How to Crochet the Pansy Stitch

Today I want to share with you a new stitch I discovered—the Pansy Stitch!

I was looking through a stitch dictionary to find a nice stitch for a cardigan pattern I’m designing, and I stumbled upon a cluster stitch that looked interesting. However, it didn’t quite fit the “look” I wanted for my design, so I played with it until I got the exact look I wanted.

Find the free crochet tutorial & instructions below, or purchase a print-friendly, ad-free PDF with 4 stitch patterns here.

How to crochet the pansy stitch

A Unique Crochet Stitch

This crochet stitch has a lot of unique things about it, but I think what I like most is that you can see multiple different things in the decorative stitch pattern.

Some people have called it an angel stitch, a bow stitch, and I saw pansy flowers!

That’s what I love about crochet stitches so much. The eye can focus on different parts of them and see different things.

How to crochet the pansy stitch

Anyway, I really like the way it turned out, so I want to share the stitch pattern with you guys!

You can scroll down to view the free tutorial, but…

If you want to put this stitch into action, I’ve created a cardigan pattern from it as well! This is one of my most popular patterns – see below.

Click here to make the Angelica Cardigan, which incorporates the Pansy Stitch!

Want to download and print this stitch pattern?

You can! I have also created a bundle of 4 lace stitch patterns on Etsy which can be found below. Included is the Pansy Stitch, plus 3 OTHER lace stitch patterns written out for easy printing. Find this HERE!

buy the PDF pattern

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How to Crochet the Pansy Stitch

All right, let’s get started!

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Watch the video tutorial for this stitch below, or keep scrolling for the written pattern!


  1. The stitch pattern is a multiple of 3+1 stitches
  2. The first few rows are just in written instructions; the trickier rows have a full picture tutorial.


You can potentially use any yarn and hook to do this stitch. Here is what I used:

  • Worsted Weight Yarn
  • G Hook

Special Stitches:

2-dc cluster: *YO, insert hook in ch indicated, YO and pull up a loop. YO, draw through 2 loops on hook; rep from * once more. YO, draw through all 3 loops on hook.

TR Cluster (tutorial for this stitch is included farther down): *YO twice, insert hook in next hdc, YO and pull up a loop, (YO, draw through 2 loops on hook) twice. Rep from * 2 times more, YO and draw through all 4 loops on hook.

Htr (half triple crochet): YO twice, insert hook in indicated st and pull up loop. YO, pull through 2 loops. YO, pull through 3 loops.

Row 1:

Fsc 25, or a multiple of 3+1 stitches. For a complete tutorial on foundation single crochet (fsc) click HERE! 

Row 2-5:

Ch 2 (counts as a hdc, here and throughout). Hdc in each st across. Turn.


block acrylic
foundation single crochet
how to block your crochet projects

Row 6 (full tutorial):

Ch 3, tr in next stitch.

How to crochet the pansy stitch

Ch 3, work 2-dc cluster (see special sts) into 3rd ch from hook.

How to crochet the pansy stitch

Work TR Cluster into next three stitches. Follow next four pictures (step 3-6) for a full tutorial on this stitch.

How to crochet the pansy stitch
How to crochet the pansy stitch
How to crochet the pansy stitch
How to crochet the pansy stitch

Now, simply keep repeating steps 2-6 all across the row! You should be alternating between 2-dc clusters and TR clusters, until 2 hdc are left.

Like this pattern so far? Want the printer-friendly version (plus 3 BONUS stitch patterns—see picture below!)

Click HERE for more information!

How to crochet the pansy stitch

Tr in next st. Htr in last st. Turn.

How to crochet the pansy stitch

Row 7:

Ch 2, hdc in next tr.

How to crochet the pansy stitch

Sc in top of next 2-dc cluster.

How to crochet the pansy stitch

*Ch 4, sc in top of next small cluster. Rep from * across all 2-dc clusters. Hdc in last 2 tr. Turn.

How to crochet the pansy stitch

Row 8:

Ch 2, hdc in next st. (3 hdc in next ch-4 sp) across. Hdc in last 2 hdc.

Row 9-11:

Ch 2, hdc in each st across.

Repeat rows 6-11 for Stitch Pattern!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to help!

To view all of my tutorials, click HERE. 

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. I am having trouble with the total number of stitches after the end of the basic lace. Shouldn’t there be 2 hdc in the chain 4 space in the 8th row? Kindly confirm. Thank you

    1. No, there should only be one hdc in the ch-4 space. But there should be another tr to place the other hdc into, before going into the ch-4 space. If this doesn’t make sense, please email me at for more help. 🙂

  2. Loved your pansy scarf pattern so much I made an afghan with it. I don’t know how to post a picture of it here.

  3. Do you have a video tutorial on this. I learn better with visual… Still not mastered all the different stitches and reading the abbreviations

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