20 Minute Crochet Soap Saver Pattern (Free!)

A quick, adorable pattern for gifts or craft shows: mesh crochet soap savers! This easy crochet soap saver pattern works up in just about 20 minutes. Not to mention, it is extremely useful and practical!

Scroll down for the free written pattern, or purchase a print-optimized PDF right here.

crochet soap saver pattern

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for quick projects that are useful around the house. There’s just something about crocheting a project for a specific purpose; something that can be reused over and over again.

That’s exactly the type of project these soap savers are! I am serious when I say they are great for craft shows too. I am currently making them to put in spa sets for a spring craft show. (I’m including my face scrubbies in the spa set too!) I’m hoping they will be a big hit!

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What is a soap saver for?

Maybe you haven’t heard of a soap saver before. If you haven’t, you are in for a treat! Basically, soap savers are used as a pouch for any bar soap you use in the bath or shower. They are not just for looks—they have numerous benefits!

  • Soap savers lift your soap off the bathtub, thus keeping it MUCH cleaner! No more slimy soap goop to scrub off when you clean the shower.
  • Soap savers also allow your soap to last longer. All of that goop that would usually get on the shower will stay contained.
  • But that’s not all. You can also have a luxury bath/shower experience when using a soap saver. Use the saver to scrub your body while keeping the soap inside of it!

In addition to these benefits, soap savers also are eco-friendly and great for your skin.

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Best Yarn for Soap savers

I highly recommend using cotton yarn when you’re crocheting soap savers. Many people wonder if they can use acrylic yarn, but I do not recommend doing this. Acrylic is less absorbent, and it is also not as great for your skin OR the environment.

On the other hand, cotton is plant-based and better for you. It also absorbs water very well and is easy to wash.

You can use any worsted weight cotton. Anything you would use for a dishcloth will work great for a soap saver as well (see my dishcloth/soap saver recommendations here!)

If you want to make other spa-type crochet items, check out this round washcloth or this diagonal washcloth!

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Crochet Soap Saver Pattern

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the free soap saver crochet pattern!

Video Tutorial:

See the new video HERE!

Explanation: A practical project great for gifts or craft shows: soap savers! This little mesh bag will save you a whole lot of mess in the shower OR the kitchen. Best of all, it is a great project for beginning crocheters!


  • Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn: (100% cotton, 120 yds / 109 m, 2.5 oz / 71 g) 
  • Or a similar worsted weight cotton yarn
  • I/5.5mm crochet hook (or size to obtain gauge)
  • Yarn needle


  1. Ch 1 at beginning of rounds does NOT count as a dc.
  2. Soap saver is worked in joined rounds.
  3. Written instructions will be shown first, with a tutorial on pages 3-5.


Width: 3.5”

Height: 5”


4 sc = 1”

Abbreviations/Stitches Used (U.S.) 

Chain – ch

Repeat – Rep

Round – Rnd

Single crochet – sc

Slip Stitch – sl st

Stitch(es) – st(s)

Space(s) – sp(s)

Written Instructions:

Ch 13. 

Rnd 1: Sc in second ch from hook and next 10 ch. 3 sc in last ch. Turn so that you’re working on the OPPOSITE side of the chain. Make 10 sc across the underside of the ch, until you get back to the first sc. Make 2 sc in same st as first sc. Join with a sl st to first sc. (26 sc)

Rnd 2: Ch 1, sc in next sc. *Ch 3, sk 2 sc, sc in next sc. Rep from * 7 times more. Ch 3, sk last sc and sl st. Sl st in first sc. (9 ch-3 sps)

Rnd 3: Sl st in next ch-3 sp. Ch 1, sc in same sp. *Ch 3, sc in next ch-3 sp. Rep from * 7 times more. Ch 3, sl st in first sc. (9 ch-3 sps)

Rnds 3-11: Rep rnd 3. 

Rnd 12: Ch 1, sc in same st as sl st, 2 sc in ch-3 sp. *Sc in next sc, 2 sc in ch-3 sp. Rep from * 7 times more. Join with a sl st to first sc. (27 sc)

Rnd 13: Ch 1, sc in next sc. Sc in next 9 sc. (Sc, ch 12, sc) in next sc. Sc in remaining 16 sts. Join with a sl st to first sc. 

How to Crochet a Soap Pouch (Step by Step)

If you’re not much of a pattern-reader, the following instructions may be much easier for you to work with! Each number in the list below corresponds with the number on the photo collages.

1) Chain 13. Single crochet in the 2nd chain from hook and each across. At the last chain, do 3 single crochets.

2) Turning and inserting hook in first chain on the opposite side.

3) Pull up a loop just like a regular single crochet.

4) Complete the stitch.

how to crochet a soap saver

5) Single crochet across the entire other side of the chain.

6) When you get back to the beginning, make 2 single crochet in the same stitch as the very first one.

7) Shows what those last 2 single crochet look like.

8) Join with a slip stitch to first sc to finish off the first round. 

how to crochet a soap saver

9) Chain 1 and single crochet in the next stitch. Ch 3, skip 2 single crochets, single crochet in next stitch.

10) Repeat this around: chain 3, skip 2 single crochet, single crochet in next stitch. Join at the end.

11) Starting round 3: Chain 1, single crochet in the next chain-space.

12) Chain 3, single crochet in the next chain-space (photo shows how to insert hook).

crochet soap saver picture tutorial

13) Continue doing a chain 3, and then making a single crochet in the next chain-space.

14) Repeat round 3—what your work will look like after 11 rounds total.

15) Round 12: start by chaining 1, single crocheting in the same stitch as the slip stitch, then making two single crochet in the next chain-3 space. 

16) Single crochet around, doing 1 stitch in every single crochet and 2 in every chain-space.

crochet soap saver tutorial

17) Join with a slip stitch to the first single crochet once you get all the way around.

18) Starting round 13.

19) After doing 10 single crochet, make the hanging loop by doing a single crochet, 12 chains, and another single crochet in the eleventh stitch. Note that this should sit right on the left side of the soap saver. You can adjust which stitch you do the loop in if you need to.

crochet soap saver tutorial

Soap Saver FAQ

I thought I would end this post by talking about some common questions that people have when it comes to soap savers.

Can I use acrylic yarn for soap saver?

I don’t recommend it. While theoretically you can, it won’t produce the best soap saver. Cotton soap savers are not only more eco-friendly, but they will also be more absorbent and better for your skin when using them to scrub.

How long do soap saver bags last?

Crocheted soap saver bags are reusable for a long time! There is not a specific timeline, but you don’t need to worry about having to throw it out. If it looks like it is getting dirty in any way, simply throw it in the wash! The only cause for replacing a soap bag is if you use it so much that the stitches start to come loose (which should take quite awhile).

Is a soap saver worth it?

Absolutely. There are so many benefits to using a soap saver. They make it easier to clean the shower, and they are great for your skin and the environment. And for so any benefits, they take up little space too!

How do you clean soap saver bags?

Take out the bar of soap and give the bag a good rinse, first of all. Then, throw it in the washer and wash on cold. Note that if you dry it, it will likely shrink a little if it is 100% cotton.

Are crochet soap savers sanitary?

Yes, they are much better than a soap dish or a plastic loofah. As long as your soap saver has a loop (like this pattern) you can hang it to dry, which helps prevent mildew or mold from forming.

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I love crochet soap savers, and I hope by now you do too! They are cute, easy to make, and have many benefits for health and the environment. So now it’s your turn—make a soap saver and try it out! Or even better, make a bunch for gifts or sell them in spa sets at a craft show! I’m telling, you these little guys are an amazing project.


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Happy Crocheting!

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