How to Crochet Christmas Ornaments – Tips + 12 Free Patterns

Are you wondering about the ins and outs of how to crochet Christmas ornaments? I’ll cover everything you need to know in this post, plus show you some of my favorite Christmas ornament crochet patterns!

There is something so amazing about a handmade crocheted ornament.

It can be a beautiful handmade gift given to a special friend.

It can be a timeless keepsake to pass down to your children.

Personally, Christmas ornaments are just one of those things that bring back all the nostalgia for me. Growing up, my mom would give my siblings and I a new ornament every year that represented something special about that year for us.

To me, Christmas ornaments are more than a decoration…they’re a symbol of family and tradition. They’re one of the special ways my family would connect around Christmastime and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

So I guess that’s why I’m so excited to share my best tips for crocheting your own Christmas ornaments today!

How to Crochet Christmas Ornaments

  1. Decide on a type of ornament you want to make.
  2. Research and choose a pattern you like.
  3. Follow the pattern/tutorial and enjoy your new ornament!

Types of Crochet Christmas Ornaments

There are endless types of crochet Christmas ornaments, but I like to put them in a few different categories:

  • Classic Ornaments. These are ornaments that make you think of “Christmas” the instant you see them. Think things like pine trees, stars, snowmen, etc. I’ll be showing you a bunch of ornaments like this soon! 😉
  • Religious/Birth of Jesus Ornaments. These would be ornaments like nativity scenes, angels, etc. I love ornaments like this because they celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!
  • Whimsical/Unique Ornaments. Finally, these ornaments are things that wouldn’t necessarily make you think of Christmas, but it doesn’t matter! They are things that are special to the owner. For example, I once received a hummingbird ornament because that was my nickname (ask anyone in my family and they’ll tell you I am always humming a tune!)

12 Classic Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns You Need This Year!

With all these things in mind, I just have to show you my favorite crochet ornament patterns. Most of these will fall into the “classic” ornament category, although a few might be classified as a whimsical or religious ornament too!

I hope you find the perfect new ornament for your tree this year 🙂

12 Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns - All Free!

1. Crochet Tree Ornament

There’s nothing that quite spells ‘Christmas’ more than a classic pine tree! This flat crochet tree ornament uses the puff stitch to create a unique, lifelike tree effect. In the pattern, you start from the bottom with 7 puff stitches and gradually decrease until you have just 1. Overall, this is such a fun and quick ornament.

Get the Tree Ornament Crochet Pattern

Crochet Flat Christmas Tree Ornament Pattern

2. Crochet Snowflake Ornament

Another classic ornament for Christmas would be a snowflake, and this pattern sure does not disappoint! Unlike most crochet snowflakes, you won’t have to tire out your hands and squint your eyes while using crochet thread. Instead, there are multiple yarn options, from sport weight to worsted weight. Using different yarns, you can customize the size of your snowflake and get it just perfect for you!

Get the Snowflake Ornament Pattern

Crochet Snowflake Ornament Pattern - Free & in 3 Sizes!

3. Crochet Angel Ornament

Up next is this lovely golden angel crochet ornament! Personally, I’ve never been a fan of most crochet angel patterns out there. When I designed this ornament, I wanted it to look simple but also somewhat realistic. Once again, I did NOT use crochet thread like many people do. Instead, you’ll just need some worsted weight yarn! This design could be placed either in the classic ornament OR religious ornament category.

Get the Angel Ornament Pattern

Crochet Angel ornament pattern for Christmas

4. Crochet Star Ornament

Since we’re talking about things that appear in the sky, it seems like the perfect time to show you some crochet star ornaments! While there are lots of different star patterns out there, these are unique because you can customize them in a variety of different sizes. They are worked in the round, mostly using half double crochets and chains.

Get the Star Ornament Pattern

christmas star ornaments—free crochet pattern

5. Crochet Vintage Red Truck Ornament

There’s nothing that quite says “Christmas” to me as much as a vintage red truck with a Christmas tree in the back! This red truck ornament is close to my heart for a few reasons, the main one being that my boyfriend has a red truck! There are a lot of moving parts to this design. You’ll need to make the truck, the wheels, window, tree, etc. However, it is totally worth it when you’re all done!

Get the Red Truck Ornament Pattern

Vintage Red Truck Crochet Pattern - Free!

6. Crochet Wreath Ornament

Next up, meet this cute crochet wreath ornament! Unlike your typical mini crochet wreath, you will not have to work around a ring to make this ornament. Instead, this wreath is made from a simple rectangle. Yes, it’s true! The unique construction makes it not only easier for beginners to crochet, but it also makes the wreath look more realistic!

Get the Wreath Ornament Pattern

Crochet wreath ornament pattern

7. Mini Crochet Mitten Ornament

Have you ever experienced a white Christmas? If so, you’ll probably love the next few ornaments I have to show you…the first of which is a Mini Mitten Ornament! Talk about a cozy and cute ornament! These little guys measure only about an inch long when they’re all done. They would look extra special on your Christmas tree this year!

Get the Mitten Ornament Pattern

Crochet Mitten Ornament Pattern

8. Mini Hat Crochet Ornament

Another miniature crochet ornament…this time it is a mini hat! The cool thing about this pattern is that it is made in the exact same way as a typical, larger hat. You’ll start with some half double crochet ribbing that is slip stitched together, and then work around that to form the body of the hat. The best part is, you can choose if you want to make these hats in one or two colors!

Get the Hat Ornament Pattern

Crochet Mini Hat Pattern

9. Mini Crochet Scarf Ornament

Last but not least in the realm of cozy accessories…a mini Scarf Ornament! I know this scarf looks knitted, but I promise it is crocheted. The pattern uses a unique stitch to create the knit-rib look. It also incorporates a simple chain space to form a keyhole. These mini scarves look so cute and can be made in so many different colors!

Get the Scarf Ornament Pattern

Mini Crochet Scarf Pattern

10. Crochet Poinsettia Ornament Pattern

Another amazing Christmas ornament to make is the classic poinsettia flower! This crochet poinsettia ornament is made from 2 simple layers: a layer of leaves and a layer of petals. While some poinsettias have multiple layers of petals, I wanted to keep this one simple since it is miniature. Once you sew on the yellow centerpieces, the whole flower will look complete!

Get the Poinsettia Ornament Pattern

3d poinsettia ornament crochet pattern

11. Crochet Snowman Ornament

If you’re a fan of white Christmases, here is another ornament you’ll love: a Snowman Ornament! This little guy is made from cotton yarn, and will look so cute when you’re all done with him. The top hat, scarf, and carrot nose represent a real snowman perfectly.

Get the Snowman Ornament Pattern

Crochet Snowman Ornament

12. Crochet Christmas Ball Ornament

Last, but not least…some simple but cute crochet ball ornaments! Sometimes you just need an extra simple ornament to make. If that’s what you’re looking for, these balls/baubles would be perfect. They are made in the round from mostly half double crochet, with a cute single crochet stripe down the middle.

Get the Ball Ornament Pattern

christmas ball ornament pattern

I hope you’ve found a new Christmas ornament to crochet! But don’t go yet, because I still have some tips to share about making the most of these patterns!

Turn Your Crochet Ornament Into a Garland

One unique way to use crochet Christmas ornaments is by making them into a garland! There are several ways to do this. Here are the steps I would take if I was doing it myself:

  1. Decide on the type of garland you want. Do you want a bunch of different elements on it? Or just one type of element? For example, you could make a garland using 1 of each of the ornaments I showed above. OR, you could make a bunch of different snowflakes into their own garland.
  2. Make lots of the ornaments you want. Don’t forget you can always try them in different sizes and colors to make the garland more unique!
  3. String them all together! For this step, you could make one long chain and attach everything to it. OR, you could use string or twine and attach everything with mini clothespins.

How to Stiffen Crochet Christmas Ornaments

One of the trickiest things about crocheted ornaments is their tendency to curl or not lay nicely like we want them to on the tree (or in a garland!) So what can you do to remedy this? Well, there are a few options!

The first thing I recommend doing is blocking your ornaments. You will most likely want to steam block them, since this is the quickest option and most ornaments will be made from acrylic yarn anyway.

For all the ornaments I showed above, this is the technique I used anytime an ornament started to curl! Usually a good steam block is all they needed.

However, for some types of ornaments, you may need to go a step further and stiffen them. This is usually done by using starch, or some kind of fabric stiffener. Check out the video below if you want to learn how to stiffen your ornaments!


Crocheted Christmas ornaments are so much fun, and they could add such a spark of creativity to your décor this year! There are so many different types that you can crochet, and most are fairly easy to make. I hope you liked learning all these tips about making your own ornaments….and I hope you found a new pattern that you can make soon!


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Happy Crocheting!

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