10 Free Crochet Valentine’s Day Patterns

Looking for crochet valentine patterns? These 10 FREE patterns will get you all ready for valentines day. We’ve got some crochet hearts, decor, fashion, and more!

I love how creative we can get with crocheting. There’s patterns for so many different holidays!

As far as Valentine’s Day goes, there are endless possibilities for crochet hearts, valentine decor, and even accessories and garments!

In this post, I wanted to share 10 of my favorite crochet valentine patterns. But before we get started, let me give you a quick overview of the types of patterns included:

  • Valentine’s crochet decor/kitchen items
  • Valentines themed amigurumi
  • Different types of crochet hearts
  • Heart themed accessories

Are you ready to see the free valentines patterns?! Let’s get into the list!


#1: Heart Garland

Our first valentines decor! I love the simplicity of these hearts…no difficult increases to make them. They’re literally rectangles made into hearts by the string in the banner!

10 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns

#2: Candy Hearts Cup Cozy

This cute kitchen item would be great to get into the valentines spirit! Just look at those tiny little hearts! Aren’t they cute?!

10 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns

#3: Belle Heart Coaster

Aren’t coasters are such a perfect home accent! I love how these ones have hearts literally embedded into the coasters!

10 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns

#4: Flower Heart Wreath

This wreath combines two classic Valentine features: hearts and roses!

10 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns

#5: Valentine Bear, Panda, and Koala

Getting into the amigurumi category…I just had to include these adorable valentine’s themed animals! My heart just melted when I saw these.

10 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns

#6: Mini Amigurumi Hearts

Do these hearts look familiar? They can either go in the arms of those cute animals, or be used totally separate!

10 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns


1/ Angelica Cardigan 2/ Crochet Hearts 3/ Twilight Beanie

#7: Crochet Heart Valentine Cards

One of my own patterns – valentine cards that incorporate crochet hearts! I include a tutorial to help you make the paper cards, as well as crochet the hearts of course! 🙂

#8: Heart Motifs

For some larger crochet hearts, check out this crochet pattern by Meladora’s creations!

10 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns

#9: Parisienne Beret

Getting into the heart-themed fashion…here is a simple but stylish beret by Sewrella!

10 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns

#10: Baby Cabled Heart Hat

Last but not least, a cute little hat for baby! I can just imagine how cute this would look on valentines day.

10 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns

I hope you have found a great Valentine’s Day project to make!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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