Ultimate List of Free Crochet Keychain Patterns

Have you ever crocheted a keychain before? Keychains make fantastic projects for crocheters of any level because they’re quick, use little material, and are such satisfying makes. There’s also so much variety and room for customization with keychains, so they make wonderful gifts and can easily be made in bulk to sell!

What is the best yarn for keychains?

When it comes to crocheting keychains, you’ll want to choose a durable and strong yarn that can withstand hanging from your keys all the time!

The most common choice for crocheting keychains is cotton, because it is very durable.

Another thing to keep in mind with keychains is that you don’t want them to be too big. For that reason, thinner yarns are usually used rather than heavier ones.

But as always, check the pattern you’re making for the yarn recommendation, and if you’re substituting, make sure to choose a yarn that’s pretty similar!

How do you turn crochet into a keychain?

It is pretty simple to turn any little crochet project into a keychain. Here is what you’ll most commonly need:

  • a keyring with a chain attached, with a metal jump ring on the end that can be opened and closed
  • Pliers

For a detailed step by step process on turning crochet into a keychain, check out the video below!

Free Crochet Keychain Patterns – the List!

Without further ado, let’s start looking at all the wonderful patterns.

Cute and easy crochet keychains

First up, here are some of my favorite, simple crochet keychain patterns!

Lanyard Keychain

The first pattern I’d like to show you is this Lanyard Keychain! I love the woven/rope-like look of these ones. This pattern is wonderfully quick and easy to make, which makes it perfect for last minute gifts or for adding to your craft fair stock!

Designer: Heart Hook Home

Yarn Used: Yarn Bee Macrame

crochet lanyard keychain

Crochet Pencil Chapstick Holders

Here’s a cute pattern: the Pencil Chapstick Holders! These adorable holders are simple to make and so fun to customize with different colors! Not only do these make really cute keyrings, but they’re also great for giving to friends, family, teachers, etc.!

Designer: Jen Hayes Creations

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver

chapstick holder keychains

Karis Keychain

Next is the Karis Keychain! This pattern has a really neat, almost feather-like look that I just love. The texture of this keychain pairs particularly well with thinner, shinier yarn. What’s extra fun about this pattern is that you can easily add beads or tassels to customize it and make it your own!

Designer: Through the Loop Crochet

Yarn Used: Furls Wander Yarn

feather crochet keychain

Fidget Keychain

Here’s another one of my favorites: the Fidget Keychain! Fidget toys seem to be everywhere lately, and it’s extra fun to have one that’s homemade! This keychain incorporates the fidget factor in a way that looks both cute and elegant with beads running down the center. If you like fidget toys, you should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: Hooked for Life

Yarn Used: Lily Sugar n Cream Yarn

crochet fidget keychain

Retractable Measuring Tape Keychain Holder

Are you looking for an even more practical design? This Retractable Measuring Tape Keychain Holder is a great one! This holder is so handy to have on hand, and makes an especially great gift for any seamsters or seamstresses you might know. And, it’s a wonderful way to use up any leftover bits of scrap yarn!

Designer: Heart Hook Home

Yarn Used: Premier Home Cotton Yarn

measuring tape holder crochet keychain

Crochet Keychain Buddy

Another practical design is the Keychain Buddy! This handy keychain pouch is perfect for housing any tiny items such as gift cards, chapsticks, hand sanitizers, etc.! It’s really like a tiny purse. This pattern works up quickly, and would make a great little gift for friends and family!

Designer: Jo to the World

Yarn Used: Loops and Threads Impeccable

crochet keychain pouch

Wristlet Keychain

Are you looking for a keychain you can wear? If so, this Crochet Wristlet Keychain is for you! This pattern is stylish, easy to make and simple to personalize with colors, beads, you name it! And the best part? It only takes 15 yards of yarn and 15 minutes to crochet!

Designer: You Should Craft

Yarn Used: Dishie Cotton Yarn

crochet wristlet keychain

Keyring Pouch

Lastly for this category is another multi-purpose keychain: the Keyring Pouch! These adorable drawstring pouches are perfect for carrying coins, earbuds and any other small items! It’s also a great pattern for stash-busting old scrap yarn!

Designer: Blackstone Designs

Yarn Used: DK Weight yarn

crochet keyring pouch

Crochet Animals and amigurumi keychains

Some of the cutest crochet keychains come in the form of mini amigurumi patterns. I think you’re going to love these!

Dog Keychain

First up is this adorable Dog Keyhcain! This little guy is crocheted in the round and only takes about an hour to make. The keychain uses minimal yarn, which makes it perfect for using up leftover bits of scrap yarn! Of course, you can even adjust it to the size of a huggable plushie by using thicker, plushier yarn.

Designer: DIY Fluffies

Yarn Used: Catania Cotton

crochet dog keychain

Amigurumi Cat Keychain

Next is the Amigurumi Cat Keychain! This pattern has a super cute, almost animated-look to it and is the perfect pattern for beginners! Additionally, it only requires minimal sewing, so it works up quickly too.

Yarn Used: Catania Cotton

crochet cat keychain

Happy Bee Key Ring

Do you have any flower/garden lovers in your life? What better a keychain to make for them than this adorable Bee Keychain! I love how bright and happy they are. These bees work up quickly, so they’re great for last minute gifts, party favors, etc.!

Designer: Keep Calm and Crochet On

Yarn Used: Scheepjes Catona

crochet bee keychain

Jellyfish Keychain

Next is the Jellyfish Keychain! This jellyfish is only about 4 inches tall, and is complete with a full set of wavy tentacles. These jellyfish would make great backpack pals, keychains, toys for little ones, etc.!

Designer: The Friendly Red Fox

Yarn Used: Worsted weight yarn of choice

crochet jellyfish keychain

Mini Sun Amigurumi

This next keychain is perfect for adding some brightness to your bag/accessories: the Mini Sun Keychain! This ray of sunshine is so bright and happy and is sure to add a smile to anyone’s face! Additionally, it’s easy to customize and super simple to make, so it’s beginner friendly!

Designer: Once Upon a Cheerio

Yarn Used: Hobbii Friends Cotton

crochet sun keychain

Mini School Bus Keychain

What’s a more perfect accessory for back to school than this Mini School Bus Keychain? This pattern is great for those of you who want a small project that will still keep them busy for a little bit. Though this keychain is small, it’s filled with so much detail that it still takes some time! This would also make a great gift for a teacher or friend!

Designer: Raffamusa Designs

Yarn Used: DK Yarn

schoolbus crochet keychain

Food Keychain Patterns

If you’re looking for cute, food-related designs, I got you covered with these next few patterns!

Fruit Slice Keychains

First up are these adorable Fruit Slice Keychains! These keychains are quite simple to make, as they’re crocheted in the round and only require single crochets. They’re also so fun and simple to customize to different fruits! Additionally, they make fantastic gifts!

Designer: Raffamusa Designs

Yarn Used: Schachenmayr Catania

crochet fruit slice keychains

Amigurumi Strawberry Keychain

Next is this super cute crochet Amigurumi Strawberry Keychain! These strawberries are the perfect mini crochet project for the summer. They’re bright, cheery, and simple, yet also realistic. These work up quickly, so you can make a lot in one sitting! They make wonderful keychains or toy foods for little ones.

Designer: Raffamusa

Yarn Used: Hobii Rainbow Cotton

amigurumi strawberry keychain

Ice Cream Cone Keychain

Are you looking for something extra summery? Nothing quite ‘screams’ summer like these Ice Cream Keychains! These cones work up super simply and quickly, which makes them a great pool-side project! Additionally, since the ice cream scoops use so little yarn, this is a great stash-busting pattern.

Designer: The Friendly Red Fox

Yarn Used: Any worsted weight scrap yarn

ice cream crochet keychain

Mini Donut Keychain

To keep on the dessert theme, check out this Mini Donut Keychain! These donuts work up quickly, are perfect for using up leftover bits of yarn and are easy to make in bulk and customize with different color combinations!

Designer: A Crafty Concept

Yarn Used: I Love This Yarn

crochet donut keychain

Apple Pouch Keychain

The last food keychain I’d like to show you is this Apple Pouch Keychain! This apple slice keychain is not only cute, it’s multipurpose! It’s the perfect punch to house any of your tiny belongings, and it makes a fantastic coin purse!

Designer: Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Yarn Used: WeCrochet Dishie Yarn (or any worsted weight scrap yarn)

crochet apple keychain

more Unique Keychains

Lastly, here are a few of my favorite unique designs!

Sweater Keychain

First up is the Sweater Keychain! This cozy pattern has endless color combination possibilities and can be embellished however you’d like. You can even make some ugly/cute Christmas sweater designs to sell at Christmas craft boutiques!

Designer: Stitch by Fay

Yarn Used: Paintbox Yarns DK

crochet sweater keychain

Cactus Keychain

Now here’s a cute one: the Cactus Keychain! This pattern is fun, summery and perfect for embellishing a bag, a wallet, key ring, etc.! It’s also quick and easy to make, and perfect for using up green scrap yarn! And what makes this design even more wonderful is that it’s multi-functional: it doubles as a chapstick holder!

Designer: High Desert Yarn

Yarn Used: I Love This Yarn Cotton Worsted Weight

crochet cactus keychain

Crochet Coin Purse

Are you looking for something quick and easy? If so, this Crochet Coin Purse is for you! I love how simplistic this design is. The added zipper makes it extra secure, so you can ensure your coins (or other small belongings) will be safe and stay put!

Designer: Blue Star Crochet

Yarn Used: Women’s Institute Smooth and Silky Yarn

coin purse keychain

Hopstotch Keychain

Here’s another great back to school pattern: the Hopscotch Keychain! This pattern is relatively simple and only requires minimal sewing. I love how simple it is to customize with different colors! This keychain would make a wonderful gift for a schoolmate or teacher.

Designer: Pine Tree Crochet

Yarn Used: Loops & Threads Woolike

hopscotch keychain

Essential Oil Roller Keychain

This next pattern is another multi-functional design: the Essential Oil Roller Keychain! I love the texture and cozy look of this one. The fun textured look is mostly thanks to the bobble stitch! Pair one of these with a roller, and it would make a lovely last minute gift.

Designer: A Crafty Concept

Yarn Used: YARNART Jeans Yarn

crochet essential oil keychain

Unicorn Earbud Holder

Lastly, check out this Unicorn Earbud Holder! This keychain is super cute, and makes for a fun, stylish way to hold your earbuds (or other small items). This little guy is so fun and can easily be customized with any range of colors. These unicorns would be perfect for stash busting or for adding to your craft fair stock!

Designer: A Crocheted Simplicity

Yarn Used: Lily Sugar n’ Cream

unicorn crochet earbud holder


So there you have it – a wide variety of awesome crochet keychain patterns that you can make in a jiffy! Whether you choose a super simple keychain or a detailed amigurumi keychain, the result is sure to be wonderful. So what are you waiting for? Grab some yarn and start one today!

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