15 Best Crochet Patterns for Fall Leaves

Fall is rapidly approaching, and boy am I excited! I love it when the leaves start to change colors and the weather starts to cool down. Likewise, I also love the idea of making crochet fall leaves as this season comes upon us! Which is why I want to share 15 fall leaf crochet patterns with you today.

I’ll be honest…

Fall is my favorite season.

Summer is fun with the hot weather and pool parties. Winter is cozy, snowy, and wonderful around Christmastime.

But you just can’t beat Fall, you know? It has the perfect weather (at least where I live). It’s like you can feel change in the air, literally, as everything starts to cool down.

The sunsets, with autumn leaves framing them…

Ah, so good.

But before I go on too much about why I love fall, let’s talk about crocheting for Fall! Because I love Fall so much, I also love to decorate for Fall. And that’s where this post comes in.

One amazing way you can decorate for the Fall season is by making leaves. This can be just plain crochet autumn leaves, leaf garlands, or other fun leaf-inspired projects!

In this post, I’ll start by sharing 8 fall leaf patterns that are standalone. Think things like maple leaves, oak leaves, etc.

Then, I’ll also show you 7 patterns inspired by autumn leaves—more decor, and some accessories too!

15 Best Crochet Patterns for Fall Leaves!

How to Crochet Fall Leaves

You might be wondering, how can you crochet a fall leaf anyway? Well, there actually a lot of different ways!

Most leaves are made like little motifs. They are often a combination of lots of different stitches to get different heights in the leaf. (For example, you might work 2 single crochet, 2 half double crochet, and then 2 double crochet to get a leaf that gradually increases in width!)

However, the truth is it will really depend on the pattern. Some will be worked in ovals, along both sides of the starting chain. Others will be worked in circles.

While all of the following patterns are specifically designed to be autumn leaves, the truth is, you can easily take any leaf pattern and make it for Fall…simply change the yarn color!

15 Fall Crochet Leaf Patterns - All FREE!

Decorate with Fall Leaves

Once you crochet your own Fall leaves, there are plenty of ways you can use them! The most common, of course, is to decorate for Fall with them! Here is what I would do:

  • String together a bunch of leaves for a beautiful fun garland
  • Place single leaves around the house, or arrange them in a fun pattern with other Fall decor you might have
  • Make them into wall art (see the last pattern in this post for inspiration!!)

There’s a few ideas of how to USE your fall leaves once you crochet them!

But first, of course…you have to crochet them, and that’s what this post is for!

Fall Leaf Crochet Patterns

Are you ready to see all the amazing fall leaf patterns? Let’s jump right into the list! Remember, these 8 patterns are for standalone autumn leaves. Then we will move into other patterns inspired by leaves too!

1. Easy Fall Leaves

First up, check out these simple Fall Leaves by Olena from Golden Lucy Crafts. This pattern uses crochet thread to make a small but stunning leaf that is about 1.5″ long. You’ll get to use a variety of simple stitches like single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet! Not to mention, you’ll use slip stitches to make the unique ridge up the center. Get this free pattern here.

Easy Fall Leaf crochet pattern

2. Happy Autumn Leaves

If you’re looking for some leaves that really show the veins, check out these Happy Autumn Leaves on the Moogly Blog! You can use any autumn leaf color to customize them, and they use post stitches to really show off the classic veins! Get the free pattern here.

Happy Autumn Leaves by moogly

3. Simple Crochet Autumn Leaves

If you’re looking for extra simple and easy to make, this next pattern would be perfect. You won’t need to work in the round to make these leaves! Instead, you’ll do 10 quick rows and then a border around it. Find the free pattern right here.

Simple crochet fall leaves

4. Fall Maple Leaf

There’s nothing that quite says ‘Fall’ more than a maple leaf! This maple leaf crochet pattern from the Crafty Kitty Blog is sure to impress! These leaves are made in continuous rounds (no sewing necessary!) and they about measure 6″ long including the stem when they’re done. So yes, I would consider this to be a large crochet leaf pattern! Get the free pattern here.

Fall maple leaf crochet pattern

5. 3 Autumn Leaves Patterns

How about 3 leaf patterns in the same blog post? You’ll get all that and more in this wonderful Autumn Leaves Pattern by Breann from Hooked on Homemade. I love how she made some of them green and some of them in autumn colors. And wouldn’t they all look amazing combined together as a garland? Get the free pattern here.

3 autumn leaves crochet patterns

6. Fall Oak Leaves

Another must when it comes to fall leaves is an Oak Leaf! I was very impressed when I saw this Fall oak leaf pattern by Maria from Pattern Paradise. They are designed with worsted weight yarn, and measure about 5″ long when finished. In addition, you only need to know simple stitches to make them (from slip stitches to triple crochet!) Get the free pattern here.

Oak Leaves Crochet Pattern

7. Pumpkin Leaf Crochet Pattern

You may not think of this right off the bat, but another fun leaf for Fall would be a Pumpkin leaf! Crochet pumpkins are ALL the rage during the Fall season, but sometimes the patterns you find don’t include a leaf to go along with them. This pattern by Ambassador Crochet can solve that problem! And, it is really easy to make (you’ll just need to do 2 rounds total!) Get the free pattern here.

Pumpkin leaf crochet pattern

8. Autumn Leaves Crochet Banner

Last but NOT least, we have a few more leaf patterns combined into one PDF by Tera Kulling. As you can see, she made hers into a wonderful crochet leaf garland! However, you could easily use these leaves separately as well. They’re very unique, don’t you think? Get the pattern on Ravelry here.

Crochet fall leaf garland

Autumn Leaves Inspired Patterns

Now that we’ve looked at some classic fall leaves, I want to show you some patterns for more Fall decor and accessories…inspired by leaves! I hope you love all these designs as much as I do.

1. Fall Granny Leaves Square

First of all, check out this unique Granny Square that incorporates autumn leaves. All the leaves are put together to form a unique swirl pattern! I love how you can make them all in one color, or use lots of different Fall colors. Tonya from Nana’s Crafty Home did a great job with this design! Get the free pattern here.

Fall Granny Leaf Square Crochet Pattern

2. Autumn Leaves Cowl

Next up is a fun accessory designed by me: the Autumn Leaves Cowl! In this design, I used cluster stitches and chain spaces to form a unique leaf pattern. However, it is the yarn that makes the leaves truly come alive! Aren’t the Fall stripes wonderful? Get the free pattern here.

Autumn Leaves Cowl - FREE Lightweight Crochet Cowl Pattern

3. Autumn Leaf Cutlery Pouch

Another unique design incorporating a leaf: a cutlery pouch! I can see this pattern in so many different colors. It uses tapestry crochet to make the leaf, which is brilliant! I think these pouches would look amazing on a Thanksgiving table if you had time to make a bunch of them. Get the free pattern here.

Crochet Autumn leaf cutlery pouch

4. Fall Leaves Coaster Crochet Pattern

What better way to decorate for Fall than by making some Crochet Leaf Coasters?! This pattern is so stinkin’ cute, I love it! Best of all, it is super easy and quick to make up. Get the free pattern here!

Fall Leaves Coaster Crochet Pattern

5. Autumn Bliss Leaves Earrings

Another great way to promote the Fall spirit is by making some crochet leaf earrings! This pattern by Amber from Bliss this is so pretty, don’t you think? You could make these in a whole host of different colors and wear them with so many different outfits! Get the pattern on Ravelry here.

Autumn Leaves Crochet Earrings

6. Fall Leaves Crochet Scarf Pattern

Next up, another accessory pattern! This one is a corner to corner scarf pattern, with some wonderfully cute Fall leaves added on afterward! Simple, but makes a statement. You could easily make the entire scarf in Fall colors if you wanted to! Get the free pattern here.

fall leaves crochet scarf

7. Autumn Tree & Wind Wall Art

Last, but DEFINITELY note least is this beautiful wall art by Golden Lucy Crafts. I was stunned when I saw this beautiful Fall decor piece! You literally make the skeleton of a tree, and then a ton of little leaves, and put them all together in a pattern like the wind is blowing them. I thought this was such a smart idea, and I might just have to make this for my own house! Get the pattern here. (Note that this is a paid pattern on Etsy, but I thought I would direct you to the blog post so you can get all the info before purchasing).

Crochet Fall Leaves Wall Decor

So there you have it…15 amazing crochet patterns for Fall leaves! I truly hope you liked this post and found a new Fall project for your hooks!

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Happy Crocheting!

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