Midnight Top—Free Crochet Along Introduction

I am sooo excited to introduce you guys to my first-ever garment crochet-along, the Midnight Top Cal!

Midnight Top—Free Crochet Along

The Midnight Top is a super quick and fun pattern! It is a raglan construction…but don’t let that scare you! Raglan also means NO SEWING, which is awesome, right?!

Midnight Top—Free Crochet Along

The Pattern

Right off the bat I’ll tell you…the entire pattern, written in PDF form, is already available. I release the PDF early for those of you who would rather have the pattern all together in one place. This is also perfect for easy printing. Grab the PDF HERE.

P.S. It’s ON SALE right now!

However, if you prefer to wait for the sections of the free pattern, that is totally fine too! Read on to hear the details of how this will work.

Midnight Top—Free Crochet Along


The Yarn

The yarn used for this top is one of my new favorites…Lion Brand Jeans! Why do I love this yarn? It is worsted weight, but it is the softest, most amazing worsted weight I’ve ever used, especially for an acrylic yarn! Even though it’s worsted, it still makes for an airy, breathable summer top.

You can order your yarn right now by clicking HERE! Note: Lion Brand has 2 different listings for this yarn. The more neutral colors can be found here. But there are also some brighter colors, which can be found here. All of them would make amazing tops! 🙂

How much yarn will you need? That depends on your size. This top is available in sizes S-2XL.

Yarn needed: 2 (3, 3, 3, 4) skeins of Jeans Yarn.

Follow the steps below to choose your size…

The finished bust size of the top (as long as you obtain gauge) is: 33 (39, 45, 50, 56)”

You can go for a few different looks as far as this top goes. If you want a loose fitting top, then choose a size that is 2-3” larger than your bust. However, if you want a more fitted top, go for either a size that is the same as your bust, or go for negative ease by choosing a size 1-2” smaller than your bust.

For reference, I chose to make mine with 3” of positive ease. My bust is 30”, and I made a size Small.

The Community

One of my favorite things about CAL’s is the community that gets built during them. For this CAL, there’s a few things you need to know about the community aspect.

The main place we’ll talk about our tops is in my Facebook Group! Here we can share photos, ask questions, etc. Be sure to join HERE if you haven’t already!

Secondly, I’d love it if you guys share your photos on Instagram! Be sure to use the hashtag #midnightcal in your posts, and tag me @desertblossomcrafts so I can see!

Now that we’ve covered the pattern, yarn, and community, let’s get on to the schedule for the CAL.

Midnight Top Crochet Along

The crochet along spans 3 weeks total. Here is how I have everything scheduled:

Week 1: Read Intro post (that’s this post!) Get your yarn and pattern (if you want the PDF). And finally, join my Facebook group!

Week 2: Part 1 of pattern will be released on the blog. Note: it is now available! Click HERE to view part 1. This week you will make your gauge swatch, and then begin the yoke of the top.

Week 3: Part 2 of pattern will be released on the Blog. Join the armholes of your top and then make the body.

I hope you guys are as excited about this CAL as I am! I can’t wait to see all your tops in progress. Don’t forget to join my Facebook group so we can all encourage each other. 🙂

Happy Crocheting!

— Rachel 🙂

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