Ultimate List of Summer Crochet Patterns for 2024

Crochet often gets a bad rap in the summer. Some think the only things you can crochet are warm, winter items. However, I beg to differ…so today I want to show you over 30 amazing summer crochet patterns!

Summer Crochet Patterns

Yes indeed, personally I love crocheting in the summertime.

I take my hooks and yarn with me on vacation. And the heat doesn’t stop me either because – air conditioning! 🙂

Now, that said, you will want to have a different take on your crochet during the hot months of the year. I’ll get into that more in a second!

What do you crochet in the summer?

There are lots of things you can crochet in the summertime. Here’s just a quick overview of ideas to get you thinking:

  • Short sleeved tops and cardigans
  • Sun hats
  • Summer-themed home decor
  • Kitchen items
  • Lightweight shawls and wraps

Whenever I form a summer bucket list, I always add some of these types of projects, and non-crochet things too!

List of Summer Crochet Patterns

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What yarn should I use in the summertime?

There is one big thing you will want to keep in mind when crocheting for the summer – the materials you use. You are likely going to want to stay away from warm fibers like wool and alpaca.

Better choices are breathable yarns like cotton, linen, or bamboo.

You can try acrylic yarns, but I wouldn’t recommend them 100% for summer because they will be on the hotter side too. If you do want to go this route, I would choose a lighter weight acrylic for sure.

Ultimate List of Summer Crochet Patterns

With those things in mind, I think it is time to see all the lovely patterns! Go ahead and jump to different sections using the table of contents below if desired.

Table of Contents

  1. Summer Tops & Clothing
  2. Summer Patterns for Babies & Kids
  3. Boho Summer Patterns
  4. Summer Hat Patterns
  5. Summer Crochet for the Home
  6. More Unique Summer Patterns

Crochet Summer Tops & Clothing

Let’s start off with the classic category of summer tops and other clothing! Contrary to popular thought, there are plenty of ways to make crochet clothes that are light and airy for summer.

Midsummer Cardigan

Up first, we have the Midsummer Cardigan. This popular crochet pattern utilizes the triple crochet stitch plus bamboo yarn for the perfect summery garment! It comes in sizes XS-3XL, as well as a premium upgrade for a fully adjustable version that can be adjusted to fit anyone.

crochet summer cardigan pattern

Midnight Top

The perfect mixture of lace plus double crochet: meet the Midnight Top! This pretty top is worked from the top down in a raglan style, which means no sewing needed! The pattern uses Lion Brand Jeans yarn, which is easy to find at your local craft stores.

summer top crochet pattern

Lunar Lace Tunic

If you’re a big fan of unique crochet lace like me, you will love the Lunar Lace Tunic. It uses such a pretty stitch pattern throughout the entire top! I originally designed this pattern for my mom, who you can see in the photo below. It truly makes a great Mother’s Day gift!

summer tunic crochet pattern

Shelby Top

Up next, a pretty purple top featuring large triple-crochet shells and 3/4 length sleeves: the Shelby Top! This design uses a linen yarn, which makes it extra good for summer. You’ll never feel too hot when wearing it, even with the longer sleeves!

Easy Crochet Summer Top Pattern

Beach Cardi Cover Up

Looking for the perfect crochet beach cover-up pattern? I love this design by Wilmade! It’s a light and airy cardigan—you can wear it over a cute summer outfit OR over a swimsuit! Check out this Beach Cardi Cover Up here.

crochet beach cardigan cover up

Summer Breeze Vest

I just love shells and v-stitches, can you tell? This Summer Breeze Vest is made almost entirely from these 2 types of stitches. The pattern comes in multiples sizes and is very easy to make (you’ll just make a few rectangles and sew them together!

summer crochet vest pattern

Parisian Dress

Last for this category (but not least!) meet the Parisian Dress! I just love a good crocheted dress pattern. This one is made entirely from single-crochet for the bodice, which makes it nice and closed and modest. The skirt features a pretty lace stitch pattern which just needs a slip underneath to complete it!

summer dress crochet pattern

Summer Patterns for Babies/Kids

Women aren’t the only one that need summer styles – the littles ones do too! In this next section I want to share a few toddler/kids patterns that are great even in the heat.

Mini Midnight Top

Remember the Midnight Top in the previous section? Well, there is a kids version! Doesn’t it look even cuter on a smaller scale? I just love it. I would love to see some mommy and me sets made from this pattern. Get the Mini Midnight Top pattern here.

kids summer top crochet pattern

Cotton Candy Cardigan

If your child needs a nice layering piece, the Cotton Candy Cardigan is a great choice! With bright colors and soft yarn, it is sure to impress. I used Lion Brand Truboo in this design, which is a great choice for summer. Best of all, you can adjust it to any size! Note: this is a premium pattern only.

crochet summer cardigan for kids

Toddler Summer Hat

Next up, check out this ADORABLE Toddler Flower Hat designed by My Hobby is Crochet! I love how there are two colors in this one, along with some different stitches as well. The brim is extra cute too! Now I just need my own toddler to put it on – LOL.

toddler summer crochet sun hat

Boys Crochet Sun Hat

Let’s not forget about the boys, though! This cute Boys Sun Hat is designed by Made with a Twist, and features a few little stripes toward the center. The pattern comes in lots of sizes, for as young as 3 months all the way to 10 years old! You’ll just need some cotton yarn and a G hook to get started.

crochet summer sun hat for boys

Summer Waves Vest

Another great summer design is this Summer Waves Vest by Crafting for Weeks! This pattern actually comes in a series with a few different children’s garments running along the same theme. I think it’s super creative (and super cute!) You definitely want to check this one out.

kids summer waves crochet vest

Reusable Crochet Water Balloons

This is up a different alley, but another great thing to crochet for kids in the summer are some reusable water balloons! These make for fun games in the backyard with friends. This pattern by Sigoni Macaroni is super simple to make and it even comes in 3 different sizes!

reusable crochet water balloons

Boho Summer Crochet Patterns

Our next topic to cover is summer patterns with a “boho” look. There will be some decor as well as some accessories to look at – I hope you enjoy them!

Boho Wall Hanging

First of all, take a look at the Boho Wall Hanging. This decoration is made from cotton yarn, and features quite a few different unique stitches. Add some fringe and a rustic stick for hanging, and you’ve got some great summer decor!

boho crochet wall hanging

Boho Flower Bracelet

Another lovely boho pattern is this Flower Bracelet designed by Thoresby Cottage. The pattern is featured as a guest design on the Hook Nook blog. And I can see why – it is just so pretty! You’ll get to make lots of little elements that get put together for a lovely finished piece.

boho crochet flower bracelet

Seaside Mug Rugs

What says “boho” more than a mug rug?! The Seaside Mug Rugs feature a large, beautiful shell stitch down the center. The 1″ fringe along each end make them extra cute. Best of all, these work up super fast so you can easily make them for summer craft fairs or as gifts too!

Free Mug Rug Crochet Pattern

Seaside Wall Hanging

But it doesn’t stop there—you can also make a wall hanging that matches those mug rugs! The Seaside Wall Hanging uses the same stitches but attached to a rustic stick. This might just look perfect hanging in your home!

summer crochet wall hanging

Boho Fringe Purse

Stay stylish during the summer with this awesome Boho Fringe Summer Purse, designed by Mama in a Stitch. I love the simplicity of the granny square in this design, combined with flap and the nice fringe on the bottom.

Boho Fringe Crochet Purse

Crochet Summer Hat Patterns

Another amazing thing to crochet in the summer is a sun hat! Believe it or not, you can actually make a pretty good hat using some unique yarns. I’m excited to share these patterns with you.

Salt Grass Hat

First up we’ve got this stylish sun hat designed by Salty Pearl Crochet. The Salt Grass Hat is floppy and cute, perfect for a day on the beach or just because! I love how the top uses shell stitches for a lacy look.

Beach hat crochet pattern

Stepping Out Crochet Sun Hat

Another nice hat is the Stepping Out Sun Hat designed by Stitches N Scraps! This one is simpler, made entirely from single crochet. I kind of like that though because it definitely minimizes the amount of holes in the hat! I particularly love the ribbon in the center.

sun hat crochet pattern

Eden Cloche

Looking for a different type of summer hat? The Eden Cloche is another great pattern! Kirsten from Kirsten Holloway Designs did a great job with this pattern. You can feel free to customize it in literally any color, and include matching ribbons or flowers too.

crochet summer cloche pattern

June Sun Hat

One more sun hat I just had to show you is the June Sun Hat! Sewrella designed this one, and it is just so beautiful. Making in a neutral color is a great idea because then it can match any summer outfit! I believe this hat is the most likely to protect from the sun (of the ones we’ve seen). I might just have to make one for myself!

June sun hat crochet pattern

Summer Patterns for the Home

Summer crochet isn’t JUST for the wardrobe – you can also give your home a summery crochet feel too! Bright colors, lacy stitches, and pretty flowers are all great ways to decorate.

Round Kitchen Scrubby

A great way to brighten up your kitchen in the summer is with a cute little scrubby! This Round Scrubby works up in just 8-10 minutes, and it functions so well too! Great for cleaning dirty pots and pans.

crochet round scrubby pattern

Flower Potholders

When I saw these Flower Potholders designed by Banana Moon Studio, I just knew I had to include them! They can use anywhere from 1-3 colors, and they definitely have a summery feel. You’ll have two different designs to choose from…but I personally recommend making both!

summer flower crochet potholder pattern

Lace Mandala Wall Hanging

Mandalas are a great way to add a summery feel to your decor! They definitely make a statement, I can tell you that. This Lace Mandala Wall Hanging pattern comes in 2 different sizes (the smaller one is featured here). It calls for Curio Thread, but you can use any size 10 crochet thread!

crochet mandala wall hanging

Crochet Flower Pot

What better way to decorate for summer than with some a crochet Flower Pot?! Cheryl from Crochet 365 Knit Too deisgned this simple but beautiful pattern that I have fallen in love with. Make pots that match your flowers and put them around the house for everyone to see!

crochet flower pot pattern

Forget-Me-Not Coasters

Up next, meet the Forget me Not Coasters! I just love these coasters because they feature a pretty flower in the center, but overall they are still circular. Make them in colors for an extra eye-catching piece!

crochet summer flower coasters

Watermelon Coaster & Placemat

Summer fruits are another awesome thing to crochet! This Watermelon Coaster & Placemat is made from simple stitches, so the colors do all the work in the design. You’ll just need some worsted weight yarn to get started, so they make a great stash-buster too!

watermelon crochet coaster and placemat

More Unique Summer Patterns

For our last category, I just want to show you a few more patterns that didn’t necessarily fit in one particular section – but are too good not to share. There will be some shawls, earrings, bags and more!

Summer Crochet Earrings

First of all, we have the Bright Summer Earrings Pattern. These are made from size 10 crochet thread and they can be customize with a whole host of different colors! People are sure to comment when they see you wearing these cute earrings.

summer crochet earrings pattern

Briar Produce Bag

Another great project to make in the summer is a produce bag! The Briar Produce Bag is eco-friendly, reusable, and lots of fun to make. It is not a quick project, but it will be oh-so-worth it when it is all done! Best of all, you can use it over and over again for many years as you go shopping.

Crochet Produce Bag Pattern

Amore Shawl

Lacy shawls are a lovely accessory to wear during the Summer. The Amore Shawl is made from one skein of Lion Brand Mandala Yarn, so if you have an extra ball laying around, this is a great use for it! The design features unique lacy hearts throughout the entire piece.

Amore Shawl crochet pattern

Jadestone Summer Wrap

Along the same lines, the Jadestone Wrap is another summer shawl that is lightweight and pretty to wear. This one uses Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball yarn, another beautiful color-fading yarn! I used a ball filled with green shades, and I just love how it turned out.

summer crochet shawl pattern

Lightweight Crochet Scrunchies

Last of all, but not least, meet the Two-Toned Scrunchies! Unlike many scrunchie patterns, this pattern uses a lightweight yarn, which makes them great for summer weather. When twisted into a ponytail, the two colors look extra pretty!

lightweight crochet scrunchie pattern


As you can see, there are SO many lovely things you can crochet for the summertime. Tops, sun hats, wall hangings, produce bags…lots of different options! I hope you liked this post and found the perfect new pattern for your hooks this summer!


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Happy Crocheting!

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