18+ Beautiful Crochet Skirt Patterns

Are you looking for the perfect crochet skirt pattern? There are so many lovely patterns out there, but they can be tricky to find. I’ve scoured the internet to show you over 18 of my favorite ones! You’re sure to find your next project.

crochet skirt patterns

Skirts are such a fun way to dress up an outfit. Unfortunately, though, finding skirts that are tailored perfectly for you is difficult. That’s what’s great about making your own! Not only do they fit much better, but they’re unique and easy to personalize as well.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at 18 of my favorite crochet skirt patterns!

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Types of Crochet Skirts

There are so many types and styles of crochet skirts you can make! My personal favorite is the crocheted maxi skirt, but there are also mini skirts, boho skirts, lacy skirts and more. I’ve separated this post into 5 main categories. If one is of particular interest to you, jump to it using the table of contents below:

  1. Free Crochet Skirt Patterns
  2. Simple Crochet Skirt Patterns
  3. Long Crochet Maxi Skirts
  4. Crochet A-Line Skirt Patterns
  5. Crochet Mini Skirts

Free Crochet Skirt Patterns

First up, let’s take a look at some of my favorite free crochet patterns! Interestingly, the majority of skirt patterns that I could find were paid patterns only. I will show you those patterns soon, but I wanted to start off with 4 skirts that are available as free patterns.

Crochet Lace Skirt

First, meet the Crochet Lace Skirt. Isn’t this one so pretty? I just love the beautiful lacey texture of this one. The fan stitch almost resembles little flowers or sunbursts! Since this design pretty much consists of the same stitch pattern all the way through, it’s quick and easy to catch on to. This would make a great skirt for the late spring or summer months!

Designer: Krissy Over The Mountain Crochet

Yarn Used: Mandala Yarn

lace rainbow crochet skirt

Tessa Skirt

If you’re looking for a more unique design, I think you’ll enjoy the Tessa Skirt! This pattern is built up by beautiful, puff-stitch granny squares. This skirt is also easily customizable with different colors, size options, etc. Additionally, this skirt is warm and cozy, making it a great addition to your winter wardrobe!

Designer: Kickin’ Crochet

Yarn Used: Furls Wander Acrylic Yarn

granny square crochet skirt

Herringbone Baby Skirt

Next is an adorable pattern: The Herringbone Baby Skirt! Isn’t this one so cute? I love the texture and button detailing. These little skirts are super quick and easy to make, and they use hardly any yarn at all! Even if you don’t have a little girl of your own, these would make great baby shower gifts, additions to your craft fair inventory, etc.!

Designer: Winding Road Crochet

Yarn Used: Red Heart Baby Hugs Yarn

baby skirt crochet pattern

Isabella Skirt

Lastly for this category, meet the Isabela Skirt. This design features a fun shell stitch center with a flared bottom which adds such a cute and unique touch (and it’s flattering for most body types!). What I love most about this one is that it’s cute enough to be a child’s skirt, and yet mature and elegant enough to be worn by an adult. You can also easily adjust the length of this one and customize it with different colors!

Designer: Fosbas Designs

Yarn Used: Stylecraft Jeanie Yarn and Hand Dyed Yarn

crochet shell skirt pattern

Simple Crochet Skirt Patterns

If you’re looking for a more beginner-oriented skirt pattern, these next few patterns are for you! These uses simple stitches and construction.

Crochet Pocket Skirt

First, meet the Crochet Pocket Skirt. I don’t know about you, but I just love pockets. It’s so hard to find them in women’s clothing! Not only does this design feature pockets (which is a huge plus, haha), but it’s beautiful and simple to make as well. You should definitely try this one out!

Designer: Fosbas Designs

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Jeans Yarn

pleated pocket crochet skirt

Beach Dreaming Skirt

Next up, check out the Beach Dreaming Skirt pattern! This gorgeous skirt is built up mainly by the shell stitch which gives it a summery, beachy feel. This skirt is also light and flowy, making it the perfect garment for the warmer summer months!

Designer: Bliss This

shell crochet skirt

Flirty Marvel Skirt

Are you looking for a more professional-looking skirt pattern? If so, I think the Flirty Marvel Skirt is just the thing for you! The beautiful, simple texture paired with the lacy side accents makes it the perfect elegant skirt to wear to the office or to church.

Designer: Underground Crafter

Yarn Used: WeCrochet Galileo Yarn

purple simple crochet skirt

Summer Fringe Skirt

The last simpler pattern I’d like to show you is the Summer Fringe Skirt. Isn’t this one fun? This unique pattern features a simple lacy stitch with playful fringe accents that give a unique, summery look. This skirt especially would make a great swimsuit coverup for the beach!

Designer: Carroway Crochet

Yarn Used: Bernat Pop Cake Yarn

fringe summer crochet skirt

Long Crochet Maxi Skirts

The next few designs I’d like to show you are long maxi skirt patterns! These are my personal favorite style of skirts, and I found some gorgeous ones.

Boho Maxi Skirt

The first pattern I’d like to show you is the Boho Maxi Skirt. This gorgeous skirt is so beautiful and flowy, I just love the lacy texture! Another thing I love about this one is that it’s elegant enough to wear to a photoshoot or a fancy event, and yet casual enough for church. You should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: Krinichka

boho  crochet maxi skirt

Lacey Maxi Skirt

Are you looking for a more intricate pattern? Check out the Lacey Maxi Skirt! Although this one is trickier, the end result is so worth it. This skirt would make a great wedding skirt, or you can even make it in different colors for other events!

Designer: Krinichka

long lacy crochet skirt

Angel Skirt

Next, meet the Angel Skirt! Like the name implies, the lacey “petals” of this one resemble intricate angel wings. This skirt is bound to get you compliments!

Designer: TheNamasteAndCrochet

angel long crochet skirt

The Lotus Skirt

Las up for this category, let me introduce you to the Lotus Skirt! Isn’t this one so pretty? This design features several different layers of stitches that create this elegant, unique look. I just love how the bottom layers look like Lotus flower petals!

Designer: TheNamasteAndCrochet

lace crochet skirt

A-Line Crochet Skirt Patterns

Are you looking for a more casual skirt pattern? If so, I think you’ll like these next few A-line skirt designs! A-Line skirts are great because they can be flattering on almost any body type.

Joy Skirt

First, check out the Joy Skirt. I love the simplicity of this one! It’s simple enough to make easily and be worn casually, and yet pretty enough to be dressed up for a fancier event. The draw string waist also allows it to be easily adjustable for all sizes. This skirt would make a great gift for a daughter, friend, etc.!

Designer: Bliss This

joy a-line skirt crochet pattern

Boho Blue Skirt

Next, meet the Boho Blues Skirt! Isn’t this one so fun? I absolutely love this different textures. The popcorn stitches give it a fun playfulness, while the scalloped lace edging brings it a touch of elegance. Really, the possibilities for this skirt are endless!

Designer: MadebyAsya

boho blue crochet skirt

Tulips Skirt

Do you like flowers? I don’t know about you, but I just love the spring and all the beautiful flowers it brings. The warmer weather, the happy colors, all of it! This Tulip Skirt reminds me of just that! The light lacey body with the tiny tulip accents gives it the perfect, spring-y touch. This skirt would be perfect for church, a walk on the pier, the the pool, etc!

Designer: MadebyAsya

striped tulip crochet skirt

Chevron Skirt

Looking for a casual, yet cute skirt design? I think this last pattern is perfect for you! The Chevron Skirt features a cute chevron design that’s bound to add some interest to any of your outfits! This pattern is also easy enough for a beginner to catch on to quickly, and yet interesting enough for more advanced crocheters. You should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: MadebyAsya

chevron crochet skirt

Crochet Mini Skirts

The last category I’d like to show you are some crochet mini skirts. Since these skirts are lighter, they’re particularly great for the warmer summer months!

Reversible Crochet Skirt

First up, check out the Reversible Crochet Skirt. This skirt is super cute and unique in the sense that it can be worn two different ways (one side has a chevron-stripe design, while the other has a fun, knit-like texture)! Adding the ruffle edging gives it a pretty, playful touch. It’s also simple to make as well, making this one a beginner-friendly garment pattern!

Designer: Willmade

Yarn Used: Katia Cotton Cashmere

easy crochet mini skirt

Velvet Skirt

Next, meet the Velvet Skirt. This skirt is simple, yet adorable. Using velvet yarn gives this one an extra soft plushiness, making it great for the winter season as well! The drawstring waistband allows it to be easily adjustable, while also adding a cute bow accent. You should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: Knitcroaddict

Yarn Used: Bernat Baby Velvet

velvet crochet mini skirt

Easy High Waisted Skirt

Last, but not least: The Easy High Waisted Skirt. This one is light and airy with a cute ruffle edging that gives it an extra summery feel. This skirt would make a great swimsuit coverup, beach skirt, etc.!

Designer: Jenny and Teddy

Yarn Used: Cotton dk Weight Yarn/ 3 Light

high waisted crochet mini skirt

Crochet Skirt FAQ

I thought we would finish off this post by addressing the common questions people ask when it comes to crocheting a skirt!

How much yarn do you need for a crochet skirt?

It totally depends on the pattern. Obviously, the longer the skirt the more yarn you’ll need. However, unless you’re making a mini skirt, you should plan on buying quite a bit of yarn.

How do you crochet a flowy skirt?

Flowy skirts are made by adding lots of increases around as you go. If you just crochet a round with the same number of stitches each time, you’ll end up with a straight skirt. But if you add staggered increases, you’ll get a flowy skirt. That is what many of the patterns above are designed to do.

How do you crochet a ruffle skirt?

A ruffle skirt is made in a similar way as I described above. Except, ruffles are made by adding even MORE increases! The more increases you add the more the fabric will fold back on itself and create ruffles.

How do you crochet a boho skirt?

Usually, skirts can be made to have a boho look by using neutral colors and pretty lace patterns. It’s definitely a cool style!

How do you make a long crochet skirt?

Simply by adding more rounds! It is usually pretty easy to adjust the length of a skirt. You can either add rows or take them away.

How do you crochet a summer skirt?

Crochet summer skirts by using lightweight, plant-based yarns. Cotton, linen, or bamboo are great choices for summer skirts. Lacy patterns will make them look even more summery!

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Crocheted skirts are an amazing project that can be made in so many different styles! Whether you’re looking for a long skirt, mini skirt, or lacy skirt, there’s lots of patterns for you. I hope you liked this post and found the perfect pattern to get started on right away!


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Happy Crocheting!

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