Thoughtful Crochet Gift Ideas for Friends on Any Occasion

Looking for the perfect crochet gift for a friend in your life? There are so many thoughtful crochet gifts that you could make! I’ve gathered a list of over 20 ideas for you to check out!

What can I crochet for a friend?

There are lots of things you crochet for your friends! However, surprisingly, there are not many blog posts dedicated to this topic when you search for ideas on google.

I decided to change that and give you all my best ideas!

Keep in mind, though, that in order to make the perfect gift for your friend, you will need to know what they would truly like and use. I will show you patterns for gifts in lots of different categories – including friendship bracelets, accessories, self-care items, and more!

Thoughtful Crochet Gift Ideas for Friends on Any Occasion

Crocheting for a Friend’s Birthday or Christmas

The gifts in this list are perfect for any occasion – make them for a friend’s birthday, or for a Christmas gift!

Or, maybe you don’t even need a special occasion…sometimes it is fun to crochet gifts for friends just because. It can be extra special when you give a gift for no other reason than just to show you appreciate someone.

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Thoughtful Crochet Gift Ideas for Friends

More Crochet Gift Guides

Looking for more crochet gifts? Here are ideas for teachers in your life. Or, some ideas for teenage guys (I know they can be hard to crochet for!)

Crochet Gift Ideas for Friends – the List

Table of Contents

Idea #1: Crochet a Friendship Bracelet

One of the first things that popped into my mind when I thought of crocheting for friends was a friendship bracelet!

Of course, this does not mean it has to be your typical friendship bracelet woven from embroidery thread. I thought I would show you some stylish, beautiful bracelets that any friend would love!

Chain Bracelet

If you want to go simple but beautiful, try this bead-crochet chain bracelet pattern. The beads are strung onto the thread first and then crocheting literally INTO the chain! You can work up this type of jewelry so fast.

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How to Make Beautiful Bead Crochet Jewelry from a Simple Chain

Tube Bracelet

When I saw this classy tube bracelet designed by Wilmade, I knew it had to be included! This bracelet does not use beads, but the simple crocheted tube makes a statement when combined with the pretty metal clasp.

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Crochet Friendship Bracelet

Feather Bracelet

As you can see, crochet jewelry is amazing when combined with other elements! This feather bracelet is made from a simple chain, but the metal feather gives it a beautiful finished look.

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Feather Crochet Friendship Bracelet

Idea #2: Crochet a Practical Gift

Another great idea for friends is to make them something useful for their home! This gift will likely work out best if you have a general idea of the style/colors they use in their house.

Crochet Mug Rugs

These beachy mug rugs work up SO fast and make a great gift! They’re great for a friend who has a boho or beachy-type style in their house. You’ll just need a little bit of DK or worsted weight yarn to make them!

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Free Mug Rug Crochet Pattern

Kitchen Scrubby

One great way to make washing dishes more fun is to have a crocheted scrubby to use! These kitchen scrubbies are a great gift for friends who like something practical. You can choose between two different ones – a square scrubby or round scrubby.

scrubbie crochet patterns

Easy Organization Baskets

Another great option is some cute crochet baskets! These stash-buster baskets use bulky weight yarn to make them extra sturdy. Best of all, they come in 3 different sizes making them perfect for organization on a desk or counter!

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Crochet basket pattern for friends

Crochet Christmas Tree Potholder

If you’re looking for gifts for friends specifically for Christmas, here is something you’ll love! This potholder is not only thick and useful, but also features a cute colorwork Christmas tree on the front.

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crochet potholder for friends

Crochet Pumpkin Coaster

Now let’s go for a different season! If your friends love Autumn/Fall, these pumpkin coasters would make a lovely gift. The pattern comes in 2 variations and includes a photo and video tutorial.

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Crochet Mop Cover

One practical gift idea for a friend is to make them a crocheted mop cover! I love this pattern, designed by Grace & Yarn. It is made in worsted weight cotton yarn, and you’ll only need about 130 yards to complete it!

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mop cover crochet pattern

Car Air Freshener Holder

Isn’t this a genius idea?! A car air-freshener holder is a great way to keep your car both looking and smelling lovely! Although, you might be careful which friend you give this to – you don’t want them thinking you gave it to them because their car smells bad 😂

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car air freshener gift for a friend

Idea #3: Crochet a Self-Care Item

If your friends don’t care so much for practical gifts and would rather something more self indulgent, this section of patterns will be perfect! With these gifts, your friends are sure to feel spoiled.

Reusable Crochet Face Scrubbies

A quick but thoughtful self-care gift to crochet would be some face scrubbies! Scrubbies are not only beautiful but also functional. You can use them to wash your face or even remove makeup!

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crochet face scrubbie pattern

Flower Face Scrubbies

Here is another scrubbie pattern that you could use as a gift! These are more flower themed than the previous pattern. Aren’t they pretty? Keep in mind also that scrubbies make a great gift for friends who are conscious about the environment.

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flower scrubbie crochet gift idea for friends

Crochet Lavender Sachet

When I saw these lavender bags, I knew that I had to include them! If you have friends who are interested in essential oils, this could be a great option. You can use lavender, OR really any scents you know your friend will like!

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lavender bag crochet gift idea for friends

Crochet Earbud Holder

Who else has lost one of their earbuds before? LOL. This earbud holder would make such a great gift for a friend! The best part is, this will be such a quick project to work up.

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Crochet Earbud Holder - gift for friends

Crochet Zipper Pouch

Another gift a friend might appreciate is a crocheted zipper pouch! This can be so useful as a makeup bag, notions bag, coin purse, etc. If you know your friend loves organizing their purse, this could be perfect!

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Idea #4: Crochet a Friendship Prayer Shawl

Another great gift idea I had to include was a friendship prayer shawl. I can hardly think of a more thoughtful gift! With these shawls, you literally can pray for your friend while crocheting the shawl.

Friendship Prayer Shawl

This pattern by Straight Hooked is so pretty, and it is actually named the Friendship Prayer Shawl! You could customize this pattern in so many colors to make it perfect for your friend. It just uses simple stitches too!

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friendship prayer shawl crochet

Jadestone Wrap

You can really take ANY shawl pattern and make it as a friendship prayer shawl (even if it’s not called that!) This Jadestone Wrap pattern uses just one skein of yarn, so it might be perfect for a friend who likes smaller shawls.

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Crochet shawl - gift idea for friends

Eva Rectangular Shawl

If a triangle shawl isn’t your thing, this rectangle shawl is another option! The Eva shawl is extremely easy to make, featuring simple stitches made into lovely lace.

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Amore Shawl

Last but not least, the Amore Shawl would be a great prayer shawl to show your friend how much you love them! This pattern features lacy crochet hearts throughout the entire design.

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Amore Shawl - crochet gift for friends


There are so many wonderful things that you can crochet for your friends! The better you know your friend, the easier it will be to pick out the perfect gift. I hope you liked browsing through this list and I hope you found the perfect pattern for the bestie in your life!

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