15 Unique Crochet Curtain Patterns

Crochet curtain patterns can be tricky to find—so I searched the web to find the best, most unique designs! These curtain patterns are the perfect home decor project to grace your windows.

crochet curtain pattern collage

Have you ever made a crocheted curtain? They are not as common of a project anymore. When you search for patterns, there are a lot of vintage ones that come up, but not many new ones.

I love this type of project though, because I think it is a great way to honor the crochet of the past—brought to us by our mothers and grandmothers! Lacy crochet curtains were very popular in their day.

However, I think we should bring them back! That’s why I searched for the best patterns on the web. There will be some vintage patterns, but also some newer ones that I love too!

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curtain crochet pattern collage

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Types of Crochet Curtains

This post includes a lot of different kinds of crochet curtains. They are definitely not all the same.

First of all, there are full length curtains that go over an entire window. These are definitely stunning pieces, but be careful about the yarn you choose. You want it to be very lightweight so the curtain doesn’t get stretched out from the sheer weight.

There is also what’s called a “valance”—a shorter length curtain that is more for decoration. A valance is usually a much quicker project , and still adds a touch of beauty to your home decor!

Both types of curtain patterns are included this post. I hope you find one you love.

Crochet Curtain Patterns – The List

Let’s get right into all 15 of the patterns!

1. Big Bold Chevon Curtain

First up, meet the Big Bold Chevron Curtain. Not only will this pattern add a fun, modern flair to your home décor, but it’s practical as well. This stitch design is thick enough to provide some privacy, while also airy enough to allow some light in!

Designer: Moogly Blog

Yarn Used: Red Heart With Love

crochet chevron curtain

2. Dainty Lace Curtain

Are you looking for something a little more elegant? This Dainty Lace Curtain is just the one! This curtain in particular would make a beautiful accent to any room, especially a girls’ bedroom. The great thing about this pattern is that unlike most other lace designs, this on looks amazing with just about any yarn!

Designer: Beautiful Crochet Stuff

Yarn Used: Alize Forever/ Lace

dainty lace crochet curtain

3. Sunbeam Squares Curtain

The next pattern I’d like to show you is the Sunbeam Squares Curtain. Isn’t this one gorgeous? I just love the sun-like motifs. This one will definitely brighten up your home!

Designer: Cherry Heart Shop

Yarn Used: Stylecraft Naturals

sunbeam squares crochet curtain

4. Lacey Curtain

Are you looking for an airier design? This Lacey Curtain is perfect! This one adds a touch of elegance, while also allowing a lot of light to come through. The lace edging and flower-like accents are so fun!

Designer: CreazionFiopi

Yarn Used: Cotton Yarn

lacy crochet curtain full length

5. Filet Lace Curtain

Next, here’s another Lace Curtain design! This pattern is a bit simpler, so it’s better suited to beginner-intermediate crocheters. This one would also make a beautiful wedding gift!

Designer: CreazionFiopi

Yarn Used: Cotton Yarn

filet crochet curtain

6. Gone Fishin’ Valance

Have you been looking for a really unique home décor piece? This Gone Fishin’ Valance may just be the perfect thing! This particular design features a life-size rainbow trout jumping out of the water. Because of the imagery of this one, it would make an especially great cabin piece. Though this is a trickier pattern, the end result is so worth it!

Designer: KathrynClarkDesign

Yarn Used: Size 10 Crochet Thread

filet crochet valance curtain

7. Heart Valance

Next up is another valance pattern: The Heart Curtains. Aren’t they so cute? I just love the extra hanging accents! Although this one appears difficult to recreate, the instructions are easy to follow, so even a beginner could make this one with some practice. These valances would make great wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, etc.!

Designer: DeuxLCrochet

Yarn Used: Perlé 5 from Phildar or Babylo 5 from DMC 

heart valance curtain

8. Net Curtains

Next, check out the Net Curtains. This design is so elegant, and the lacey diamond motifs give it a fun, delicate touch. These curtains in particular would be great accents for french doors, but you can also easily adjust the size to fit a window, another doorway, etc.! (photo unavailable at this time)

Designer: PDF Knitting Crochet

Yarn Used: Twilleys Lyscordet or Southern Comfort

9. Vintage Chevron Curtains

Another one of my favorites is this beautiful Vintage Chevron Curtain pattern. This pattern in particular is quite elegant and would look super pretty in a nursery, or anywhere, for that matter! This one also has a beautiful petal-like edging that gives it the perfect extra touch. You should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: PDFKnittingCrochet

Yarn Used: No. 5 Pearl Cotton

vintage chevron curtain crochet

9. Beautiful Vintage Curtains

Are you looking for a pattern with an even more vintage-y feel? These Beautiful Vintage Curtains are just the thing! This design has a super neat texture and granny square-like look. These curtains are bound to add a touch of extra coziness to your home!

Designer: PDFKnittingCrochet

Yarn Used: Twilleys ‘No. 5 Lyscordet Crochet Cotton’ ; Light Findering ; 3 ply yarn

vintage crochet curtains

10. Cat Curtain Tie Back/Holder

This next pattern is a little different…meet the Cat Curtain Holder! Isn’t this guy so cute? Not only is this pattern adorable, but it’s functional as well. This would make a great gift for any cat lovers out there!

Designer: CosyPatterns

Yarn Used: Worsted weight (aran) yarn and double knit yarn

cat crochet curtain tie-back

11. Panda Curtain Holder

Check out another cute curtain holder: the Panda Curtain Tie Back! The nice thing about this pattern is that it’s quite simple to recreate; all it uses are single crochets and double crochets! These guys would also make great additions to your craft fair stock.

Designer: CosyPatterns

Yarn Used: Worsted weight (aran) yarn / double knit yarn

panda crochet curtain holder

12. Monkey Curtain Tie Back

Finally for the curtain holder patterns, meet the Monkey Curtain Tie Back. The pattern for this one is super easy to follow, making this one a great beginner’s project as well. If you’re looking for a cute accent for a nursery, kids room, or even just a toy for yourself, you should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: CosyPatterns

Yarn Used: Worsted weight (aran) yarn / double knit yarn

monkey crochet curtain tie back

13. Gentle Breeze Curtains

Back to the curtains: check out the Gentle Breeze Curtain/Valance pattern! This design has a really delicate lacey texture that’s almost reminiscent of gently flowing ocean waves. Although this design is made to fit a window specifically 28 inches wide, you can easily adjust it by sewing two together or by being creative with the pattern.

Designer: JadeRoseCrochet

Yarn Used: Sport Weight Yarn

gentle breeze crochet curtains

14. Boho Macramé Curtain

Last but certainly not least, meet the Boho Macramé Curtain pattern! This design has a super fun boho vibe, I just love the extra braided bits! Not only would this design look great as a curtain, but it would also be fun over a head board, as a wall accent, etc.!

Designer: Midknits

Yarn Used: Bernat Maker Home Dec

crochet and macrame curtain

Questions About Crochet Curtains

I thought a great way to end this post would be to talk about common questions people ask about crocheting curtains!

How are crochet curtains made?

The most standard way to crochet a curtain is by making rectangles! They are really not too difficult a project. You can even come up with your own design simply by measuring your window and making rectangles to fit the way you want (in whatever stitch pattern you please!)

Of course, as we’ve seen in this post, there are also other sizes and shapes of curtains that are not necessarily rectangles. It really depends on the style you’re going for.

Why is it so hard to find crochet curtain patterns online?

Crochet curtains do seem to be a hard type of pattern to find online. My theory is that people don’t make them as often as they used to. There are plenty of vintage curtain patterns available, but not so many new, “modern” ones.

For this post, I tried to find as many unique curtain patterns as I could, but it wasn’t easy!

What is the best yarn for crochet curtains?

Most commonly, people use crochet thread to make curtains. This results in a lacy, doily-like curtain. While you don’t have to use crochet thread, it is best to use something lightweight. Crochet curtains are heavy since there is so much material hanging, so you don’t want to use heavier weight yarns.


Crochet curtains are an amazing project to make. They are not as common as they used to be, which would make your design even more unique and stunning when people see it! Crochet curtains are a great way to celebrate the crochet of the past, brought to us by our mothers and grandmothers. I hope you liked this post and found the perfect pattern to get started on right away!

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Happy Crocheting!

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