23 Modern Crochet Sunflower Patterns

Sunflowers are such happy, wonderful flowers. There’s nothing quite like a piece of sunflower decor to help brighten up your home for the spring and summer seasons! If you’re looking for crochet sunflower patterns for this purpose, you have come to the right place.

Types of Crochet Sunflowers

When crocheting sunflowers, there are a variety of methods you can use. There is not ONE way to make a sunflower.

You can actually change it up quite a bit! Here are some common “types” or “methods” that I’ve seen.

  1. Sunflower motifs. This is probably the most common kind of sunflower! A motif is a flat shape—in this case, a flower shape. Sunflower motifs are generally made by starting in the center in the round, and working outward to the petals.
  2. Sunflower colorwork. Another way you can form sunflowers is by changing colors! This can be done with either tapestry/intarsia crochet, or corner-to-corner crochet. You’ll find examples of both in this article!
  3. Sunflower filet-crochet. This technique uses chain spaces to form fun designs. You’ll find one unique filet sunflower designs in this list of patterns!
Crochet Sunflower Patterns collage

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What yarn is best for crochet sunflowers?

You can really use a variety of yarns to crochet sunflowers! My first advice would be to follow the yarn recommended in your chosen sunflower pattern.

However, personally I’ve found that worsted weight yarn works well for sunflowers—either acrylic or cotton. Here’s a few inside tips:

🧶TIP: turn a large sunflower motif into a kitchen dishcloth simply by using cotton yarn!

🧶TIP: turn any medium sized sunflower motif into a coaster by using either a cotton or acrylic yarn!

Free Easy Sunflower Crochet Patterns

Without further ado, let’s take a look at all the wonderful sunflower patterns. You’ll find home decor, accessories, and even blankets in this list!

1.Sunflower Pillow

First up, take a look at this cute and modern Sunflower Pillow! This design has such a simple, yet modern feel to it. The pillow case itself is made to slip over an already existent throw pillow, which makes washing extra easy! This pattern is simple to make, and would make the perfect gift for any of your sunflower-loving friends or family!

Designer: Jo to the World

Yarn Used: Impeccable Solid by Loops and Threads

crochet sunflower pillow

2. Sunflower Basket

Are you looking for something semi-practical? This Sunflower Basket is just the thing! These little baskets are perfect for storing all kinds of odds and ends in a bright and cute way. These would make fun decor pieces, gifts, patterns for your craft fair table, etc.!

Designer: Hooked on Patterns

Yarn Used: Rico Creative Cotton Aran Yarn

sunflower crochet basket

3. Sunflower Coaster

If you want a project you can work up super quickly, these Sunflower Coasters are for you! They’re super quick and easy to make and have a simple, yet modern look. Whether you’re looking for a way to brighten up your home, a quick pattern to add to your craft fair stock, etc., these are perfect!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Heartland and Yarn Bee Soft Secret Yarn

crochet sunflower coaster pattern
Home Decor

4. Sunflower Applique

Maybe you want to have a little more creative liberty to choose what you do with sunflowers. If so, I think you’ll enjoy this Sunflower Applique! Not only is it simple and quick to make (which means it’s beginner friendly too!), but there are so many things you can do with it! You can sew them onto clothing pieces or cup cozies, use them for buntings/garlands, make them into a baby mobile – the possibilities are endless!

Designer: Kathy’s Kozies

Yarn Used: Worsted weight yarn

crochet sunflower applique

5. Mini Sunflower Applique

If you’re looking for something a little tinier, these Mini Sunflower Appliques are perfect! They use only a tiny bit of yarn and work up in just a few minutes, so they’re the perfect project for when you just need a little something to do with your hands. These would be especially great for small embellishments, earrings, buttons, etc.!

Designer: Raffamusa Designs

Yarn Used: Paintbox Yarns DK

mini crochet sunflowers

6. Large Sunflower Applique

Here’s another fun applique: the Large Sunflower! This design has a cool, two-toned affect that adds an extra warmth and dimension to the flower. If you’re looking for something to add a little taste of summer to a bag, headband, hat, etc., you should definitely give this pattern a try!

Designer: Star Crochet

Yarn Used: Lang Handarbeitsgarn

large crochet sunflower applique

7. Sunflower Windspring

Maybe You’re looking for a pattern to hang outside. If so, I got you covered with this Sunflower Windspring! There’s something so hypnotizing and wonderful about windsprings. And this bright and happy sunflower design is no exception! This pattern is simple to make and would be a fun, whimsical piece to add to your porch or backyard.

Designer: Crochet Patterns Free

Yarn Used: DK yarn of choosing

sunflower windspring

8. Sunflower Table Runner

If you’re looking for a pattern that’s a bit more elegant, I think you’ll enjoy this Sunflower Table Runner. This pattern uses the filet technique to create these gorgeous sunflower motifs down the center. If you’ve never tried this technique before, don’t worry! It’s simpler than it looks, and this pattern is a fun place to start.

Designer: Handmade by Raine

Yarn Used: Ant Lydia’s Thread

crochet sunflower table runner

9. Sunflower Bookmarks

The next pattern I’d like to show you are these adorable Sunflower Bookmarks! These bookmarks are fantastic, scrap-busting projects and make fun little gifts for any book-loving friends. These would also make fun key chains, rear view mirror accessories, etc.!

Designer: Meladoras Designs

Yarn Used: Worsted weight yarn of choice

crochet sunflower bookmark

10. Large Crochet Sunflower

Next up is this Large Sunflower pattern! This design has a bit more of a realistic look with a textured pistil/center. This flower lays mostly flat, so it would make a fun and beautiful addition to any hats, bags, afghans, clothing pieces, etc.!

Designer: Meladoras Creations

Yarn Used: Worsted weight yarn of choice

large crochet sunflower

11. Upcycled Potted Sunflower

Next up are these adorable Potted Sunflowers! This pattern is so cute and unique and would make a wonderful birthday or housewarming gift for a flower-lover in your life. This pattern is perfect for upcycling any old mugs or teacups you have lying about. These would also be a fun addition to your craft booth stock!

Designer: Eye Love Knots

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver

potted crochet sunflowers

12. Sunflower Shawl

Are you looking for a sunflower piece that you can wear? If so, I think you’ll enjoy this Sunflower Shawl! This shawl is built up by lots of sunflowers pieced together to create this unique, summery look. This shawl can easily be dressed up or down for a variety of events and outfits!

Designer: Eye Love Knots

Yarn Used: Baby Bee’s Sweet Delight Yarn

crocnet sunflower shawl

13. Sunflower Wreath

Here’s another unique piece of decor: the Sunflower Wreath! This pattern has a beautiful, boho-feel and would be perfect to hang inside or outside during the spring-fall! This wreath is relatively simple and quick to crochet and creates the cutest, textured flowers. You can easily make this wreath your own by arranging the flowers in different ways and adding or omitting the burlap-style bow!

Designer: Eye Love Knots

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver

crochet sunflower wreath

14. Sunflower Gnome

Do you like gnomes? If so, I bet you’ll love this Sunflower Gnome pattern! This gnome is built up by simple stitches and can be customized with as many or as few sunflowers as you’d like! This guy is the perfect combo of trendy and whimsical and will add a cute touch to your summer or fall decor!

Designer: Winding Road Crochet

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver

sunflower crochet gnome

15. Sunflower Potholder

Maybe you’re looking for a more practical design. If so, I got you covered with this Sunflower Potholder. This sunflower is thick, durable, and has a cute, rustic look to it. If you’re wanting a cute way to add some brightness to your kitchen, you should definitely give this pattern a try!

Designer: Nana’s Crafty Home

Yarn Used: Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton Yarn

crochet sunflower potholder

16. Sunflower Granny Square

Next is this cute Sunflower Granny Square! This design in particular has a really simple, yet elegant look. The lightly textured square with the tiny flower motif in the center gives it a modern/minimalistic feel. If you’re looking for a simple design to add some brightness to an afghan, this one is perfect!

Designer: Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Yarn Used: #4 weight yarn of your choosing

simple sunflower granny square

17. The Sunflower Square

Maybe you want a square that stands out a bit more. If so, this Sunflower Square is for you. This square is designed using the c2c technique to colorwork the sunflower straight into the square. This allows the square to lie flat, while also giving it a unique, textured look! This square would be perfect for a blanket/afghan, pillow, cardigan, etc.!

Designer: Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Yarn Used: #4 weight yarn of your choosing

corner to corner sunflower square

18. Sunflower Blanket

Are you looking for a bigger project? This Sunflower Blanket is just that! This blanket features massive, 3D Sunflower squares that are crocheted together using a fun border that’s easy to customize with any color! This cozy blanket is the perfect project to brighten up your space for the spring-fall!

Designer: Crafty Kitty Crochet

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver

sunflower motif blanket

19. Small Sunflower Granny Square

Here’s another Sunflower Granny Square variant! Each sunflower has a neat, two-toned effect that’s easy to customize with different color combos, and it has a fun texture thanks to the popcorn stitch. This design is a little less realistic than the past few patterns, but equally cute!

Designer: Annie Design Crochet

Yarn Used: King Cole Big Value DK Yarn

small crochet sunflower granny square

20. Starburst Granny Square Phone Sling

Next up is a fun one: the Starburst Granny Square Phone Sling (click to see a photo!) This sling is relatively simple to make and has an elegant, yet clean look. The granny square motif isn’t only cute, it doubles as a front pocket as well! This bag would make the a cute gift or an addition to your summer wardrobe.

Designer: Little World of Whimsy

Yarn Used: WeCrochet CotLin

21. Small Sunflower Granny Square

The next granny square design I’d like to show you is the mini Sunflower Square! This fun design lies flat and has a nice, full and round flower in the center. These squares would make great coasters, afghan blanket squares, etc.!

Designer: Meladoras Creations

Yarn Used: Worsted weight yarn of choosing

mini sunflower granny square

22. C2C Sunflower Square

Next is this fun C2C Sunflower Square! This is another design using the corner to corner technique to create a crisp flower graph in the center. This beautiful square would be perfect for wall hangings, pillows, etc.!

Designer: Blue Star Crochet

Yarn Used: Paintbox Simply Aran

c2c sunflower square

23. C2C Sunflower Throw Blanket

Lastly, check out the C2C Sunflower Throw Blanket! This design is quite detailed and big, so it definitely takes some time and commitment, but the end result is so worth it! I love the almost animated look of each flower. This blanket is beautiful, bright, cheery and would add the perfect pop of color and brightness to your home!

Designer: Nana’s Crafty Home

Yarn Used: Caron Simply Soft

crochet sunflower blanket


So there you have it—23 beautiful sunflower crochet patterns in a variety of different styles! Crochet sunflowers are easy projects and a great way to brighten up your home this summer. So which pattern are you going to make? Grab your materials and get started today!

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