Ultimate List of Christian Crochet Resources – Patterns, Groups, and Charities!

Are you looking for Christian crochet patterns? Maybe a group of like minded Christian crocheters? Well, then you’re in the right place!

I don’t know about you, I’ve never been able to find a whole lot of resources on the internet for Christian crocheters.

There’s just not a lot out there, you know? Or if there is, it is difficult to find. I went for years without knowing some of these resources exist…and now that I do, I want to share them with you!

Why Integrate Christ with Crochet?

Some people argue that what I do on my blog is crochet – so I shouldn’t share my beliefs as well. I’ve even had some comments before on social media with people telling me to limit my posts to crochet only.

But, I simply can’t do that. As a Christian, Jesus influences everything I do. I am called to glorify Him in WHATEVER my hand finds to do.

31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

– 1 Corinthians 10:31

This blog is where God has called me to work. He has graciously given me a platform where I can not only do what I love, but also spread HIS LOVE while doing it.

That is just a little bit about the heart behind this Christian Crochet project. My goal is to unite those of us crocheters who are sisters in Christ…and also spread the gospel any way we can through crochet.

Sound good?! Okay, let’s dive right in!

Crochet Groups/Communities for Christians

Let’s start out with community, because this is huge. Where can you even FIND other like-minded Christian crocheters?

1. Christian Crocheters Group

This is a group that I wish I would’ve known about a long time ago. Michelle from Two Brother’s Blankets is another Christian crochet designer, and she put together a group just for Christians who crochet.

Today, she actually asked me to come be an admin of the group! I will mostly be taking it over from here on out, which I am excited about.

Group members share patterns, WIPS, and Bible verses. Join the group here!

2. Desert Blossom Crochet Community

Secondly, there is my crochet Facebook Group, called Desert Blossom Crochet Community. While this is not a Christian group in particular, I do share all my new Christian-themed patterns, and you will be free to share about your faith if you so desire. Join this group here!

Christian Crochet Charities to Support

Next up, let’s talk charities. There are a LOT of crochet charities out there that take donations, but are any of them actually Christ centered, gospel focused?

First of all, what I would say to you is that if you find a charity for crocheters, see if they have a statement of faith. What do they stand for? Make sure you know that before supporting them.

From my own research, I have found two different charities that seem to be solid, Bible believing charities that also accept crochet donations.

1. Operation Christmas Child

This has always been one of my FAVORITE charities to support. Operation Christmas Child is dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every year, they distribute thousands of shoeboxes filled with gifts to children around the world.

While this is not a crochet-specific charity, they do LOVE when people put handmade gifts into the shoeboxes.

In fact, I ran a crochet-along last year for OCC! If you’re interested in supporting this charity, you can learn about using crocheting for OCC right here.

Then, once you’ve done that, you can also check out the OCC girl’s patterns I’ve released, and OCC boy’s patterns I’ve released. (all of these patterns are perfect to put in your shoebox!)

Lastly, make sure to read about packing a shoebox directly on the Operation Christmas Child website here.

Knot Forgotten

Secondly, I’m super excited to tell you about an amazing program called Knot Forgotten!

This charity focusing on sending crochet toys to children of the persecuted Church around the world. They sell something called “A Bear in a Bag” which is a kit for making your very own crocheted bear to send to a child.

However, I believe you can send them any crochet toys you would like. If you’re interested in doing this, make sure you view all the info here!

“Merch” for Christian Crocheters

Now that we’ve covered groups and charities, it’s time to get into specific patterns and products! I want to start off by showing you some “merch” I am in the process of making.

I will soon be opening a shopify store that not only has my PDF crochet patterns, but also merch like the following…

As you can see, there will be things like t-shirts and journals, featuring sayings like

  1. Christ and Crochet
  2. All I Need is a Little Crochet and a Whole Lot of Jesus

Merch is releasing TOMORROW! To be the first to hear when they’re available, sign up below to be notified!


If you have a specific “saying” you would love to see on merch like this, please send me an email and I’ll consider it! rachel@desertblossomcrafts.com

Christian Crochet Patterns

LAST BUT NOT LEAST…let’s talk Christian crochet patterns!!

Let me tell you, there’s one reason why I did not make many Christian patterns for a long time…most them just aren’t very modern, you know? There are some cute ones, but there are also some really “old” looking ones…if you get what I mean.

Nothing against these designers AT ALL – it’s just not my style! So, here I wanted to show you some Christian patterns I’ve designed, as well as feature some other more modern patterns from other designers.

Crochet Cross Wall Hanging

This is the first Christian pattern I designed, and it has been quite popular! It features a tapestry crochet cross, with pretty lace and flowers. The perfect Easter decor! Get the free pattern here.

Crochet Easter Cross Wall Hanging - free pattern

Crochet Cross Applique in 3 Sizes

Secondly, I have designed my own crochet cross applique! This is not your typical lace cross, as you can see. I was going for something a little more rustic. The pattern comes in 3 sizes and can be found for free here.

cross applique crochet pattern

Crochet Cross Basket

Of course, once I made the appliques above, I had to find a way to use them! So I designed this cute cross basket, which features the medium applique on the front. Another great piece of Easter decor. Get the free pattern here.

crochet cross basket

Have a request for a Christian crochet pattern? Let me know in the comments!

In the meantime, let’s look at a few more patterns by other designers.

Sweet Blessings Bible Cover

If you’re looking for a crocheted cover for your Bible, I love this pattern by Two Brothers Blankets! It is a premium pattern that can be found here.

Blessed Blanket

When I saw this pattern, I immediately fell in love. As Christians, we are most definitely blessed! This blankets features that word in corner-to-corner crochet. Get the free pattern here!

Modern Crochet Nativity Set

This crochet nativity by Whistle and Ivy just blows me away. Isn’t it so beautiful? I know it’s not Christmas right now, but it is always a good idea to get ahead, right?! 😉 Get this pattern here (both free & paid versions are available).

Cross Prayer Square

Last but not least, I love this cute crochet square by Remington Lane Crochet! It features crosses made out of bobbles. Get the free pattern here!

Those are all the resources I have for you right now…

But if you have anything you think would go great in this list, please email me and let me know! I would love to feature more Christian crochet charities, groups, or patterns.


If you did enjoy this post, I would love if you shared it in the following places so many MORE people can see it!

Happy Crocheting!

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