14 Best Crochet Christmas Garland Patterns (Free!)

One of my favorite types of Christmas decorations are garlands. There’s something so charming about Christmas crochet garland patterns—don’t you agree? You can make them so many different ways, with lots of different cute items hanging up! In this post I want to show you 14 of my very favorite Christmas garland patterns to use in your home this year.

Crochet Christmas Garland Pattern Collage

How do you crochet a Christmas garland?

It’s not too hard to crochet a garland for your own home this Christmas. Here’s a tip for you: you can actually take any flat applique-style pattern and make it into a garland!

Take the flat items (whether it be trees, snowflakes, etc.) and either make a long chain to attach them to, or use something like ribbon or burlap.

This is a great way to make a custom christmas garland. But of course, if you like more detailed instructions and photos, stay tuned for some awesome patterns!

crochet christmas garland patterns collage

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Yarn to Crochet Christmas Garlands

Most Christmas crochet garlands will call for worsted weight yarn. However, there are definitely exceptions to this! For example, one of the patterns in this list uses bulky yarn, and one uses crochet thread.

It is best to refer to the specific pattern you’re making for yarn recommendations—unless you’re coming up with a custom garland. Then it’s really up to you and the finished look/style you’re going for!

14 Christmas Crochet Garland & Bunting Patterns

Without further ado, let’s get right into the free crochet garland patterns!

1. Simple Scandinavian Garland Pattern

First up is a nice and easy design: the Simple Scandinavian Christmas Garland! I love the texture and simplicity of this one. Not only can this one be worked up fairly quickly (especially with a thicker yarn), but it looks beautiful draped across tree branches, a mantle, banister, etc.!

Designer: A Box of Twine

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick

simple crochet christmas garland

2. Christmas Tree Garland

Next up is one I designed; the Christmas Tree Garland! This pattern is fun, festive, and just super cute! The little trees are super quick to crochet and have a fun and unique texture, thanks to the puff stitch. Additionally, this guy is super easy to customize since you can change up the colors, size, or even add in other Christmas appliques to make it extra fun!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Caron Simply Soft

crochet christmas tree garland

3. Christmas Gnome Garland

Are you looking for something a little more unique? This Christmas Gnome Garland is just the perfect thing! I just love gnomes. They’re super cute and easy to customize for any season. This gnome garland is no exception! You can make these in lots of different Christmas-y colors and give them out as gifts, string them up around the house, etc.!

Designer: Golden Lucy Crafts

Yarn Used: Knit Picks Dishie Medium Weight #4 Yarn

crochet christmas gnome garland

4. Christmas Joy Bunting

This next design is a little different: the Christmas Joy Bunting! I love the pennant shape and the mistletoe appliques. This one is fun because you can add words or even plain pennants to make this as long or as short as you wish.

Designer: Thoresby Cottage

Yarn Used: Paintbox Yarn

crochet christmas joy bunting

5. Christmas Tree and Star Garland

Next, check out the Tree and Star Garland! Isn’t this one so cute? I love the little stars and the puffy, 3D effect! Not only do these guys work up super quickly, but they’re also a great stash-busting project since each tree and stars only use minimal yarn. This would be super cute over a mantle, on your tree, or even as a fun gift idea!

Designer: Knotted Nest

Yarn Used: Lion Brand’s Basic Stitch, Wool Ease, and WeCrochet Brava

crochet tree and star garland

6. Easy Christmas Tree Garland

Here’s another Christmas tree-themed pattern: the Easy Christmas Tree Garland! This garland is simple, yet festive, and makes the perfect touch for your Christmas home decor! Since this one features more muted colors, it has a really fun, rustic-feel. Of course, you can use whatever colors you’d like to make it your own!

Designer: Hooked on Patterns

Yarn Used: Rico Creative Cotton Aran 100% Cotton Yarn

crochet christmas tree garland

7. Crochet Gingerbread Garland

If you’re looking for something a little more unconventional, I think you’re going to love this next one! Meet the Crochet Gingerbread Garland. Aren’t these so cute? I love the elegant-feel of this pattern. These hearts are surprisingly simple to make and each feature a slightly different design to add some extra interest! These would look beautiful just about wherever you put them.

Designer: Golden Lucy Crafts

Yarn Used: Red Heart Soft Yarn

crochet gingerbread garland

8. Festive Star Garland

Now here’s a really fun one: the Festive Star Garland! These little stars are super quick to make and can be made with any combination of bright colors to create a fun, festive garland! This pattern is the perfect way to add some holiday flair to your home.

Designer: Annie Design Crocheet

Yarn Used: Scheepjes Catona Yarn

festive crochet star garland

9. Christmas Buffalo Plaid Garland

Are you looking for a more modern design? If so, look no further than the Buffalo Plaid Tree Garland! This pattern is so unique, I just love the plaid design! You can use this monochrome color combo, or change up the colors to make it your own. String them on beads, twine, a crocheted chain, etc. to give your house a fun, farmhouse vibe!

Designer: Knotted Nest

Yarn Used: WeCrochet Brava Worsted Weight Yarn

buffalo plaid crochet tree garland

10. Crochet Angels and Hearts Christmas Garland

Next, meet the Angels and Hearts Garland! Isn’t this one adorable? This pattern is built up of several hearts stacked on top of each other to create these unique angel motifs. The fun thing about this pattern is that since they’re made up of hearts, you can actually use these all year long for anything from a Baby Shower to Valentine’s Day as well as for Christmas!

Designer: Golden Lucy Crafts

Yarn Used: Knit Picks Curio #3 Thread

angel crochet christmas garland

11. Circle Holiday Garland

Next up is a more simplistic design: the Circle Holiday Garland. I love how colorful these guys are. The almost resemble confetti! Another great thing about this pattern is that it’s completely beginner friendly and can be whipped up in less than a day.

Designer: Make and Takes

Yarn Used: Red Hearts Soft Yarn

circle crochet holiday garland

12. Tiny Christmas Jumper Garland

Are you looking looking for a really cute pattern? If so, I bet you’ll enjoy this Tiny Christmas Jumper Garland! Aren’t they adorable? These guys are pretty simple to make and use minimal yarn, making this a great stash-busting project! Additionally, this pattern is super versatile in that you can use them not only in a garland, but also as present tags, appliques, ornaments, etc.!

Designer: Flo and Dot

Yarn Used: Paintbox DK Cotton Yarn

christmas crochet sweater garland

13. Rustic Holiday Garland

Another one of my favorites is the Rustic Holiday Garland. This pattern features tiny pom poms and snowflakes that alternate to create this cute, yet simple design. The snowflakes are simple to make, and if you use bulkier yarn, they work up quickly as well. I love how the muted browns give it a fun, farmhouse-y feel, though you can use any colors you’d like to match your home decor!

Designer: Fiction and Fibers

Yarn Used: Caron Simply Soft

snowflake crochet christmas garland

14. Mini Crochet Ball Garland

Last but not least, check out the Mini Crochet Ball Garland! These guys are super cute, versatile, and almost resemble tiny pom poms. They’re super quick and simple to make, making them yet another beginner-friendly project! These would add such a fun, festive touch to your tree. They would also look beautiful hung across a mantle, across a wall, wrapped around a banister, etc.!

Designer: Meg Made With Love

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver and Lion Brand DIYarn

crochet ball garland


Christmas crochet garlands are fun and easy to make. Make a simple garland to complement farmhouse decor, or go all out with a tree or gnome garland! Whatever you choose, the result is sure to impress your guests at Christmas.

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