Romantic Crochet Lace Shawl Patterns (Ultimate List)

Looking for crochet lace shawl patterns? There are so many great patterns out there, but I’ve collected a list of 26 that are both beautiful and romantic! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, you’ll find something to love in this collection. You’ll be able to create your own gorgeous lace crochet shawl in no time!

All About Crochet Lace Shawls

Before we get into the lace shawl patterns, let’s talk about them for a second.

How is lace made?

In crocheting, lace is made by combining stitches in different patterns to form an open look, usually with holes. This is commonly done by using LOTS of chain stitches!

Of course, the chains are always separated by other stitches like double or single crochet, but overall chains are pretty essential for lace!

What yarn should I use for lace shawl?

One common misconception about crocheting lace is that you have to use lace weight yarn (a very thin, fine type of yarn).

But, this is not true! While some lace shawls ARE made from lace yarn, not all of them are.

I’ve even made lace shawls and other lacy items from DK (#3) or worsted (#4) weight yarn!

When choosing a yarn for your shawl, always refer to the pattern’s recommendation of course.

But I’m just sharing this so you know that there are many different ways to achieve a lacy item!

How difficult are lace shawls?

Lace crochet shawls are often easier than they look.

Like I mentioned before, lace is very often made from simple stitches—chains, sc, dc. So although it looks intricate, it is often very easy to recreate.

Of course, you should always check the difficulty listed in the pattern you choose before getting started.

If you’re new to lace, feel free to try these 4 types of lace for beginners before doing a larger project!

Crochet Lace Shawl Patterns – the List!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at all the lacy crochet shawl patterns.

1. Venetia Wrap

The first pattern I’d like to show you is this delicate Venetia Wrap! I love the open lace design and cute bobble fringe. This pattern is simple and repetitive, which makes it the perfect mindless project to work on while watching a favorite show, listening to a book, music, etc.!

Designer: Annie Design Crochet

Yarn Used: CotLin from KnitPicks

2. Amore Shawl

Next, meet the Amore Shawl. This shawl is simple, yet fashionable and features variegated yarn beautifully. This design uses a simple and repetitive sequins of stitches that creates this beautiful, heart-like lacey pattern. This shawl would be wonderful for Valentine’s Day!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Mandala

3. Easy Pineapple Rectangle Shawl

Next is this easy Pineapple Rectangle Shawl! Like the name implies, this shawl is quite simple to work up and has a deceptively intricate stitch design. In fact, even an adventurous beginner could tackle this one!

Designer: Make It Crochet

Yarn Used: Stylecraft Special DK

4. Sunset Lightweight Shawl

Are you looking for a really lightweight shawl? This Sunset Shawl is just that! This pattern has a really unique, elegant look. The stunning lines of lace and tassel edging gives this shawl a beautiful, show-stopping appearance! If you’re looking for a unique piece to add to your summer wardrobe, you should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: We Crochet Chroma Fingering Yarn

5. Melody of V Stitches Rectangle Shawl

Maybe you want to opt for something a little thicker and more subtle. If so, this Melody Rectangle Shawl is perfect for you! This shawl has a classic feel and uses a combo of V stitches and the Granny Stitch to create a beautiful “melody” of stitches. This shawl would be great for the chillier spring and fall afternoons!

Designer: Lion Brand’s Coboo

Yarn Used: The Loophole Fox

6. Triangles & Cones Lace Shawl

Next up, check out the Triangles & Cones Lace Shawl! This lightweight triangle shawl has a fun, geometric pattern that pairs beautifully with the tassel accenting on the edge. This shawl in particular works well with variegated yarn and would be the perfect statement piece to wear the a festival, the beach, etc.!

Designer: Raffamusa Designs

Yarn Used: Cotton Kings Sultan Deluxe Shine Yarn

7. Eva Rectangular Shawl

Next is a shawl perfect for the holiday seasons: the Eva Rectangular Shawl! This shawl is light yet cozy and has a beautiful lacy texture. It has a natural drapiness to it that adds to its elegance, making it the perfect item to dress an outfit up with for an evening out!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: KC Spark Yarn

8. Mehr Shawl

Another one of my favorites is the Mehr Shawl. This lightweight triangular shawl has beautiful stitch design that mimics tiny flowers (or snowflakes, depending on what colors you use!). You can pair this shawl with any spring outfit or make it as a beautiful gift for a friend or family member!

Designer: Knitter Knotter

Yarn Used: Scheepjes Stardust Fingering Yarn

9. Easiest Crochet Shawl Ever

What could be easier than the Easiest Crochet Shawl Ever? This pattern has a unique, scale-like mesh stitch design that looks deceptively more intricate than it really is. I love how the scalloped edging gives it just the perfect touch of elegance. If you’re looking for a pattern you can work up in just a few hours, this one is perfect!

Designer: Zamiguz Crochet

Yarn Used: Cotton Fair by Premier Yarns

10. Lacy Shells Shawl

Here’s another beginner-friendly design: the Lacy Shells Shawl! This shawl has a gorgeous stitch design of alternating shells and spaces. And the pointed edging adds the perfect texture and drapiness! This would make a lovely gift or summer accessory.

Designer: Celtic Knot Crochet

Yarn Used: Omega Fontana

11. Dragonfly Shawl

Here’s another pattern I designed: the Dragonfly Shawl! This shawl has a gorgeous drape and is names after the lacy dragonfly motifs down the center. My favorite thing about this pattern is that it uses only one skein of Bernat Pop Yarn and works up so quickly and beautifully!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Bernat Pop Yarn

12. Chroma Shell Shawl

Next, meet the Chroma Shell Shawl! This traingular shawl has a beautiful texture that flows perfectly with the soft, Chroma yarn color changes. This is one of those shawls that can be effortlessly dressed up or down depending on what you pair it with!

Designer: Cre8tion Crochet

Yarn Used: Chroma Worsted by WeCrochet

13. Triangular Shawl

Now here’s a fun one: the Triangular Shawl! This shawl has a super unique look and texture thanks to the bobble stitch! Since the bobbles are separate than the shawl itself, it gives you lots of room to experiment with different color combos so that you can make your shawl as loud or as simple as you’d like!

Designer: Fosbas Designs

Yarn Used: Paintbox Yarns cotton ply 4 yarn

14. Jadestone Wrap

Are you looking for something a little smaller? This Jadestone Wrap is just the thing! This one can easily be worn as a scarf, kerchief, or shawl and has a gorgeous gradient effect. This shawl is built up only by chains and double crochets, so it’s the perfect for just about any skill level!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball

15. Mohair Scarf

Another beautiful pattern is the Mohair Scarf. This stunning design uses lace weight yarn and is so light and delicate. What I love about this shawl is how wonderfully versatile it is. You can wear it casually or use it to add some elegance for a fancy event (even as a bridal shawl!).

Designer: Han Jan Crochet

Yarn Used: Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm

16. Wave Shawl

What would be more perfect for the summer than the Wave Shawl? This gorgeous pattern has lots of beautiful wave-like texture that pairs perfectly with gradient yarn. A few great things about this pattern is that it’s easily adjustable (it can be made as small or as large as you’d like!), and it only uses ONE skein of yarn!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Knit Picks Stroll Gradient

Wave Shawl

17. Amara Shawl

Next is a unique one: the Amara Shawl. This shawl is delicate and airy and features lots of chain and pineapple stitch texture that gives the final piece an elegant drape. Additionally, this shawl uses beads to give it an extra texture and luxury-feel! If you’re looking for a statement piece to add to your wardrobe, you should definitely give this one a try.

Designer: Moogly Blog

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball

18. Helena Shawl

Next is the Helena Shawl! This pattern has a very vintage-y, granny square feel to it which I just love. This pattern uses a combo of the classic granny stitch and some more modern lace stitches to create a really unique, yet cozy look. It works up super quickly and is the perfect wrap to throw over just about any outfit!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver

19. Spring Forth Crochet Shawl

If you’re looking for a shawl to dress up with on a warmer day, I got you covered with this Spring Forth Crochet Shawl! This design features the fractal crochet stitch which has a really unique, polygon-look. This shawl is big, but it’s super light, lacy and airy, which makes it the perfect laying piece for the spring or summer!

Designer: Creations by Courtney

Yarn Used: Feza Yarns Viva Glitz

20. Aspen Shawl

Here’s the last one I designed: the Aspen Shawl! This shawl is simple, yet springy and is perfect for featuring variegated yarn! The body of the shawl is simpler, while the lacy edging adds a pretty hint of elegance and drapiness. If you’ve never made a triangle shawl before, this is a great one to start with!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Sapphires n’ Purls sports weight yarn

21. Picot Mesh Shawl

Next up, meet the Picot Mesh Shawl! This shawl is bright and has a gorgeous texture and flowiness to it. This pattern is also super repetitive, so it’s easy to catch on to and perfect to crochet while watching a show, in a car ride, etc.!

Designer: Handmade by Raine

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Summer Nights Bonus Bundle Yarn in Blue Lagoon

22. Filet Crochet Shawl

If you’re up for a bit more of a challenge, then you should give this Filet Crochet Shawl a try! This shawl is gorgeous and features pretty flower-like motifs across the back along with a unique design on the bottom. It’s the perfect wrap to add some elegance to an outfit during the spring or summer!

Designer: Blue Star Crochet

Yarn Used: Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush in Electric Blue

23. Autumn Jewels Rectangle Shawl

Next on the list is this Autumn Jewels Rectangle Shawl! This unique pattern features lots of gorgeous crocheted “jewels” all across it. Additionally, this shawl is BIG, so it could really be characterized as a tiny, elegant blanket! Haha. This shawl is perfect for a warmer, autumn day!

Designer: Blue Star Crochet

Yarn Used: Knit Picks Gloss yarn

24. Perceptions Shawl

Next, check out the Perceptions Shawl! This shawl is named after all the little lacy motifs crocheted throughout it. Are they leaves? Circles? Diamonds? It’s really up to you! This shawl is one of those designs that’s deceptively easy. It looks tricky, but it’s actually a very beginner-friendly design!

Designer: Dora Does

Yarn Used: Rico Creative Cotton Degrade

25. Vintage Lace Shawl

Are you looking for something more vintage-y? If so, I bet you’ll love this Vintage Lace Shawl! This shawl has a really gorgeous stitch design that pairs so wonderfully with its tassel edging. It’s just the thing to snuggle up in on a chilly summer evening!

Designer: Han Jan Crochet

Yarn Used: Rowan Summerlite

26. Picot Fan Wrap

Last but not least: the Picot Fan Wrap! This fun shawl uses alternating picots and shell stitches that give it its really fun look. This shawl is super versatile and can be worn across the shoulders as a shawl/wrap, around the neck as a super scarf, etc.!

Designer: Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Mandala


Crochet lace shawls are the perfect accessory when you’re going on a romantic date night—or whenever you need a touch of elegance added to your outfit! While lace shawls look complex, they are usually pretty easy to crochet. So what are you waiting for? Choose a pattern from this list and get started today!

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