Best Crochet Gifts for Teenage Guys (That They’ll Actually Like!)

Looking for ideas on crochet gifts for teenage guys? Check out this collection of patterns, that includes some funny gift ideas (think poop emoji) all the way to practical gift ideas!

What to Crochet for Teenage Guys

Okay, let’s be honest here. Teenage guys might just be the hardest people to crochet for.

There have been times where I thought it was hard to crochet for my dad. Or my boyfriend.

But then, I started looking for patterns for my teenage brother. And let’s just say that took HARD to a whole ‘nother level!

There aren’t a lot of crochet patterns out there for teenage guys, but there are some. I searched long and hard to find this collection of patterns!

All my ideas can be found below. Whether it is your brother, son, nephew, etc. hopefully there is something perfect here! Click on any item in the list to see the featured pattern. (Or, check out an ultimate list of crochet gifts for men!)

Table of Contents

  1. Poop Emoji Pillow
  2. Computer Wrist Rest
  3. Striped Masculine Scarf
  4. Crochet Pokeball
  5. Crochet AirPods Case
  6. Indoor Snowballs
  7. Star Wars Crochet
  8. Striped Beanie
  9. Masculine Messenger Bag
Best Crochet Gifts for Teenage Guys (that they'll actually like!)

Choosing the Perfect Crochet Gift for your Teen

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have included both funny and practical gifts in this list. You will really have to know your teen well in order to pick the perfect gift! Younger teens may really love the star wars crochet or poop emoji pillow. Whereas, older teens may roll their eyes at a gift like that. They may appreciate the messenger bag or AirPods case more.

My point is, keep the unique personality of your teen in mind as you look at all these patterns.

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Best Crochet Gifts for Teenage Guys – the List!

Alright, let’s jump into all these patterns!

1. Poop Emoji Crochet Pillow

I don’t know if there’s any better crochet gift for a teenage guy than this poop emoji pillow! Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me really hit the nail on the head with this design. The pillow is worked in corner-to-corner crochet, and comes with a graph and written instructions.

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poop emoji crochet pillow gift for teenage guys

2. Crochet Computer Keyboard Wrist Rest

A more practical gift for guys, but great all the same! This computer keyboard wrist rest looks awesome and functions well. If your teen is constantly on the computer (who’s not these days?!) then this would make a great gift!

Get the free pattern

Computer keyboard crochet wrist rest

3. Masculine Crochet Scarf

The next pattern you have to see is this Alpine Scarf, designed by me! Surprise your teen by crocheting them a scarf that they actually like! This design uses the alpine stitch, along with brooding, foresty colors for a masculine look.

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Scarf crochet gift for teenage guys

4. Crochet Pokeball

Does your teen love pokemon? If so, this pattern might be perfect! You’re basically just making a crochet ball out of simple single crochet, but using the pokemon colors! Then at the end, you’ll sew the black and white button on the front.

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Pokeball crochet gift for teenage guys

5. Crochet AirPods case

If there is one thing my teen brother loves, it is his AirPods! This AirPods case crochet pattern is simple and easy to make, only requiring a small amount of DK weight yarn. It even has directions for adding a handy-dandy clip!

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AirPods Case crochet gift for teenage guys

6. Crochet Indoor Snowballs

Another great gift idea for your teen boys might be a set of indoor snowballs! You have no idea how much fun my family has had with these. I can only imagine a group of teenagers launching them at each other all throughout the house!

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crochet indoor snowballs gift idea for teenage boys

7. Star Wars / Mandalorian Crochet

Does your teen love Star Wars? Some Star Wars or Mandalorian miniatures might be just what they would love! I have included links to some crochet kits for these characters (other free patterns technically should not be published because of trademarks).

Buy the Mandalorian Crochet Kit

Buy the Star Wars Crochet Kit

8. Striped Beanie

Sometimes simple is best. Making your teen a beanie for the cold weather might be the best gift you could give them! This pattern by Sable and Shank comes in a variety of sizes so you can make sure it fits perfectly.

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crochet striped beanie - teenage boys gift

9. Messenger Bag

Looking for a gift for an older teen boy? This crochet messenger bag might be perfect. It is so stylish, especially with the leather closures and strap! Making it a tweed yarn also helps it look extra masculine.

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Crochet Messenger Bag - gift for teenage boys

10. Crochet Baseball

One last pattern I just had to include was this crochet baseball by Jen Hayes Creations! I love how realistic it looks. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn with a small crochet hook (size E) so that your stitches are tight and no stuffing leaks out.

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Crochet Baseball - gift for teenage guys


So there you have it – a collection of crochet patterns that are perfect for teen boys! Yes, this list was tricky to come up with, but I’m glad I found these patterns! I might just have to use one of them on my brother for Christmas. Hopefully you found the perfect gift for the teen in your life!

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Happy Crocheting!

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