15+ FREE Crochet Cactus Patterns (Adorable!)

Are you looking for trendy crochet cactus patterns to decorate your home? I’ve got you covered with over 15 amazing patterns! I’ve got amigurumi cacti, cactus pillows, and more to show you today.

cactus crochet patterns

As someone who lives in the desert, I definitely appreciate cacti. It’s funny though, because the desert where I live does not have the typical kind of cactus that people think of.

Around here, we have Joshua Trees (thus the name of my blog, and thus the picture in the background of my logo!)

Still though, I can appreciate a good crocheted cactus. That’s why I’m excited I get to share a bunch of cool cactus patterns with you today!

How do you crochet a cactus?

Before we jump into the patterns, this is an important question to talk about. Honestly, crochet cacti can be made in a variety of different ways. It really depends on the type of cactus you’re making, as well as the pattern you choose.

However, you can expect (in many cases) to work in the round. This is especially true for amigurumi cacti.

If you are not comfortable crocheting in the round yet, you can try a pattern that features a flat cactus (like a pillow or wall hanging!) If this is you, keep an eye out for the 3rd pattern in the list, a cactus pillow. This one is super easy!

collage of crochet cactus photos

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Types of Crochet Cacti

You can make a whole lot of different types of crochet cacti! There are patterns for lots of different variations. Here is a quick taste of what’s included in this post:

  • crochet succulents
  • saguaro cactus
  • prickly pear
  • barrel cactus
  • cactus themed home decor
  • icy cactus
  • flowering cactus

Of course, saguaro cacti are usually the most common, so many of the patterns will feature this type. But keep a lookout for the other types as well!

15+ Cactus Crochet Patterns

Without further ado, let me introduce you to these amazing cactus patterns!

1. Succulent Crochet Pattern

First of all, meet these ADORABLE Crochet Succulents! Designed by Whistle and Ivy, this succulent is the perfect cactus decor for your home. It is made complete by it’s lifelike container with rocks in it too. The pattern is free, but you can also upgrade to a PDF with 2 additional patterns!

Designer: Whistle & Ivy

succulent crochet pattern

2. Cactus Wall Hanging

One great way to crochet a cactus is with tapestry crochet! This Cactus Wall Hanging uses that exact technique for a stunning piece of home decor. The border on the bottom really tops this one off perfectly for me!

Designer: Thoresby Cottage

crochet cactus wall hanging

3. Cactus Pillow

While we’re on the topic of home decor, this Cactus Pillow is another great pattern to try! It is so unique, with the stripes, border, and of course the cactus. What makes this pattern unique is the cactus is actually done in cross stitching over a simple single crochet pillow cover. So you don’t even need to know tapestry crochet!

crochet cactus pillow

4. Cuddly Cactus

If you’re looking for a larger crochet cactus, this Cactus Plushie might be perfect. Isn’t she cute? Make sure to take a look at the post, because you can make it as pictured below, OR add an adorable mustache!

Designer: Winding Road Crochet

easy crochet cactus

5. Cactus Coaster

Another great way to feature cacti in your home is through something like these Cactus Coasters! I love that they feature a cute tiny flower, and also a container to hold them in. How sweet! Ashleigh from Sewrella did such a great job with this one.

Designer: Sewrella

crochet cactus coasters

5. Crochet Cactus Pin Cushion

Now this really beats all: a Cactus Pin Cushion! I need to make one of these for myself. It is such a genious idea! You can have practicality and style all at once. You’ll just need some worsted weight yarn and a 4mm crochet hook to make your very own.

crochet cactus pin cushion

6. Crochet Cactus Stitch

Want to make up your own crochet cactus scarf, blanket, or hat? Try using this Cactus Stitch by E’ Claire Makery! This stitch uses colorwork and post-stitches to form the cacti. You can easily use the stitch multiple to make larger projects like scarves!

Designer: E’ Claire Makery

crochet cactus stitch

7. Big & Little Crochet Cactus

This Big & Little Crochet Cactus pattern is awesome since it comes in 2 sizes! You could make a bunch of these for decoration. They would make great gifts too (or craft show projects!) I might need to make one of these for my family that lives in Arizona.

Designer: Crafty Kitty Crochet

mini and big crochet cacti

8. Cactus Blanket

If you’re really into crochet cacti, you might want to feature this statement piece in your home: a Crochet Cactus Blanket! Unlike the previous colorwork cacti, this blanket uses corner-to-corner crochet rather than tapestry crochet. It totally reminds me of Arizona scenery! I love it!

Designer: Nana’s Crafty Home

crochet cactus blanket

9. Bobble Cactus Pillow

Another Cactus Pillow (but very different from the last one I showed you!) This one is also truly amazing. It uses bobble stitches to form a unique, lifelike texture. And it also features the classic flower on top. You can easily use this as a throw pillow, or give it to one of your kids as a plushie.

Designer: A Crafty Concept

cactus shaped crochet pillow

10. Large Crochet Cactus

Next up, I want you to meet this Large Crochet Cactus pattern! This Cactus, designed by Repeat Crafter Me, uses bernat blanket yarn, so it looks extra cool and cozy. You’ll finish a large cactus in no time using this yarn!

Designer: Repeat Crafter Me

large crochet cactus

11. Bunny Cactus

Last, but not least, meet Penny the Bunny Cactus! This is such an inventive idea. If you are super into cacti, you can crochet them and decorate them for different holidays! In this case, we have an Easter-themed bunny cactus. So cute!

Designer: The Loopy Lamb

crochet bunny cactus

additional Cactus Patterns

While all of the patterns above are amazing, I also wanted to give you a list here at the end of some additional cactus patterns that are designed for specific TYPES of cacti.

Saguaro Cactus – these are the kind you’ll see all over Arizona! This is a mini crochet cactus and it looks just like a Saguaro.

Prickly Pear Cactus – yes, the classic Prickly Pear! It looks so lifelike, I love it.

Cactus Terrarium – if you want to make a whole bunch of succulents into a crochet succulent garden, you’ll love this.

Cute Cactus Amigurumi – I couldn’t find a specific name for this one, but it looks super unique so I just had to include it.

Barrel Cactus – super simple, but still adorable!

Flowering Cacti – this post actually includes 4 patterns: a cactus with red flowers, cactus with red ball, ball cactus, and quadruple cactus. They’re all amazing patterns!

Echinopsis Kaktus – this is truly stunning. Make sure to look for the link to download the pattern in English.

Icy Cactus – last but NOT least, this adorable pattern features a fuzzy yarn to make it look just like the real icy cactus!

Crochet Cactus Kit

If you want to get started with crocheting cacti, without having to figure out the best materials and patterns, a kit is a great way to go!

My personal favorite is WellieSTR 4 Cute Cactus Amigurumi Kit. As you can see, it comes with patterns and yarn to make 4 adorable cacti.


Crochet Cacti are great home decor projects. While real cacti require little care, crocheted cacti require even LESS! You can easily feature a cactus in your home by making coasters, wall hangings, or just amigurumi cacti to place in different spots. Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will be adorable!

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Happy Crocheting!

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