How to make DIY Valentine Cards with Crocheted Hearts

Today I have another Valentine’s Day project to share with you…you might get to use some new skills with this one!

You just can’t have Valentine’s Day without a homemade card…am I right? This week I started making these easy DIY cards that incorporate an adorable tiny crochet heart on the front!

Personally, I love anything that has to do with cardmaking. Whether it’s a simple paper card, or something more complex with crocheting, or a foiling project like this!

For this card design in particular, I made 2 different types of cards, but the basic idea for them is the same. And you can totally customize these to make them EXACTLY your style! 🙂

Before we start on the cards, you will need to have some tiny crochet hearts already made. I published the pattern for them completely FREE…just click here.

Or, you can also buy the easily printable version of the pattern (only $3.50) HERE! Oh, and did I mention…this pattern includes 3 sizes of hearts—so you can actually make bigger ones for decoration too! That sounds like a win-win to me…😉

All right, let’s get to the tutorial for these cards!

How to Make DIY Valentines (with crochet hearts!)

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  • Mini Crocheted Hearts—click HERE for the pattern to make these (they’re super quick & easy!)
  • Embroidery thread MATCHING the color yarn you use for your hearts
  • A sharp needle with a big enough eye to fit the embroidery thread through
  • Card Stock Paper—this is for the main “body” of the card. You can use simple card stock like I did in one card, or decorative card stock (like the red polka dot paper). You can find paper like this at any craft stores like Joann or Michaels!
  • Plain White Printer Paper—we’ll use this for layering some other elements
  • Scrapbook tape (or regular double sided sticky tape)
  • A Scrapbook cutter (or scissors, a pencil and ruler)
  • Various Scrapbook punches (if desired)—these can also be found at your local Joann or Michaels!

Note: You can make your cards however big or small you want. You can customize them however you want too. But I will show you exactly how I made mine!

Step 1

Cut out a piece of card stock paper that is 8.5″ by 5.25″.

Step 2

Fold the paper in half. The body of your card is made!


1/ Angelica Cardigan 2/ Crochet Hearts 3/ Twilight Beanie

Step 3

Now cut out the white printer paper to a size smaller than the front of the card. In my polka dot card, I cut the paper to 4″ by 2.5″. In the light pink card, I cut the paper to 4.5″ by 3″.

Step 4

Now we will sew our crochet hearts to the printer paper!

First, thread a needle with your embroidery floss. Tie a large knot close to the end of the thread.

Next, position your heart on the cutout paper. When you have it laid how you want it, pull the needle through from back to front. Make sure the knot is on the backside of the paper.

Front side
Back side

Step 5

Continue to sew around the entire outside edge of the heart, until you get back where you started. Helpful tip: when sewing on the right side of the heart, make your “stitches” super tiny so the embroidery thread doesn’t show through too much.

The stitches on the backside can be bigger, though! (See picture).

Finish by knotting your working thread to the original knotted end. Trim ends.

Backside of paper with “seam”

Step 6

Attach the paper with the heart to the main body of the card using scrapbook tape (or regular double sided sticky tape would work fine too. I would advise against using glue because it will leave the paper extra wrinkled.)

To avoid wrinkles with the tape, put it around the outside of the paper, and maybe a bit in the center. Don’t put any on the stitches of the heart.

Then smooth the paper carefully onto the card stock!

Step 7

Attach any extra embellishments if desired.

For my polka dot card, I simply used a scrapbook punch to make a lace-like cutout, and then I glued it on.

For my light pink card, I layered some other purple paper along with some more white paper with “Happy Valentine’s Day” printed on it.

If you want to print it out just like mine, I created a FREE PRINTABLE just for you!! That’s right! Click HERE to download a PDF with the Happy Valentine’s Day message just like mine.

See picture below:

After layering these together, I simply attached it to the card with more scrapbook tape! (Don’t forget to grab your free printable here).

Easy & fun, right? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Now go write some awesome Valentine’s messages for your loved ones. 🙂

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Happy Crocheting! (And paper crafting 😆 )

—Rachel 🙂

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