8+ Lion Brand Cover Story Crochet Patterns

Have you seen the gorgeous Cover Story yarn from Lion Brand? Maybe you have a ball, but you’re not sure what to do with it. If that’s the case, then you’re going to love this post because I have 8+ patterns to show you!

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I’m not gonna lie…when I went searching about for lion brand cover story patterns, they were few and far between. It is probably because this yarn is on the newer side, so a lot of designers haven’t gotten their hands on it yet.

But, I kept looking and looking, because I really wanted to see what patterns ARE out there!

And, I came up with 8 (so far). I will add more as I find them too.

About Cover Story Yarn

Before we get to the patterns, let’s talk about this yarn for a second. Cover Story is an awesome, giant skein of yarn sold by Lion Brand.

It is a bulky weight #6 chenille yarn, and it comes in a whopping 1,000 gram/35 ounce skein. Yep, you heard me right. These guys are BIG!

The concept is actually pretty cool – instead of having to buy a bunch of balls of Bernat Blanket yarn (which is very similar) you just need 1 ball of Cover Story to make a blanket!

Here’s just a few of the pretty colors it comes in (there is both variegated and solids, but mostly variegated):

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Very pretty and very unique, right?

Purchasing Options

You can find Cover Story in store at most Joann’s, or you can buy it online at Lion Brand or Amazon. Surprisingly, it seems that Joann’s and Amazon offers the best price, at least at the time of writing this article.

Use the links below to see for yourself:

Lion Brand Cover Story Patterns

With that in mind, let’s get straight into the list of crochet patterns designed for Cover Story yarn! You’ll see a lot of blanekts, but also a few other unique projects too. 🙂

1. Cozy Crochet Throw

The Cozy Crochet Throw is the first pattern you have to see. It is designed by Creations by Courtney. Didn’t she do an excellent job? The design features such a unique and pretty stitch pattern that uses lots of post stitches. You can make it in the same color as her, or customize it by choosing literally any of the beautiful colors that Cover Story comes in!

Color Used: Charcoal

lion brand cover story grey blanket pattern with textured stitches

2. High Point Afghan

The High Point Afghan is another great blanket that uses cover story yarn. This one is featured for free on the Joann’s website. It is worked with a simple but beautiful stitch pattern that uses half double crochets, single crochets, AND double crochets. You’ll love the finished result!

Color Used: #224 Jasper

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3. Kitty Cat

You may think cover story can only be used for blankets, but I beg to differ. There is one particular colorway that is SO perfect for crocheted animals I can hardly believe it! Just look at this adorable cat that Chassity Ann Designs made. She followed this crochet pattern, which is not originally designed for Cover Story Yarn. But, I think cover story worked pretty dang well, so I wanted to share it here!

Color Used: Oro

4. Mikayla Afghan

Another beautiful blanket pattern is the Miklayla Afghan, also found on the Joann’s website! This blanket is made from corner-to-corner, rather than in regular back and forth rows. Overall it’s pretty simple and fun! It calls for 1 skein of cover story like most of the patterns in this list.

Color Used: #222 Mica

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5. Cover Story Sarabeth Shawl

This must be one cozy shawl, don’t you think? The Sarabeth Shawl is thick, large, and extra soft because of the yarn. 😉 In total, it measures about 75″ across the wingspan when finished! Great for cuddling in while reading a book or, even better, while crocheting if you ask me!

Color Used: #232 Domino

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6. Tybee Afghan

The Tybee Afghan is the epitome of simple crocheted blankets. You’ll just need to know how make double-crochet stitches in order to make one of these for yourself! I highly recommend this pattern for someone who is just getting started with crochet.

Color Used: #223 Mercury

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7. Darla Bear

Like you saw earlier, Cover Story yarn can be great for is giant stuffed animals! The Darla Bear is just that – a sweet teddy bear pattern that is extra plush and wonderful. This would make a great kid’s birthday or Christmas gift, don’t you think? This pattern uses the Avalon colorway, but you could use literally any of the cover story colors and still end up with a cute bear.

Color Used: #230 Avalon

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8. Darla Blanket

If your new teddy bear needs a blanket, try this pattern! The Darla Blanket uses a unique stitch pattern paired with, of course, Cover Story yarn. I really love the color of this one; it is so unique. The design even includes a nice edging to give the blanket the perfect finish.

Color Used: #234 Bowie

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Cover Story Yarn FAQ

Let’s end by answering some common questions about cover story yarn!

Does Cover Story Yarn have knots?

Some people have reported that cover story may have somewhere between 3-6 knots in each ball. While this may seem like a lot, it is to be expected with such a large skein of yarn. Considering some tiny balls have a few knots in them, this is actually pretty good. Hopefully you will get one without knots though!

How does Cover Story Yarn compare to Bernat Blanket?

It seems that Cover Story is pretty similar to Bernat Blanket. People who have used both usually say that cover story is a little bit thicker and fuller, though. That being said, if you find a pattern that calls for Bernat Blanket, you could probably swap out cover story and be fine!

How much does Cover Story Yarn cost?

It depends on where you buy it from. At the time of writing, it costs between $35 and $52.


Cover Story yarn by Lion Brand is so much fun to work with. You can make a variety of very LARGE projects from it, with a lot less ends to weave in! Woohoo! Whether you make a blanket or another unique project, I hope you found something worthwhile in this list of lion brand cover story patterns.

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