Crochet Gift Ideas For Christmas – Over 30 Free Patterns

Are you looking for crochet gift ideas? Here’s a list of things you could make for Christmas using free crochet patterns!

It’s never too early to start crocheting christmas gifts!

I have to be honest, I am writing this Christmas post in August! But I am a BIG advocate of planning ahead, so I wanted to make sure I wrote it early in the year.

A lot of times I see bloggers make a list of free crochet patterns you can make for Christmas. And while that is awesome, I wanted to approach this post a little bit different.

Instead of just including pictures and links to pattern, I’ve decided to make a list of ideas.

Under each crochet gift idea, I will showcase a featured pattern with a picture & links. But then, I will also give you some extra ideas, along with various links to other free patterns you might like.

Are you ready to jump in? I know I am—I can’t wait to share these gift ideas with you!

Crochet Gift Ideas for Christmas - Over 30 Free Patterns

#1: 30-Minute Crocheted Gifts 

There’s nothing like a quick crochet project—would you agree?

I love patterns that can work up super fast, but still have a nice finished result! And when it comes to crochet for Christmas, sometimes there is a LOT to make.

Friends, family members, coworkers…if we made them all something, it would take forever! It’s because of this that I really love quick projects that can be given as gifts.

The featured 30-minute pattern:

summer dreams collection

Featured: 30-Minute Trivet

The pattern I must feature here is the 30-minute trivet! It is specifically designed with a short time frame in mind. Get the free pattern here.

Of course, there are so many other quick projects! Here’s a few more that come to mind:

This colorful washcloth pattern works up in under 30 minutes. And the Reindeer Coffee Sleeve is another quick one that will keep the holiday cheer flowing!

Outside the realm of the kitchen, another great way to add a touch of handmade to your gifts quickly is by making gift-card holders. This pattern by My Poppet is so cute and festive!

#2: Gifts to make in a Weekend

If you’re up for a bit of a longer project, I think a great goal is to make gifts over the weekend.

These patterns will take a little longer to create, but not more than a few days. And of course, the finished result will be beautiful!

Featured: Ho-Ho-Ho Pillow

When I saw this pillow, I KNEW it had to be included. The colorwork is so cute, and I can’t get over the pom poms! This pattern will take a little longer to make, but its so worth it. Get the free pattern here.

If you’re ready to plan out gifts over the weekend, here’s a few other ideas:

#3: Christmas Ornaments as Gifts

This seems simple, but it really works great! I think handmade ornaments make beautiful gifts, and what better time to given them away than Christmas?!

Featured: Snowman Ornaments

Isn’t this little guy cute? I made one last year to give to a friend, and she loved it! The pattern uses small amounts of worsted weight yarn making it an awesome stash buster. You can get the free crochet pattern right here.

On the other hand, if you want to make a more simple (but still beautiful!) ornament, this free pattern would work well. It’s also a worsted weight yarn stash-buster!

Another favorite in our house are star ornaments. I love how they grace the tree, reminding us of the star that led the wise men to Jesus all those years ago.

Even more ornament patterns:

#4: Practical Gifts for the Home

We all have a beloved woman in our life who would like something beautiful yet practical to use!

Gifts for mom or grandma are important to think about, and these patterns are designed to help with that!

Featured: Lace Mandalas

If you’re looking for something perfect for gifting, but also pretty, check out my lace mandala crochet pattern. They look stunning hanging on a wall!

Want something highly practical? I love making baskets. Check out these easy baskets in 3 sizes, or a free hanging basket pattern.

One other option is to make kitchen towels from cotton. A designer friend of mine, A Crocheted Simplicity, has several adorable patterns that look like a gingerbread man and Santa Clause!

You can also view ALL my home décor patterns here.

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#5: Make Accessories as Gifts

There’s another category of patterns I just LOVE to give as Christmas gifts—accessories! Things like scarves, cowls and shawls.

If you know the person, it’s even easier to make them something like this! You can personalize the color, yarn, and more.

Featured: Icicle Infinity Scarf

I’d have to say my favorite accessory to make is the Icicle Infinity Scarf. It is made with warm yarn and beautiful lace, perfect for blustery weather. Get the free crochet pattern here!

To be honest though, there are dozens of amazing accessory patterns out there, so I thought I’d just make a list of a few more that I love:

1. The Peacock Cowl is a great one skein project that can be whipped up quickly!

2. Likewise, the Tartan cowl has beautiful plaid color work that can be themed after Christmas, or not! It even has a matching hat to go with it.

3. Speaking of hats, you might try the Twilight Beanie if you want something simple yet elegant.

4. And one other amazing accessory is ear warmers. The Alicia Ear Warmer has been wildly popular on my blog!

#6: Gifts Ideas for Kids

Well, we’ve covered gifts for women, but what about for the kiddos? I’m always looking for cute boys and girls crochet patterns.

Featured: Allie Ear Warmer

If you want something quick for a little girl in your life, try the Allie Ear Warmer! Hint: it is actually a kids version of the ear warmer mentioned in the above section. A mommy & me set would be adorable! 😉 Free pattern here.

Up for a longer project? The Heidi Sweater is warm, and cozy, and comes in sizes 2-12!

And then there’s the boys…I will be the first to admit that they can be hard to crochet for! However, there ARE some great patterns out there.

While I haven’t personally published any patterns on this yet, I know many designers who have. Here’s just a few suggestions:

#7: Gifts for Men

If boys are hard to crochet for, men are even harder…am I right? 🤣

I must admit the focus of my blog is not on designing for men, but I know it is a necessity to have gifts for them at Christmas! So I decided to include some of my favorite patterns from other designers.

Featured: Constellation Beanie

I simply HAD to feature this father-son set in this section. The Constellation Beanie is so cute, and you can find the free pattern here.

Some other patterns for men:

  1. Plaid Button Cowl
  2. Chunky Plaid Beanie

#8: Gifts Even Beginners Can Make

Now, if you’re reading this post and thinking, “Ah, I’m a beginner! I don’t know if any of these patterns will work for me…” Don’t worry!

I thought that for one last point I would sum up the previous patterns into things that work well for beginners.

So just to clarify here: I’ve already mentioned these patterns in the above sections. But I wanted to give a bit more clarity on which ones would be best for beginners!

Here’s your master list:

  1. Colorful Washcloth
  2. Simple Ball Ornaments
  3. Star Ornaments
  4. Baskets in 3 Sizes
  5. Moonbeam Hanging Baskets
  6. Icicle Infinity Scarf
  7. Peacock Cowl
  8. Twilight Beanie

I hope you have enjoyed all these crochet gift ideas! Let me know if you found the perfect gift you want to make for Christmas in the comments!

To view ALL of my free patterns, click here.

Happy Crocheting!

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