert hook into indicated st. YO, pull up a loop. (YO, insert hook into same st, YO, pull up a loop) 2 times. YO, pull through 6 loops on hook. YO, pull through last 2 loops on hook.

For a full tutorial on the puff stitch, click here.

Revamped Video Tutorial:

I am happy to tell you that I’ve made a NEW video tutorial for this stitch that actually shows you the steps in real time! Check it out below!

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NOTE: For a picture tutorial going along with these written instructions, be sure to scroll down farther in this post! It will show you pictures to help with any tricky steps.

Fsc a multiple of 7+2 (to start with a chain stitch, you’ll need a multiple of 7+3, and then one row of single crochet). 

Row 1: Ch 3, dc in next dc. *Sk 2 sts, puff st in next fsc. Ch 2, puff st in same fsc. Sk 2 fsc, dc in next 2 fsc. Rep from * across, turn. 


Click HERE to buy the inexpensive PDF pattern, which includes all the Thanksgiving themed stitches below:

Row 2: Ch 3, dc in next dc. *Sk next puff st. (Puff stitch, ch 2, puff st) in next ch-2 sp. Sk next puff st, dc in next 2 dc. Rep from * across, turn.

Rep row 2 for stitch pattern!

Harvest Stitch Photo Tutorial

Below you can see the beginning of Row 1. Start by making a chain 3 and double crocheting in the next fsc. Then, make a puff stitch, chain 2, and another puff stitch in the same fsc.

Skip 2 fsc, then make 2 regular double crochet. Continue repeating across Row 1 so it looks like this:

Row 2 will be largely the same, except we’ll be working the ch-2 spaces from the row below.

Start by chaining 3 again, and double crocheting in the next dc. This time for the puff stitches, you will work in the ch-2 space from Row 1. Then, double crochet in the next 2 dc.

Repeat across.

This stitch is really so simple because now you just have to repeat row 2 to your desired length!

I hope you have enjoyed learning this fun stitch pattern.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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Happy Crocheting!

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