Desert Blossom Stitch Along—48 FREE crochet stitches!

Hey everyone…so today I have a super exciting announcement to make!!

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Lately I have been working non-stop on some exciting plans for 2019…and its finally time to tell you guys about it!

Desert Blossom Stitch Along—48 FREE crochet stitches!

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Before I go into details, let me give you some background.

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now. Since I pressed publish on my site, it has been quite the wild ride! Why do I say that? Well, trying to figure out how to drive traffic to your blog so you can actually turn it into a business isn’t easy!

But along the way, I’ve found one type of article to be immensely popular—helpful tutorials and stitch patterns. Sometimes these types of articles will get WAY more views than even some of my favorite patterns!

I kept thinking to myself—why? As I considered it, I came to a few conclusions. I think in some cases, people simply want to learn a new skill, or develop different skills within crocheting. In other cases, I think people like to be given the tools they need to express their OWN creativity. For example, you can take stitch patterns and turn them into absolutely anything!

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SO…with all this in mind, I decided I wanted to stretch my own creativity and come up with something that would help YOU be able to express YOUR creativity!

Which is why today, I am super excited to announce the beginning of my 2019 Crochet Stitch Along!

What is it?

So, here is what I will be doing. Each month of 2019, I will be releasing FOUR stitch patterns—one per week.

The stitch patterns will all be geared toward a specific theme. For example, January’s theme is winter bobbles.

We will all be crocheting along together and learning one new stitch per week. If you want to expand your crochet knowledge, this would be the perfect opportunity!

If you want to get a head start, I have a special listing on Etsy that is a pre-order for the entire library of 48 stitches! Details for this are available when you click HERE.


1/ Adalyn Pullover 2/ Moonbeam Baskets 3/ The Pansy Stitch

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Stitch Along Details

  • The Stitch Along will run throughout the whole year of 2019, beginning on January 5th and ending on December 28th, for a total of 48 weeks.
  • There will be 4 stitches released per month (if there are 5 weeks in a month, one week will be skipped—more details to come when those months are closer)
  • I will release each stitch pattern for the week on my blog for free every Saturday 12PM (PST).
  • Any tricky stitches will be accompanied by a photo tutorial
  • Each month’s stitch patterns will be available in a PDF version on Etsy. A few of the bundles are already available, so if you want to get a head start, check them out HERE!
  • There is also a PRE-ORDER available on Etsy as well, that will allow you to pre-order the ENTIRE library of stitches! You will receive 16 stitches automatically, and the remaining 32 as they are released. Click HERE to view this!
  • The community for the stitch along will mostly be in my Facebook group! Make sure and join now HERE.
  • If you have any questions at all, you can post in the Facebook group or email me at
  • You can also share your stitches on Instagram by tagging me @desertblossomcrafts. Or use the hashtag I’ve created: #desertblossomstitchalong. I LOVE seeing your guys’ work! It is the best part of any crochet along.
  • Help me spread the word about the Stitch Along by pinning to your Pinterest Boards HERE!
  • The yarn I use for each stitch varies some, but for the most part I will be making my stitches in Red Heart Super Saver yarn. The goal for stitches is to try different yarns, so I would definitely encourage you to do so!
  • I will be creating at least one actual pattern to accompany the stitches each month. More info will be out about this as times goes on.
  • Lastly: I will put links to each week’s stitch in the bottom of this post so you can easily refer back, or find a new stitch. Once the first stitch is released, I will put the link below!


  1. Blue Frost Stitch
  2. Blueberry Stitch
  3. Snowball Stitch
  4. Flurry Stitch
  5. Petal Stitch
  6. Lattice Stitch
  7. Heart Stitch
  8. Rose Petal Stitch
  9. Fir Stitch
  10. Sprout Stitch
  11. Sunburst Stitch
  12. Foliage Stitch

So that is the basic details of the stitch along! I hope you will follow along and try some new stitches with me. 🙂

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Happy Crocheting!

—Rachel 🙂

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