Join the Mandala Pullover Crochet Along This November!

I am soooo excited to share the introduction to an event I’ve been looking forward to for months now: the Mandala Pullover Crochet Along! This event is going to be so much fun, so I hope you’ll join us. Read more below to find out all the details!

The Mandala Pullover Crochet Along is going to be a super fun event spanning over 5 weeks. You definitely don’t want to miss out! Not only does this pattern feature a beautiful color work mandala image, but it is also fully adjustable, meaning you can make it for ANY size!

But What is a Crochet Along?

Just in case you’re new to the idea of a crochet-along, let me briefly explain. Basically, a crochet-along is just an event where we all crochet a project together over a number of weeks. Each week a new stage of the pattern is released. I love crochet-alongs because it is just so much fun to make a project with a group cheering you on in the process!

So let’s talk about this sweater in general a little bit. First of all, the color work. If you’re new to color work, don’t worry! I will be publishing a tutorial that shows you exactly how I did the color changes in this sweater. If you’re a complete beginner, this could be a bit of a challenge, but I think it is definitely still possible! I am always here to answer questions as well 🙂

As far as the mandala itself, there are ENDLESS color possibilities! I have provided a FREE simple coloring sheet that you can download so you can plan the exact colors of yours! This can be found toward the end of this post. First, be sure to read through all the following information about joining!

What Yarn Can I use?

ANYTHING! Yes, I’m serious. You can use absolutely any weight of yarn for this sweater—fingering, sport, DK, or worsted would all work! Here are a few things to consider, however. I recommend using a DK or worsted weight for a women’s sweater, and a lighter weight for a children’s sweater. The key is: you have to be able to fit the mandala image across the body of your sweater. Because a child’s sweater is naturally going to be smaller, you’ll need a lighter weight yarn to get the 54 stitches of the mandala as the right size.

Child’s sweater: fingering, sport or light DK

Women’s sweater: DK or worsted

Overall, you’ll need anywhere from 900-2,000 yards of your main color (depending on the size you make), plus small amounts of the contrasting colors.

How Much does it cost to Join?

NOTHING! Yes, I’m serious, it is completely free to participate in this crochet-along. You can make your sweater following the 5 individual blog posts each week.

What does the Schedule Look like?

Great question! Let’s talk about how this is going to look week-by-week.

The CAL is going to be split up into five weeks total. Each pattern segment will be released on Tuesdays at 1pm PST. Here is an outline of what will be released each week (this is especially important if you don’t choose to upgrade to the PDF!)

WEEK 1: Buy your yarn, download the Simple Mandala Coloring sheet to decide on your colors, and join the community (more info on these things below!)

WEEK 2: Make the Back Panel

WEEK 3: Begin Front panel up until 1/2 of the color work

WEEK 4: Finish the color work and front panel

WEEK 5: Make the sleeves, and assemble

So that’s an overview of what we will be doing each week! Of course there will be LOTS more details in each individual post, so make sure you’re ready next Tuesday for part 1!

The Community

Now, one of the BEST parts of a crochet-along is the community that it fosters. You’re not just crocheting by yourself, but with a group of other excited participants! With that being said, there are several community aspects of this cal.

First of all, you can join my Facebook group! This is a great place to share progress, ask questions, and more!

That being said, the second community aspect of the CAL is Instagram! Be sure to follow me and post lots of pictures.

I’m In! How do I join?

Whew! That was a lot of info, so here is a summary of what you can do right now to join the CAL.

  1. Download the Simple Mandala coloring sheet to decide what color you want to use for your sweater! (click the button below this list).
  2. Buy your yarn! You can use ANY yarn for this pattern, but I recommend using a worsted or DK weight for a women’s sweater, and fingering or sport weight for a child’s sweater.
  3. Join the community! We can all share pictures together in my Facebook group, as well as on Instagram. Be sure to post on Instagram to be entered into the giveaway! (You could even start that once you buy your yarn—show us what yarn you’re using!)
  4. Make sure to view the Intro video at the top of this post! If you haven’t, it’ll get you pumped for sure! 🙂

I want to join, but I’m not sure I have time…

Feeling stressed by the timeline? Don’t worry, this CAL is super easy going, and you don’t have to feel ANY pressure to keep up with the group! If you need to go at your own pace, that is totally fine. We want you to enjoy this project, and also enjoy the community it stimulates. If you want to be apart of the community but you’re afraid you can’t keep up, don’t let that stop you from joining! We would still love to have you.

If you are totally booked and can’t commit at all, that is fine too. You can totally make this pattern at a different time. Be sure to save it in your Ravelry Queue or pin it to your Pinterest Boards so you don’t forget! 😉

Mandala Pullover Crochet Along

Be sure to check back here next Tuesday for the first stage of the pattern—but for now, go buy your yarn and start preparing!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Happy Crocheting!

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