How to Crochet the Blue Frost Stitch

Today I want to share with you a fun crochet stitch called the Blue Frost stitch! This is an amazing bobble stitch pattern combined with another stitch that actually looks like knitting. Let’s jump in and learn how to crochet the Blue Frost Stitch together!

How to Crochet the Blue frost stitch—free crochet pattern

The story behind this stitch is actually kind of ironic.

I was first experimenting with it in a sweater design. In fact, I made this a sweater with it, only to realize in the end it was too small for me. 🙁

In the end, it turned out for the best! I made the rectangular panel into a pillow, which can be found for free on the blog.

Take a look at the Knit-Look Pillow below; you can easily put the Blue Frost Stitch to good use with this pattern!

Get the FREE Pattern HERE.

How to Crochet the Blue frost stitch—free crochet pattern

Of course, I also ended up putting the stitch pattern to use by making this tutorial!

This stitch was actually apart of the Desert Blossom Stitch Along, a huge crochet-along I ran in the past. We had so much fun learning a whole host of new crochet stitch patterns!

Now, you can find all the stitches I taught in one big list HERE. You don’t want to miss learning a bunch more beautiful stitches!

As far as the Blue Frost stitch itself, I wanted this stitch to display awesome texture, along with simple stitches.

You’ll get to learn how to make puff stitches, while also learning the woven stitch, a special crochet stitch that looks like knitting!

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how to crochet the blue frost stitch—free crochet pattern

How to Crochet the Blue Frost Stitch

All right, let’s get started!

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  • The Stitch Pattern is a multiple of 2+1
  • Ch 3 at the beginning of bobble rows counts as a dc
  • Ch 1 at the beginning of sc rows does NOT count as sc


You can potentially use any yarn and hook for this stitch. However, here’s what I used:

  • Red Heart Super Saver Yarn
  • H/8 Crochet Hook


how to block your crochet projects
how to crochet the foundation single crochet

Special Stitch

Puff Stitch: YO, insert hook into indicated st. YO, pull up loop. (YO, insert hook into same st, YO, pull up loop) 2 times. YO, pull through 6 loops on hook, YO pull through last 2 loops on hook.


Fsc a multiple of 2+1 (to start with a chain stitch, you will need a multiple of 2, and then a row of single crochet). For a tutorial on the foundation single crochet (fsc) click here.

Row 1: Ch 1 (does NOT count as a sc, here and throughout) Sc in ea fsc across. Turn.

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in first sc. Sc in MIDDLE of ea sc across, till one sc left. Sc in regular top loops of last sc. Turn. (this technique is known as the woven stitch. See picture below for help, or click HERE for a full tutorial on this stitch!

Row 3: Ch 3 (counts as dc) dc in next st.*Ch 1, sk 1 st, Puff in next st. Rep from * until 3 sts left. Ch 1, sk next sc, dc in last 2 sc. Turn. 

how to crochet the blue frost stitch—free crochet pattern

Row 4: Ch 1, sc in first 2 dc. Sc in next ch sp, *sc in next puff stitch, sc in next ch sp. Rep from * across row. Sc in last 2 dc. Turn. 

Like this pattern so far? Want the printer-friendly version (plus 3 BONUS stitch patterns—see picture below!)

Click HERE for more information!

Row 5-6: Rep row 2.

Rep rows 3-6 for stitch pattern! 

Don’t forget to share your stitches with the hashtag #desertblossomstitchalong and tag me on Instagram and Facebook! I’d love to see your projects!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to help!

To view all of my tutorials, click HERE.

Happy Crocheting!

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