35 Crochet Christmas Gifts – Ideas for Family & Coworkers

Are you looking for crochet Christmas gifts you can make for family and friends? Here’s a list of things you could make using free crochet patterns!

It’s never too early to start crocheting Christmas gifts!

I love crocheting gifts for people near Christmas time. There is just something about a handmade gift, you know?

I have to be honest, I am writing this Christmas post in August! I am a BIG advocate of planning ahead, so I wanted to make sure I wrote it early in the year.

However, it doesn’t matter what time of year you are coming to this post—there will be a gift idea for you! If it is close to Christmas time, don’t worry – there are a lot of last minute gift ideas included 😉

Crochet Gift Ideas for Christmas - Over 30 Free Patterns

Crochet Gifts for the Whole Family

As Christmas nears, you are probably thinking about gifts you can make for particular family members. Gifts for mom, gifts for dad, gifts for spouses and children…it can get a little overwhelming if you’re not careful!

That is why I decided to split this post up into a bunch of different sections. There will be ideas for each member of the family, along with a few other sections like last minute gifts and gifts to make in a weekend.

Keep in mind that you can mix and match from the different sections too! For example, there might be a gift in the “quick gifts” that would be perfect for mom. That is just fine.

Feel free to navigate to the different categories of gifts using the table of contents below!

35 Crochet Christmas Gifts - Ideas for Family & Coworkers

Table of Contents

  1. Fast Crochet Gifts
  2. Crochet Gifts in a Weekend
  3. Gifts for Mom
  4. Gifts for Kids
  5. Gifts for Dads/Brothers/Husbands
  6. Gifts for Coworkers
  7. Gifts Beginner Crocheters Can Make

Are you ready to jump in? I know I am—I can’t wait to share these gift ideas with you!

#1: Fast, 30-Minute Crocheted Gifts 

There’s nothing like a quick crochet project—would you agree?

I love patterns that can work up super fast, but still have a nice finished result! And when it comes to crochet for Christmas, sometimes there is a LOT to make.

Friends, family members, coworkers…if we made them all something, it would take forever! It’s because of this that I really love quick projects that can be given as gifts. (If you’re running short on time before Christmas, these work great as last-minute gifts).

30-Minute Trivet

The pattern I must feature first is the 30-minute trivet! It is specifically designed with a short time frame in mind, and it uses a super bulky yarn.

crochet trivet gift idea

Crochet Tree Ornament

A classic ornament can sometimes be the perfect gift! This Puff Stitch Tree Ornament works up SO fast and has such a beautiful look to it.

Crochet Flat Christmas Tree Pattern

Everglade Crochet Ear Warmer

Another quick gift idea is a crochet ear warmer! The Everglade Ear Warmer is a great stash buster. Best of all, you can easily adjust it to fit anyone!

adjustable ear warmer crochet pattern

Fir Tree Washcloth

Next up, meet the Fir Tree washcloth by Hooks, Books, and Wanderlust. This is the perfect way to make a Christmas themed gift while also keeping it useful! The little lace eyelets form the Christmas tree, which I love.

fir tree washcloth crochet gift idea

Striped Washcloth

If you want a more simple washcloth pattern, try this Striped Washcloth, designed by me! You can customize the colors to be Christmas themed if you want, or even make them so it can be used year round.

crochet washcloth gift idea for christmas

Reindeer Coffee Sleeve

Another quick gift idea is this Reindeer Coffee Sleeve designed by Jennifer from A Crocheted Simplicity! I love how she uses a granny square, some color changes, plus a red button nose to form the reindeer. Such a unique idea.

crochet christmas coffee sleeve

Crochet Flower Coasters

Next up, meet the Forget-Me-Not Coasters! These crochet flower coasters use two colors of DK weight yarn to make some pretty lace. You could easily work these up in 30 minutes (or less!)

crochet flower coaster Christmas gift

Snowman Ornament

Last but not least, another ornament pattern. This Snowman Ornament is so cute, don’t you think? You can use all kinds of worsted weight yarn scraps up as you make the body, hat, nose, and scarf.

Crochet Snowman Ornament christmas gift

#2: Gifts to make in a Weekend

If you’re up for a bit of a longer project, I think a great goal is to make gifts over the weekend.

These patterns will take a little longer to create, but not more than a few days. And of course, the finished result will be beautiful!

Ho-Ho-Ho Christmas Pillow

When I saw the Ho-Ho-Ho pillow, I KNEW it had to be included. The colorwork is so cute, and I can’t get over the pom poms! This pattern will take a little longer to make, but its so worth it.

crochet christmas pillow pattern

Boho Wall Hanging

Another fun gift would be this Boho Wall Hanging! You could easily change up the colors in this design to make it match the home of the recipient. It just uses worsted weight cotton yarn, plus a rustic stick for hanging!

boho crochet wall hanging Christmas gift

Crochet Market Bag

Next up, meet the Briar Produce Bag. This design uses DK weight cotton and a beautiful lace stitch pattern to create an unforgettable reusable bag. It would make the perfect gift for someone who likes to be environment-friendly.

Crochet Produce Bag Pattern

Crochet Fir Tree

There’s nothing like keeping the spirit of Christmas up even in your gifts! These Crochet Fir Trees are made from single crochet and they would look stunning in any home.

Chunky Crochet Blanket

Last but not least, you could make a chunky crochet blanket in a weekend! The Andy Crochet Blanket is made from super-bulky yarn, which means it will work up faster than your typical blanket. I just love the stitch pattern on this one!

Wool Ease Thick & Quick Blanket Pattern

#3: Crochet Christmas Gifts for Mom

We all have a beloved woman in our life who would like something beautiful yet practical to use!

Gifts for mom or grandma are important to think about, and these patterns are designed to help with that!

Crochet Lace Mandalas

If you’re looking for something perfect for gifting, but also pretty, check out my lace mandala crochet pattern. They look stunning hanging on a wall!

crochet mandala pattern christmas gift

Crochet Hanging Baskets

Want something highly practical? I love making baskets. Check out the Moonbeam Basket pattern, which is great for kitchen organization!

crochet hanging basket pattern

Snowbank Infinity Scarf

Looking for a scarf pattern for mom? The Snowbank Infinity Scarf knocks it out of the park! This design uses puff stitches to create such a gorgeous texture. It is extra cozy and warm for winter.

infinity scarf crochet Christmas gift

Crochet Poinsettia Ornament

Moms like pretty crochet ornaments, right? This Poinsettia Ornament works up quickly and will easily make a statement.

3d poinsettia ornament crochet pattern

Gingerbread Man Towel

One other option is to make kitchen towels from cotton. A designer friend of mine, A Crocheted Simplicity, has one adorable pattern that looks like a Gingerbread Man! Wouldn’t this look awesome hanging on your mom’s stove or fridge?!

Gingerbread towel crochet gift

Oversized Crochet Cardigan

This gift would take more time but is highly worth it: you could make your mom an Oversized Crochet Cardigan! This design is the exact gift I gave to my mom last year for Christmas—and she is even the one modelling it here! 🙂

oversized crochet cardigan pattern

Alicia Cabled Ear Warmer

Ear Warmers can make a great gift for moms or grandmas too! The Alicia Ear Warmer is a favorite of mine. It features 3 mini crochet cables that are cinched up in the center.

ear warmer crochet Christmas gift

Snowflake Ornament

Last but not least, another pretty ornament! These Snowflake Ornaments come in 3 different sizes and can be customized using different yarns and colors.

snowflake ornament crochet gift

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#4: Gifts Ideas for Kids

Well, we’ve covered gifts for women, but what about for the kiddos? I’m always looking for cute boys and girls crochet patterns.

Allie Ear Warmer

If you want something quick for a little girl in your life, try the Allie Ear Warmer! Hint: it is actually a kids version of the ear warmer mentioned in the above section. A mommy & me set would be adorable! 😉

allie ear warmer crochet gift for kids

Crochet Scrunchies

Quick and easy, but sure to charm a little girl’s heart…Crochet Scrunchies! This design can be made 2 ways: as a simple scrunchie or a two-toned layered scrunchie.


Heidi Sweater

Up for a longer project? The Heidi Sweater is warm, and cozy, and comes in sizes 2-12! The stitch pattern used features mini bobbles throughout the entire sweater.

Heidi Sweater crochet gift for kids

Basketball Scrubbie

And then there’s the boys…I will be the first to admit that they can be hard to crochet for! However, there ARE some great patterns out there. One is this Basketball Scrubbie, which works up super quickly out of simple single-crochet.

Basketball Scrubbie crochet gift for kids

Crochet Soccer Ball

Another popular sport among boys is soccer…so why not make a whole ball they can play with? This Soccer Ball Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me is made up of hexagons, which is so cool.

crochet soccer ball for kids Christmas

You can also check out even MORE crochet gifts for kids here, or I’ve also done a post specifically on crochet gifts for teenage guys.

#5: Gifts for Brothers/Dads/Husbands

If boys are hard to crochet for, men are even harder…am I right? 🤣

I must admit the focus of my blog is not on designing for men, but I know it is a necessity to have gifts for them at Christmas! So I decided to include some of my favorite patterns from other designers, along with two I designed for my boyfriend.

Jumbo Men’s Blanket

First up, check out this Jumbo men’s crochet blanket! This design comes in 6 sizes, from a throw all the way up to a king size bed. It is thick, cozy, and no-nonsense. Perfect for the guy in your life!

Jumbo Mens Crochet Blanket Pattern

Isaac Beanie

Next, take a look at the Isaac Beanie! This is one of the patterns I designed for my boyfriend. The hat is made from simple single crochet worked in the round from the top down. A nice wide brim completes it nicely!

Single Crochet Mens Beanie Pattern with Bulky Yarn!

Constellation Beanie

I simply HAD to feature this father-son set in this section. The Constellation Beanie is so fun, yet also manly. The beanie is made out of half double crochet, while the constellation is put on afterward using knots. Feel free to customize with or without a pom pom!

mens crochet beanie gift

Alpine Scarf

It can be hard to find a good masculine scarf pattern, right? Well this Alpine Scarf uses the perfect manly stitch pattern, along with brooding, foresty colors. Best of all, the pattern comes in 3 different lengths.

Alpine Mens Scarf for Christmas Gift

Red Truck Ornament

Looking for a quicker gift for the men? This Red Truck Ornament might be perfect! I know how men love their trucks and vehicles. I plan to give this to my boyfriend for Christmas, since I designed it based on his own truck!

Vintage Red Truck Crochet Pattern - Free!

Plaid Button Cowl

Last but definitely not least, meet the Plaid Button Cowl by Winding Road Crochet. I love how much thought went into this pattern. You have the plaid, the unique ribbing, and even some classy buttons sewn on.

plaid button cowl mens crochet pattern

More Crochet Gifts for Men HERE

#6: Crochet Gifts for Coworkers

So now we’ve covered the family…but what about friends and coworkers? I have an entire blog post dedicated to crochet gifts for friends and even one on crochet gifts for teachers too.

Or, keep reading for coworker gift ideas!

Kitchen Scrubby

First of all, one quick and easy gift idea is a kitchen scrubby! This is a useful gift that is sure to be appreciated. I have two scrubby patterns for you to choose from – a round one or a square one!

scrubbie crochet patterns

Plant + Crochet Plant Hanger

One of the first things that came to mind for coworkers is a plant customized with a crochet plant hanger! This pattern by Joy of Motion Crochet is quick and easy to make, but it still makes a statement!

Plant hanger crochet gift for coworkers

Crochet Baskets/Office Organization

Another great gift idea is some Little Crochet Baskets. This design comes in 3 different sizes, which makes it great for organizing an office desk!

Crochet gifts for coworkers

Crochet Angel Ornament

Have a coworker who you know is religious? This Angel Ornament might be a great option for them! It is made from worsted weight yarn in a few different pieces and then sewn together.

Beautiful Crochet Angel Ornament Pattern - Free!

Crochet Cup Cozy

Does your coworker always have an iced coffee cup in hand? This Sunny Days Cup Cozy might be the perfect gift! It is very quick to crochet and it mainly uses half double crochet stitches.

crochet cup cozy

Crochet Wreath Ornament

Last but not least, here is a generic Christmas Wreath Ornament you could make for a coworker you don’t know as well. I designed this ornament to be very easy…it is made from a simple rectangle!

Crochet Wreath Ornament Gift for Coworkers

#7: Gifts Even Beginners Can Make

Now, if you’re reading this post and thinking, “Ah, I’m a beginner! I don’t know if any of these patterns will work for me…” Don’t worry!

I thought that for one last point I would sum up the previous patterns into things that work well for beginners.

So just to clarify here: I’ve already mentioned most these patterns in the above sections. But I wanted to give a bit more clarity on which ones would be best for beginners! (And I’ve added a new ones in too!)

Here’s your master list:

  1. Striped Washcloth
  2. Simple Ball Ornament
  3. Star Ornament
  4. Plant Hanger
  5. Wreath Ornament
  6. Baskets in 3 Sizes
  7. Moonbeam Hanging Baskets
  8. Iced Coffee Cup Cozy
  9. Icicle Infinity Scarf
  10. Forget Me Not Coasters
  11. Peacock Cowl
  12. Twilight Beanie

I hope you have enjoyed all these crochet gift ideas! Let me know if you found the perfect gift you want to make for Christmas in the comments!

To view ALL of my free patterns, click here.

Crochet Gift Ideas for Christmas - Over 30 Free Patterns


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Happy Crocheting!

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