2 Minute Crochet Cat Toy – Free Pattern

Does your cat love to play with (aka destroy) your crochet projects? Maybe you should make them their very own crocheted cat toy instead! This 2 minute cat toy is extremely easy to crochet and it is cat approved – you can watch the video. 😄

swirly crochet cat toy with cat in background

My cat’s name is Sunberry. She’s getting quite up there in age (17) but she still has a fondness for the outdoors and for yarn and crochet projects. She was actually sick about a week ago and gave us quite the scare…but here she is still kickin!

Below you can see her starting to sniff the cat toy, deciding if it was worth playing with…

cat sniffing crochet cat toy

…And then she went for it! She had quite the blast playing with this little swirly toy. I hope your cat does too. So are you ready to get to the VERY fast pattern? See below.

cat playing with curly-q crocheted cat toy

Swirl Crochet Cat Toy Free Pattern


  • Worsted weight cotton yarn (I used Lily Sugar & Cream)
  • 4mm crochet hook


  • First chain does not count as a stitch
  • You can make this toy bigger or smaller if you want! See further instructions below.

Abbreviations/Stitches Used:

  • Chain – ch
  • Single crochet – sc


Chain 8.

Row 1: Make 3 sc in the second ch from hook. Make 3 sc in each ch across. At the end of the row you should have 21 sc. Fasten off, leaving a long tail for dangling in front of your cat!

Finishing: weave in the end from the very beginning of the project, but leave the fastened off end long.

To adjust the size: you could make this swirl way bigger if you would like! Simply adjust the size of the chain and follow the pattern of making 3 sc stitches in every ch. To double the size of the swirl, start with a chain of 15 (then you’ll have 42 stitches at the end rather than 21).


See, I told you it would be easy! One row, 2 minutes, and you’re done. A perfect little cat toy your cat should love it! I say “should” simply because as we all know, cats can be finicky and picky. Lol.

I hope you loved this short and easy crochet pattern for a cat toy! If you did, make sure to share it with your friends on social media, pinterest, etc. Thanks for reading!

curly-q crochet cat toy

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