Free Crochet Scarf Patterns Using Chunky Yarn

Looking for chunky crochet scarf patterns? Here are 7 of my favorites, including a few of my own patterns!

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1. Aurora Scarf

First of all, meet the Aurora Scarf! This is a super easy pattern that uses a single ply yarn called Alla Prima. It is warm, squishy, and beautiful! I think you’ll love the pattern.

chunky crochet scarf pattern

2. Nebbia Scarf

Another chunky scarf to try is the Nebbia Scarf by ChristaCoDesign. Isn’t this one pretty? I love the white yarn (but you could really use any color!)

chunky crochet scarf

3. Violet Cowl

If you’re looking for something super quick, try the Violet Cowl. This pattern uses a yarn called Chroma Bulky. It gives the final piece beautiful stripes with no extra work!

crochet cowl pattern with chunky yarn

4. Chunky Pocket Scarf

Next up, try the Chunky crochet pocket scarf! This one has a beautiful texture, don’t you think? Pockets make it extra practical too.

wool ease thick & quick pocket scarf

5. Heather Super Scarf

Here’s a SUPER big one: the Heather Super Scarf! Heather is great for those days when you need something extra warm and cozy. It also makes for a great statement piece with a variety of outfits!

super scarf crochet pattern

6. Winter Wonderland Cowl

When you want the chunky yarn without the length of a long scarf, try something like the Winter Wonderland Cowl! This design features a pretty puff stitch that makes the whole thing have amazing texture.

winter wonderland cowl

7. Faux Fur Hooded Scarf

Last but not least, meet the Faux Fur Hooded Scarf! If you haven’t tried Faux Fur yarn before, you should now! Faux fur is extremely soft, especially as a scarf.

faux fur chunky scarf


Chunky crochet scarves make for awesome projects! They don’t take long to make since the yarn is so thick, and the result is soft, amazing statement accessories. I hope you found the perfect pattern in this list!


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Happy Crocheting!

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