10+ Beautiful Truboo & Nuboo Crochet Patterns

Are you looking for truboo crochet patterns? This gorgeous bamboo yarn from Lion Brand has definitely caught crocheters’ attention, including mine. It is super fun to work with, which is why I wanted to show you 12 of my favorite patterns that use both truboo and nuboo yarn!

truboo crochet patterns collage

Truboo/Nuboo Yarn Review

I tried Truboo yarn as soon as it came out. It is wonderfully soft, light, and fun to work with. While Truboo is made from 100% bamboo, Nuboo is made from 100% lyocell. They are both great options for summer projects. Just keep in mind that Truboo is a #3 DK weight, while Nuboo is a #4 worsted weight.

I recommend purchasing these yarns either online on the Lion Brand Website, or at Joann’s (either online or in store). Joann’s is a great option if you like to touch and feel your yarn before purchasing.

What can you make with truboo yarn?

Truboo and Nuboo yarns are perfect for spring and summer projects. Think tops and cardigans & lightweight scarves and shawls.

There are a variety of patterns I’m excited to share with you that use these yarns! In fact, you can actually use it in some surprising ways for a whole variety of different projects.

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Truboo & Nuboo Patterns – the List

Without further ado, let me show you these amazing patterns!

Note: check each pattern to see the exact yarn used. While most use truboo, there are also a few that use Truboo Sparkle and a few that use Nuboo.

1. Rainbow Isles Baby Blanket

First up, meet this fun Rainbow Isles Baby Blanket. Isn’t it so cute? I just love the colors! Of course, you can use any color combination you’d like. Not only will this blanket add a beautiful burst of color to any nursery, but it has a gorgeous texture as well. This would make a great baby shower or birthday gift!

Designer: One Little Hook

truboo blanket crochet pattern

2. The Harbour Cardigan

Are you looking for a cute, lightweight cardigan pattern? If so, then I bet you’ll love The Harbour Cardigan! This pattern uses a combination of stitches to create this beautiful, lacey texture. Because of the lightness of this cardigan, it would make the perfect addition to any of your spring or summer outfits!

Designer: The Northern Moose

truboo cardigan crochet pattern

3. Cotton Candy Cardigan

Next up, meet the Cotton Candy Cardigan. Isn’t this one so cute? I just love the cotton candy colors! This pattern features simple stitches with pretty shell stitch accents that add the perfect little touch without being too much. Although this design makes a super cute kid’s cardigan, it can also easily be made in adult sizes as well!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

truboo kids crochet cardigan pattern

4. Lacey Crochet Cardigan

The next pattern I’d like to show you is the Lacey Crochet Cardigan. This pattern uses Nuboo yarn, and features a beautiful lacey texture that gives it such an elegant touch. Because of its lightness, this cardigan is particularly great for the warmer season! You can easily pair this cardigan with a t-shirt and jeans for a casual look, or with a dress or skirt for a more dressy look.

Designer: Joy of Motion Crochet

crochet cardigan made from truboo yarn

5. Vintage Tulip Shawl

Next, meet the Vintage Tulip Shawl. I just love the elegant-feel of this one! Although this pattern appears intricate and difficult to recreate, after row 2, it’s just a simple 3-row repeat (double crochet, v, and puff stitches)! This shawl is perfect for any season and will add a beautiful vintage-feel to your wardrobe!

Designer: Wilmade

truboo sparkle crochet shawl

6. Bellevue Beautiful Crochet Scarf

Have you been looking for an elegant, modern scarf design? If so, then I think you’ll enjoy this Bellevue Beautiful Scarf pattern! This pattern uses Nuboo and features a beautiful stitch design that adds to its overall delicateness (even down to its slightly ruffled edges!). This scarf would make the perfect addition to any of your spring, fall, and winter outfits!

Designer: Stitching Together

nuboo scarf crochet pattern

7. Freya Tunic Sweater

Making crochet garments can be a super intimidating process. That’s why I love the Freya Tunic Sweater! Not only is this pattern built up by simple crochet stitches, but the overall construction of it is quick and easy to follow as well. This design has a beautiful flowiness and lightness to it that makes it the perfect sweater to curl up in on a cold day!

Designer: Coco Crochet Lee

truboo striped tunic sweater crochet pattern

8. Beach Vibes Water Bottle Holder

Next up, meet the Beach Vibes Water Bottle Holder. I don’t know about you, but I just love crochet projects that have year-round functionality. This pattern in particular is SUPER simple and quick to make as it only uses single crochet stitches (which makes it extra sturdy as well)! And, you can easily adjust this pattern to fit any size water bottle! This design can easily be customized with different colors to create the perfect gift for your friends and family members. The yarn called for is Nuboo.

Designer: Caab Crochet

nuboo water bottle holder crochet pattern

9. The Luminescence Scarf

The next pattern I’d like you to meet is this gorgeous Luminescence Scarf. I absolutely love the elegance of this one! This scarf is built up by the Iris stitch which gives it the most beautiful, fancy-looking texture. Additionally, it works up and finishes quickly, making it a great last-minute gift for any of your female friends and family members! You can also adjust the length and width however you’d like to make it personalized to you. 😊

Designer: Mason Jar Yarn Designs

truboo scarf crochet pattern

10. Boho Spinner Ornament

Next up is a fun holiday design: The Boho Spinner Ornament! One can never be too prepared for Christmas. It’s always a good idea to get a head-start on decorations, right? This ornament takes a fun and modern spin on the classic ornaments you would typically see throughout the season. Not only would these look adorable hanging from your tree, mantle, or garland, but they’re incredibly easy and fast whip up! And, since they’re so small, they make the perfect project for using up any scrap yarn in your collection.

Designer: Rich Textures Crochet

truboo ornament crochet pattern

11. Country Christmas Ornament

Another fun holiday pattern I’d like to show you is this gorgeous Country Christmas Ornament. This ornament in particular has a beautiful texture that’s reminiscent of a freshy cut tree stump. This ornament is bound to give your tree (or whatever else you choose to put it on) a fun, rustic-feel and coziness!

Designer: Rich Textures Crochet

truboo ornament crochet pattern

12. Verano Longline Cardigan

Last but not least, check out the Longline Verano Cardigan! This pattern has such a lovely drapiness to it. This design features several stitches that, when built up on each other, create this beautiful, vintage lacey texture. Using Truboo and Nuboo yarn gives this it an extra softness and coziness as well! Because of lightness of this cardigan, you can use it to dress up a cute summer outfit, or layer it over another sweater in the fall and winter.

Designer: Mama in a Stitch

truboo cardigan crochet pattern

Truboo FAQ

Let’s close out this post by answering some common questions about Lion Brand Truboo yarn!

What yarn weight is lion brand truboo?

Truboo yarn is a DK #3 weight. This is also known as “light.”

Is Truboo Yarn Discontinued?

Nope, definitely not! Truboo is sold in store at Joann’s, and it is still sold on the Lion Brand website as well.

How do you wash truboo yarn?

Truboo yarn must be hand washed and laid flat to dry. Those bamboo fibers can be delicate so do yourself a favor by following the washing instructions!

Is Truboo yarn sustainable?

The answer to this probably depends on your definition of sustainable. However, according to Lion Brand, the fiber this yarn is made from requires “no fertilizer and self-regenerates from its own roots.” So that definitely helps its sustainability!

What is the difference between truboo and nuboo?

Truboo and Nuboo are both eco-friendly yarns, but they are made from differnet materials. Truboo is made from 100% bamboo, while nuboo is made from 100% lyocel. Truboo is a #3 DK weight, while Nuboo is a #4 worsted weight. However, they are both soft and great for summer projects!


Truboo and Nuboo are wonderful yarns created by Lion Brand. So many designers have done a great job creating patterns for us to enjoy in these yarns. I hope you liked this post and found the perfect summer project for your hook!



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Happy Crocheting!

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