10 Lion Brand Landscapes Yarn Crochet Patterns

Looking for patterns that use Lion Brand Landscapes Yarn? I scoured the internet to find 10 of the best, including scarves, beanies, and even a cardigan!

Sometimes when you buy a yarn, it can be tricky to find patterns designed for that specific yarn. I totally get the struggle! That’s why I’ve been doing lots of pattern collections based around the theme of one yarn.

Today, we’re going to look at lion brand landscapes patterns, but make sure you also check out truboo patterns, or cover story patterns as well!

Lion Brand Landscapes Review

Landscapes yarn is a beautiful yarn from Lion Brand that is very soft and lovely to work with. It is a “roving” yarn, which means it is an unprocessed fiber that has not been technically spun into yarn.

You might notice that most yarns have a twist on them, like they are many small strands spun together. Well, Lion Brand Landscapes does not have that! It gives it a unique touch and feel when crocheting or knitting with it.

There are actually 2 types of Landscape yarns:

Regular Wosted Weight

The most common type of Landscape yarn is the regular worsted weight. This yarn has been on the market for quite a long time. It is a #4 weight, and full of lots of beautiful colorways. My only complaint when working with this yarn is that it can be quite hard to pull out if you make a mistake. So, be extra careful while you crochet or knit!

The way the colors are dyed, this yarn will result in a self-striping effect. This makes it great for scarves and all sorts of accessories.

Landscapes Fusion

There is also another less common type of Landscapes yarn, called Landscapes Fusion! While this yarn is also roving, the same style as the previous yarn, the colors are dyed differently—they are blended together, which will create an all-over variegated effect (not stripes).

Anyway, the patterns in this list include BOTH of these yarns, so I wanted to make sure to specify before continuing!

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Lion Brand Landscapes Yarn Patterns

So without further ado, let me show you all the wonderful patterns!

1. Autumn Leaves Infinity Scarf

First up, we have the Autumn Leaves Infinity Scarf! This is a simple but beautiful scarf design. It is long enough to twist once around your head, to end up with a lovely arrangement of stripes.

Designer: Selina Veronique

Yarn Used: Regular Landscapes

lion brand landscapes colorful crochet scarf

2. Kayak Beanie

Now, so you can see how Fusion works up – check out the Kayak Beanie! This all-over variegated hat is sure to be a stunning accessory to wear in the winter! The colorful pom poms add a fun touch as well. Overall, a great design!

Designer: Handmade by Raine

Yarn Used: Landscapes Fusion

3 crochet beanies with pom poms using lion brand landscapes yarn

3. Autumn Lace Infinity Scarf

There’s nothing like a scarf that uses several different yarns for a varying effect. The Autumn Lace Infinity Scarf is just that! It uses 3 different yarns – Landscapes, Heartland, as well as Faux Fur for a cute and soft trim. I love the way it turned out!

Designer: The Purple Poncho

Yarn Used: Landscapes, Heartland, Faux Fur

neutral crochet infinity scarf with fur edge

4. Colorfully Modern Cardigan

Do you like wearing uniquely colorful clothing? I do! The Colorfully Modern Cardigan is such a pretty design that can be found on the Joann’s website. It comes in 7 sizes so a wide variety of people can make and enjoy it. You’ll love the finished result of this textured cardigan, a perfect Fall styling piece!

Designer: Lion Brand

Yarn Used: Landscapes and Heartland

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5. Mountain Sunset Scarf

This is definitely one of my favorite patterns in this list—meet the Mountain Sunset Scarf! I don’t know if it’s the eye-catching color of the scarf, or the stitch (probably both!) but whatever it is I am in love! This design is a great Fall accessory and features the perfect amount of fringe on the end.

lion brand landscapes crochet scarf pattern

6. Shawl of Many Colors

Next, take a look at this gorgeous Shawl of Many Colors! This design uses two different Landscapes colorways to get as many colors as possible within the shawl! It is made in one piece and features lots of double crochet stitches. And, it makes a great layering piece!

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7. Renee Hat

Landscapes yarn is great for beanies as well as scarves. The Renee Hat is a great example of this! It is simple teen/adult hat pattern that uses v-stitches for a pretty look. Julie from J Crochet designed this hat as a guest design on the Underground Crafter blog, and she did a great job!

Designer: J Crochet

Yarn: Landscapes

lion brand landscapes crochet beanie pattern

8. Twisted Cowl

As you can see, Landscapes yarn is such a great choice for scarves & cowls. The Twisted Cowl, as you might expect, features twisted stitches. These stitches look remarkable paired with Landscapes yarn! I just love this design. The picot stitch edging gives it such a nice finishing touch too.

Designer: Rich Textures Crochet

Yarn Used: Landscapes

twisted cowl crochet pattern with landscapes yarn

9. Fusion Lily Dale Scarf

Remember Fusion Landscapes yarn? We’ll close out with a few more patterns that use this yarn. The first is called the Fusion Lily Dale Scarf, which is such a nice design! The simple stitches + sideways puff stitch really make the yarn shine.

Designer: Lion Brand

Yarn Used: Landscapes Fusion

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10. Fusion Ferret Cowl

Last, but definitely not least, meet the Fusion Ferret Cowl. This cowl looks like a great spring accessory—for when you need just a bit of added warmth but not too much. It will work up pretty fast since it just goes around your neck once. I love it!

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Landscapes Yarn FAQ

If you are thinking about getting some Landscapes yarn, here are a few more things to know about it before you buy:

What ply is Landscapes Yarn?

Landscapes is a single-ply yarn. Remember earlier how I was saying that roving yarn isn’t twisted together like typical yarn? That is what single-ply means as well. It is just one strand of fiber, instead of multiple twisted together.

What weight is Landscapes Yarn?

Landscapes yarn weight is heavy-worsted, which is also known as Aran. This is technically in between worsted and bulky.

How many yards is in Landscapes Yarn?

The regular Landscapes yarn has 147 yards (134 meters) in a 3.5 ounce ball. Landscapes Fusion, on the other hand, has 109 yards (100 meters) in a 3.5 ounce ball.

Where can I buy Landscapes yarn?

This yarn is available at quite a few different places – Lion Brand’s personal website, Amazon, as well as online and in store at Joann’s.

collage of Lion Brand Landscapes Crochet Patterns


Lion Brand’s Lanscapes yarn is a beautiful yarn that can be made into a variety of crochet and knit projects. I think my favorite way to use this yarn is in scarves—the colors and the soft roving fiber make such a good match! I hope you liked this post and found a new crochet pattern to use up your landscapes yarn.

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Happy Crocheting!

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