Best Free Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns

Are you looking for a way to add some extra coziness to your Christmas tree this year? A crocheted tree skirt pattern might be just what you need! Tree skirts come in so many different varieties, and you can make one yourself in no time. I’ve gathered a big list of free crochet Christmas tree skirt patterns for you to browse and choose from!

Crochet christmas tree skirt patterns

All about Crocheting Tree Skirts

Before we jump into the patterns, let’s talk a little bit about how tree skirts are crocheted and what to expect before starting one as a project.

How long does it take to crochet a tree skirt?

The length of time it will take you to crochet a tree skirt really depends on the pattern. Usually the quickest type of tree skirt is made from chunky yarn (sometimes these can be done in a matter of hours!) More ornate skirts, or skirts made with worsted yarn, will take longer.

I would plan anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to finish your tree skirt. It will also depend on how much time you have to work on it!

What size should my tree skirt be?

Generally speaking, tree skirts should be about 6″ bigger than your tree. Leaving somes space like this is a nice look—it will cover the tree stand and spread out farther onto the floor. However, you can customize this if you want to!

What yarn should I use to crochet a tree skirt?

Cotton is always a great choice for crocheting tree skirts because it is absorbent and durable. However, I’ve seen lots of patterns that use acrylic yarn too. Acrylic also holds up well to wear and tear.

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Free Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns

Without further ado, let’s check out all the beautiful patterns!

1. Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt

The first pattern I’d like to show yo is the Farmhouse Tree Skirt! This design is so cute and has a rustic, modern feel. I love how well the faux fur trim pairs with the button closure! Since this pattern uses super bulky yarn, it can be worked up in just one night!

Designer: You Should Craft

Yarn Used: Tuff Puff and Fable Fur

farmhouse crochet tree skirt

2. Pine Tree Skirt

Next, check out the Pine Christmas Tree Skirt. This beautiful pattern uses fair isle colorwork to create cute pine tree motifs all around the outside of the skirt. You can customize your skirt however you’d like with different colors. This skirt would make a great addition to your winter decor, or a wonderful gift for a friend or family member!

Designer: Briana K Designs

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Thick & Quick

pine tree skirt

3. Tunisian Tree Skirt

Have you tried Tunisian crochet before? This Easy Tree Skirt pattern uses the Tunisian technique to give it a gorgeous, knit-like look. Whether you’ve tried your hand at this technique before or not, this tree skirt is so easy to recreate and adjust the size of! Because of how simple it is, it’s a great pattern to make while watching a Christmas movie or listening to an audio book.

Designer: Knitter Knotter

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Heartland

tunisian crochet tree skirt

4. Snowman Tree Skirt

Are you looking for an extra fun pattern? If so, this Snowman Tree Skirt is for you! This cute design is so fun and easy to crochet. Since the base and the appliques are made separately, you can easily make this skirt your own by customizing the winter scene however you’d like! I love how the puff stitch edging looks like little bits of snow. This skirt would make a lovely addition to your home!

Designer: Maria’s Blue Crayon

Yarn Used: Caron One Pound yarn

snowman crochet tree skirt

5. Spiral Tree Skirt

Next, meet the Spiral Tree Skirt! This simple pattern is worked up primarily of single crochet stitches. Because it’s so easy, this makes a great, beginner-friendly pattern. I love how this tree skirt looks like a Christmas mint candy. Of course, you can change up the colors however you’d like!

Designer: Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Yarn Used: We Crochet Brava Worsted Weight Yarn

spiral crochet tree skirt

6. Snowfall Christmas Tree Skirt

Next is the Snowfall Tree Skirt. I love how beautifully textured this design is. The use of lacy and bobble stitches across a more monotone background gives it a vintage, heirloom-like feel. If you’re looking for a more subtle pattern, you should give this one a try!

Designer: Cosy Rosie UK

Yarn Used: Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky

snowfall crochet tree skirt

7. Cozy Tree Skirt

Another one of my favorites is the Cozy Tree Skirt! This skirt has such a thick, textured look. I love how plush and unique it is! This pattern uses loop stitches to give it its fun, ripply effect. Since it uses super bulky yarn, it works up quickly and can easily be adjusted for any sized tree!

Designer: Rich Textures Crochet

Yarn Used: Wool Ease Thick and Quick

cozy mini crochet tree skirt

8. Wreath Christmas Tree Skirt

Here another skirt with a rich texture: the Wreath Tree Skirt! Similar to some of the other designs, this tree skirt has a beautiful, modern look to it. Using simpler colors gives a classy, put together look to your tree. You can also make this multi colored by adding a border or using different colors for the puff stitches!

Designer: Briana K Designs

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick

wreath mini crochet christmas tree skirt

9. Modern Tree Skirt

Next is the Modern Tree Skirt! I love how the border and buttons look on this one. This skirt is primarily built up of single and double crochets, while the border uses the crab stitch to give it its unique, textured look. This tree skirt takes some time, but the end result is so beautiful and worth the time!

Designer: Simply Hooked by Janet

Yarn Used: Big Twist Classic or Lion Brand Boogie Nights

modern crochet tree skirt

10. Carousel Mini Tree Skirt

Are you looking for something a little more bright and whimsical? If so, I bet you’ll love this Carousel Mini Tree Skirt! This design is so light and fun. I love the spiral effect it has! There are so many color possibilities for this one. You could keep it light and snow-like by using blues and whites, use red and white for a candycane-like look, red and green for a classic Christmas-y twist, etc.!

Designer: Crochet Kim

Yarn Used: Nazli Gelin Garden Metallic Thread

carousel mini tree skirt

11. Simple Christmas Tree Skirt

Are you looking for a simpler design? I got you covered with this Simple Christmas Tree Skirt! This skirt is great for beginners as it works up quickly and uses only simple crochet stitches. This pattern can be customized with various colors, appliques and buttons!

Designer: Fosbas Designs

Yarn Used: Stylecraft Aran

simple christmas tree skirt

12. Poinsettia Tree Skirt

There’s something so pretty and festive about poinsettia flowers. They’re such a fun way to tie in some extra freshness into your Christmas decor. Why not add some with this gorgeous Poinsettia Tree Skirt! On its own, this skirt is simplistic and plain, but the poinsettia accents give it such an elegant look! You can use classic red poinsettia colors, or change it up with neutrals or other Christmas colors!

Designer: A Crocheted Simplicity

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool Yarn and or Lion Brand Wool Ease

poinsettia crochet christmas tree skirt

13. Snow Drift Tree Skirt

Next up, meet the Snow Drift Tree Skirt! This pattern features a cute, ribbed texture that almost gives it a knit-like appearance. The added buttons give it a rustic, yet cozy Christmas feel. This skirt uses only basic stitches, so it”s perfect for adventurous beginners!

Designer: Lulo Stitch Co

Yarn Used: Red Heart Comfort

snow drift crochet tree skirt

14. Happy Holidays Tree Skirt

Are you looking for a really festive design? If so, this Happy Holidays Tree Skirt is for you! I love the picot/”drip” effect that this pattern has. It looks like each color bleeds seamlessly into one another! The repeat of this pattern is easy to memorize, so it’s a great pattern to make while watching a movie or relaxing with family!

Designer: Moogly Blog

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice

striped crochet tree skirt

15. Buttons and Bobbles

Another fun pattern is the Buttons and Bobbles Tree Skirt. This pattern uses the bobble stitch to give it an extra thick and cozy texture. I love the addition of the fur trim and button closure! Since this pattern uses extra bulky yarn, it works up quickly as well. This would make a lovely addition to your family tree or a gift for a loved one!

Designer: Mj’s Off the Hook Designs

Yarn Used: Fable Fur and Tuff Puff bulky weight yarn

buttons and bobbles tree skirt

16. Solstice Tree Skirt

Next up: The Solstice Tree Skirt! This skirt has a really unique look to it. I like how the shape and use of texture gives it a very modern feel. And the faux fur trim makes it extra soft and cozy! If you’re looking for a more unique and customizable pattern, you should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: TLYC Blog (TLYarn Crafts)

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick and Lion Brand Go for Faux

solstice crochet tree skirt

17. Farmhouse Tree Skirt

Next is the Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt! This design was made to mimic the pricey knit tree skirts you see at more high-end stores. Not only is it a portion of the price, but you get the extra satisfaction of making it yourself! It’s simple, quick to work up, and perfect for beginners. If you’re looking for a rustic, cozy-looking pattern, you should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: Cozy Nooks Designs

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick

chunky crochet tree skirt

18. Let it Snow Tree Skirt

Here’s another chunkier design: the Let it Snow Crochet Tree Skirt! The huge bobble stitches give it a fun, rich texture, while the scalloped edging adds an overall elegance to the skirt. Like some of the other designs, this pattern uses super chunky yarn, so it works up on the quicker side. This is one of those designs that is classy and timeless, so it can be passed down or made as a gift for friends or family!

Designer: The Unraveled Mitten

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick

bobble tree skirt

19. Hexagon Tree Skirt

Here’s another unique design: the Hexagon Tree Skirt! This pattern is built up of several crocheted hexagons all stitched together giving it is honeycomb-like appearance. This leaves loads of room for creativity, since you can create any combination of colors you’d like from trendy neutrals, to classic Christmas tones! If you want to depart from classic to a more unconventional look, then this pattern is for you!

Designer: Whistle and Ivy

Yarn Used: Bernat Softee Chunky

hexagon tree skirt

20. Robin’s Tree Skirt

Next is Robin’s Tree Skirt. This beautiful design has a subtle, yet gorgeous texture all throughout the skirt. I love how the stitches mimic tiny Christmas berries. the ties on the side make it easy to get on and off, while the ruffle edging adds a touch of elegance. This pattern would look lovely in Christmas colors as shown, or you could use one color or a variety of subtler colors for a more modern look!

Designer: Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Yarn Used: Caron Simply Soft

robin's tree skirt

21. Chevron Christmas Tree Skirt

Last but certainly not least is this beautiful Chevron Christmas Tree Skirt. This design has a really unique chevron/starburst effect. I love how each color seems to ripple out of the other! This is one of those patterns that can easily be made while watching a show or listening to a book once you get the hang of it!

Designer: Easy Crochet

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice

chevron crochet tree skirt


I hope you have enjoyed this list of fun and beautiful crochet christmas tree skirts! Tree skirts are a great holiday project and can add a great touch to your home decor. So what are you waiting for? Get the yarn for your favorite pattern in this list and get crocheting! 🙂


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Happy Crocheting!

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