18 Free Crochet Potholder Patterns (Extra Thick!)

Have you ever crocheted a potholder before? Because they’re so small, they make great beginner projects and are perfect for adding a bit of brightness to your kitchen. While they may be easy to make, you also want to ensure that they’ll last long and protect your hands well. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of my favorite, extra thick crochet potholder patterns!

Crochet Potholder Patterns Collage

Can you crochet a potholder?

This is a good question to start out with, before we get to the patterns. Is it even safe to crochet a potholder?

The answer is YES—if done right. Crochet fabric does naturally have holes in it, so it is important to be careful when crocheting potholders.

Be sure to choose a stitch or pattern that is thick and less-holey. For extra security, you can crochet double-thick potholders (make 2 layers and sew them together).

Of course, hot pads are a bit different, as they are meant for holding pots on a table, not for pulling hot pans out of the oven with bare hands. These can have more holes and can be 1 layer thick.

Crochet Potholder Patterns – the List!

I think you are going to enjoy all of these different potholders. I’ve compiled a list of patterns in several different categories:

  1. Double-Thick Crochet Potholders
  2. Easy Crochet Potholders
  3. Uniquely Patterned Potholders
  4. Crochet Hot Pads
crochet potholder patterns collage

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Double Thick Potholder Patterns

First up, check out a few of my favorite double thick potholders! These designs all use either 2 layers of crochet fabric, or they are naturally thick and dense enough with one layer.

Extra Thick Potholder

The first pattern I’d like to introduce you to is the Extra Thick Potholder! This pattern uses a special stitch called the thermal stitch that gives it a cool texture and extra heat-protecting power. If you’ve never tried the thermal stitch before, this is a great pattern to practice it with! It also works up quickly and easily, making it a great last-minute project.

Designer: My Crochet Space

Yarn Used: Fiddlesticks Finch Cotton Yarn

extra thick crochet potholders

Crinkly Stitch Potholder

Are you looking for something a little more elegant or stylized? This Crinkly Stitch Potholder is just the thing! This pattern has a gorgeous, unique texture, I just love the delicate lacy edging! These would make a great housewarming gift for newlyweds, new homeowners, etc.!

Designer: Crochet ‘n’ Create

Yarn Used: King Cole Cottonsoft Yarn

crinkly stitch double thick crochet potholder

Double Oven Glove

The next pattern I’d like you to meet is the Double Oven Glove! This pattern is extra neat because you can use it to protect both of your hands simultaneously! Additionally, this is a great multitasking pattern since it’s only a two-row repeat. You should definitely give this one a try.

Designer: Crochet ‘n’ Create

Yarn Used: King Cole Cottonsoft Yarn

crochet double oven glove

Single Crochet Cross Stitch Potholder

Are you looking for something more quick and simple? The Single Crochet Cross Stitch Potholder is perfect! This stitch is unique in the sense that it’s worked in a round and creates this beautiful, but subtle texture. I love that it’s interesting enough for a more seasoned crocheter to enjoy, while also simple enough for a beginner to catch on to quickly.

Designer: My Crochet Space

Yarn Used: Fiddlesticks Finch 100% Cotton Yarn

single crochet cross stitch potholder

Apple Potholder

This next pattern is one of my favorites: the Apple Potholder! Not only is this design super fun and cute, but the little front pocket gives it an added usefulness as well! Whether you’re just looking for a fun project to add some color to your kitchen, or searching for the perfect, last-minute teacher gift, this potholder is just the thing!

Designer: Blackstone Designs

Yarn Used: Worsted Weight 100% Cotton Yarn

crochet apple potholder

Modern Crochet Potholder

Last but not least for this category, meet the Modern Crochet Potholder. The design is so simple, yet has the subtlest, modern flair. This one in particular is extra thick and durable, making it super versatile and machine washable! If you’re looking for a super simple and relatively quick pattern, this one is it!

Designer: Jewels and Jones

Yarn Used: WeCrochet Dishie Yarn

modern thick crochet potholder

Easy Crochet Potholders

Are you looking for some even simpler patterns? If so, I bet you’ll love these next few patterns!

Easy Crochet Potholder

To start off, meet the Easy Crochet Potholder pattern! This guy is super simple to make and if you use a thick yarn, it can easily be worked up within an hour. Not only that, but it has a beautiful, thick texture that would look gorgeous with any color you choose. If you’re looking for something you can set hot pans on or just add a splash of color to your kitchen, you should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: Stitching Together

Yarn Used: Lion Bran Side Dish Yarn

easy crochet potholder

Cast Iron Potholder

Next, check out the Cast Iron Potholder and Handle Cover pattern! I don’t know about you, but I can be so clumsy with hot pan handles sometimes. Unfortunately, the handle covers you can get in stores are super tricky to clean and never fit quite right. That’s why I love this pattern! These guys are perfectly tailored to fit your pots perfectly, and they’re easy to clean and extra thick to protect your hands from getting burned. Additionally, they work up quickly and you can make a matching potholder to go with it!

Designer: Green Fox Farms Designs

Yarn Used: Worsted Weight Yarn

cast iron crochet potholder handles

Crochet Circle Hot Pad

This next pattern is a unique one: the Circle Hot Pad! Not only is this one’s shape a bit different from your regular, conventional hot pad, but it’s also fun and double sided as well! Because it’s double sided, it’s extra thick and perfect for setting pans or hot dishes on, picking them up, etc.! I love how much room this one leaves for creativity with different color combos.

Designer: Caab Crochet

Yarn Used: Crafter’s Secret

crochet circle hot pad

Linen Potholder

The last simple design I’d like to show you is the Linen Potholder pattern. This pattern uses a special T-shirt yarn that gives it an extra thickness and heat resistance, and is also super soft. Because this pattern uses a thicker yarn it works up super quickly as well! If you need a last-minute gift idea, this pattern is great!

Designer: Knitting With Chopsticks

Yarn Used: Knitznpurlz T-shirt Yarn

linen crochet potholder

Unique Crochet Potholders

If you’re into trickier but unique patterns, these next few designs are for you! We have some animal potholders, fruity potholders, and more. 😉

Plaid Moose Potholder

Are you looking for a fun, festive Christmas potholder design? This Plaid Moose Potholder is perfect! This guy will add a cute, rustic touch to your kitchen. Plus, the added pocket gives it extra usefulness that makes it perfect for gift giving! Anyone you give this to is sure to love it!

Designer: Blackstone Designs

Yarn Used: 100% Cotton Worsted Weight Yarn

crochet moose potholder

Citrus Fruits Potholder

The next pattern I’d like to show you is perfect for every season: the Citrus Fruit Potholder! Since this one uses a special technique called tapestry crochet, it is a little trickier to recreate, but the end result is so worth it! Since this is a relatively small project, it’s the perfect pattern to practice this technique with. The other fun thing about this one is you can easily switch up the colors to make an orange, a lemon or grapefruit!

Designer: Raffamusa Designs

Yarn Used: GB Wolle Schulgarn, 100% Cotton

crochet citrus potholder

Poppy Field Potholder

This next pattern is yet another tapestry crochet design: the Poppy Field Potholder! This design is simple and delicate, yet cozy, making it the perfect pattern to add a modern spin to your kitchen. It also creates a really solid fabric, so you can trust that it will protect your hands and surfaces from heat damage!

Designer: Raffamusa Designs

Yarn Used: GB Wolle Schulgarn 100% Cotton Yarn

crochet poppy field potholder

Pie Potholder

Last but not least for this category, meet the Pie Potholder. Aren’t these food-themed potholders so cute? I love them. These potholders are multi purposeful as you can use them not only how they regularly function, but also as a super cute piece of home decor. They would make the perfect gift for any of your pie-loving friends and family.

Designer: Banana Moon Studio

Yarn Used: Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Thread

crochet pie potholder

Crochet Hot Pads

Lastly, here are a few of my favorite hot pad patterns! These are designs that are specifically meant for holding pots and pans on the table (NOT for removing hot pans from the oven or stove).

Tree Branch Hot Pad

The first hot pad pattern I’d like to show you is the Tree Branch Hot Pad! This design has a gorgeous, bark-like texture, is is the perfect pattern for using up that last bit of pesky scrap yarn! What I love about this pattern is that it actually looks far more difficult to make than it actually is. In fact, this one is so simple that even a beginner could catch on quickly!

Designer: Made by Gootie

Yarn Used: 100% Cotton Yarn

crochet cotton hot pad

Country Hot Pad

Next, meet the Country Hot Pad. Not only is this hot pad thick and durable, but it’s super cute as well. I just love the unique texture and design of this one! This design uses a special stitch called the spider stitch that works out from the center and makes this beautifully dense fabric. This pattern is also super simple to customize to match your home decor!

Designer: Stitching Together

Yarn Used: Lily’s Sugar and Cream Yarn

country crochet hot pad

30-Minute Trivet

Here is an example of a hot pad with LOTS of holes: the 30-Minute Trivet! This design uses a super thick yarn in a lacy design. You can customize it however you’d like, with one or multiple colors!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

30 minute crochet trivet

Tulip Stitch Dish Cloth

This final pattern will be sure to add a happy, spring vibe to your kitchen! I don’t know about you, but flowers just make me so happy. Why not add a touch of spring to your kitchen with this gorgeous Tulip Dish Cloth pattern? You can also switch up the colors to make it perfectly customized to your (or whoever you decide to give it to’s) kitchen.

Designer: Handmade by Raine

Yarn Used: 100% Cotton Yarn

tulip stitch crochet hot pad

Questions About Crochet Potholders

Let’s end with common questions people ask about crocheting potholders to use in their homes!

What kind of yarn should I use for potholders?

The best choice of yarn for potholders is cotton because it doesn’t melt. If you use acrylic yarn, it will unfortunately melt if you set a hot pan on top of it for long enough. For example, I made a thick acrylic-yarn potholder with bobbles. The bobbles are completely squished and melted to the fabric.

Now that said, the potholder actually still works very well. But if you want the beauty of the potholder to remain intact, use cotton.

What size is a potholder?

Potholders can vary in size. They are most commonly between 5″ and 7″ in width, but can be up to 10″ for a larger potholder. While the most common shape is a square, you can also make them circular or any unique shape you’d like!

How do you crochet a double layer potholder?

The easiest way to make a double layered potholder is to crochet 2 identical pieces of fabric. Then, either sew the two pieces together, or crochet them together, adding a border as you go.

Why are there so many patterns labelled as “potholders” that will burn your hands when using them?

I have to be honest: this is one of my big pet peeves! There are many “potholder” patterns on the internet that are one layer, with lots of holes. You should NOT use these to hold hot pans with your bare hands. All I can think is that these designers think of a potholder as something to hold a pot or pan on the table (like a hot pad).


Crochet potholders are such a useful project. You can make a wide variety with the yarn stash you have on hand, and so save money on conventional potholders! If you plan to use the potholders to handle piping hot pans, make sure you use cotton yarn and extra layers of fabric. Your hands will thank you! 😉

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